Sunday, November 13, 2016

closing this blog


it has been a good long run but I am now running out of time to maintain and post these photos here on blogger..its become too painful :)

so will post on facebook, much more easy.

so long and thank you for all the fish.

Monday, September 19, 2016

April 2014: The cutest Armenian Church Singapore at least

After the visit to Fort Canning, I popped down to see this white jewel of a Church. It is truly a beautiful church, regretfully not that much used any more I think. The traffic is low and the number of Armenians is dwindling. Same in Calcutta as well...the diaspora is either shifting or shrinking. Either way, this will end up being a historical curiosity...

Its the oldest Christian Church erected in 1835. An interesting story about where the funding came came from the Armenian community in Singapore but also from Indonesia, that time, there were only 16 Armenians in Singapore! go figure.

This church is modelled on the mother church back in Armenia...lovely lovely place.

If you wander around the graves, you will see people from all walks of lives who are buried here. But do you know, these graves arent actually Armenian graves? these graves were originally in Bukit Timah Christian Cemetery..and were moved here in wonder its rather interestingly laid out.

 photo IMG_6217_zpsegafaeyf.jpg

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