Monday, November 25, 2013

Jan 2012: Coaches, Statues and Buildings

So I decided to pop into the Museum of London

 photo 001-IMG_6953_zpsa1c5652c.jpg  photo 002-IMG_6955_zps99b7045f.jpg

And then here was this lovely wall. Lomography.

 photo 003-IMG_6956_zpsd385660a.jpg

I loved this quote. Specially when some people moan about my photography (and you know who you are :P), I wish I could tell them that this is what drives me. I love capturing the moment, the interesting thing, the strange thing. It is also a reminder for me. It is a memory. I have a very bad memory but by capturing the image and blogging about it, I can therefore store it offline. But each photo I take are in a way my babies. My children that I have given birth to with mother nature or God or Buildings or what have you. This little bunch of electrons arranged in a certain sense is my child. Its a magic thing. Whenever I see them again, I am transported back to where I was. And I have that little slice of heavenly memories.

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Steps to a little book store…

 photo 014-IMG_2060_zps3f6342a5.jpg

And that brings some more old memories back, my first memory of a vehicle was on this vespa which Baba had…when I was 3-4 years old.

 photo 015-IMG_2063_zps9522d84e.jpg

You indeed

 photo 017-IMG_2069_zps2463ed4d.jpg 


 photo 019-IMG_2074_zpsd56ef8d4.jpg

An old taxi

 photo 020-IMG_2078_zps2f4d858a.jpg 

An elevator door

 photo 021-IMG_2080_zps9a94c57f.jpg

Lights on the ceiling

 photo 022-IMG_2084_zps63123424.jpg 

Old lamps on the car

 photo 023-IMG_2087_zps096a9007.jpg 

I am for hire

 photo 024-IMG_2090_zps78c3835d.jpg

Bit draughty…

 photo 025-IMG_2094_zps0506c9e8.jpg

The London Room

 photo 031-IMG_2111_zpsab9c23d5.jpg  photo 033-IMG_2117_zps866abf85.jpg

The Buddha

 photo 034-IMG_2120_zpsc8131ace.jpg  photo 035-IMG_2123_zps0eca7e74.jpg photo 036-IMG_2126_zps3792c8be.jpg photo 037-IMG_2129_zpsd5c59f15.jpg

London landmarks

 photo 038-IMG_2132_zpse3e0c3f9.jpg

And then the Lord Mayor’s carriage.

 photo 039-IMG_2135_zps9ab0f8d4.jpg 

It is a gilt carriage


 photo 047-IMG_2159_zps88709c1c.jpg


 photo 048-IMG_2162_zpsc715b08d.jpg


 photo 049-IMG_2164_zpsf95ad018.jpg


 photo 050-IMG_2167_zps9c4e353e.jpg


 photo 051-IMG_2171_zps81c684cc.jpg


 photo 052-IMG_2174_zps69049a6d.jpg


 photo 053-IMG_2177_zps35619b5e.jpg


 photo 054-IMG_2180_zpsd766de11.jpg


 photo 055-IMG_2183_zpsd366097d.jpg


 photo 056-IMG_2186_zps9da4a417.jpg photo 057-IMG_2189_zpsd7cc64d5.jpg photo 058-IMG_2191_zps6a66de23.jpg photo 059-IMG_2195_zps73a13443.jpg photo 060-IMG_2197_zps17130ceb.jpg photo 040-IMG_2138_zpsf8555d22.jpg photo 042-IMG_2144_zps519865fd.jpg photo 043-IMG_2147_zps98ef5f6e.jpg photo 046-IMG_2156_zps0ced7f83.jpg  photo 041-IMG_2141_zps43c08858.jpg

softly gleaming in the subdued lighting.

 photo 044-IMG_2149_zps7d787ed5.jpg

We had this lady acting out a play…

 photo 061-IMG_2201_zps51e5b450.jpg

A chainmail glove used by butchers…

 photo 068-IMG_2222_zps51805b40.jpg 


 photo 069-IMG_2224_zpsf656a05e.jpg

Some of the planters with the London plant…its called as Buddleia…Fascinating :)

 photo 071-IMG_2231_zpsc862b9a2.jpg  photo 073-IMG_2237_zpsf0309b42.jpg

This is Gerard the Giant 1670…stood in the front elevation of Gerard’s Hall


 photo 075-IMG_2243_zps5a6f5d12.jpg photo 077-IMG_2248_zps540fb766.jpg

Two paintings by Henry Nelson O’Nell, 1857 and 1858, of soldiers going off from London to fight in India during the Indian Mutiny and then coming back all injured.

 photo 078-IMG_2251_zps6e81cf1c.jpg 

The door to the Newgate Prison cell. Whoa!.

 photo 080-IMG_2264_zps4c5368eb.jpg  photo 081-IMG_2267_zps61cc9534.jpg

Old Father time…1780. Found on top of St. Giles Church, Cripplegate…

 photo 085-IMG_2282_zpsc129fe1b.jpg  photo 086-IMG_2284_zpsb73829bf.jpg photo 087-IMG_2288_zpsc0e91c7f.jpg photo 089-IMG_2293_zps57b28246.jpg photo 088-IMG_2290_zps312d7f98.jpg

Welclose Prison wooden walls. This was a holding area..and you can see what the prisoners awaiting trial for debts scratched on the walls.

 photo 090-IMG_2297_zpsda5f6720.jpg 

That is one serious hat

 photo 091-IMG_2300_zpsd9768103.jpg

And beard

 photo 092-IMG_2303_zps244ad3dc.jpg photo 093-IMG_2306_zps402e7a98.jpg

A store…

 photo 094-IMG_2308_zps161aec60.jpg 

One of the earliest urinals

 photo 095-IMG_2311_zps9c01df80.jpg

wandering the streets of old 19th century London

 photo 096-IMG_2314_zps70f6a73b.jpg

A bank manager’s desk

 photo 097-IMG_2317_zpsd00c08a5.jpg

fascinating stuff you see

 photo 098-IMG_2321_zps282d858d.jpg

ledger with a pair of glasses

 photo 099-IMG_2324_zps716d29c6.jpg

And the times

 photo 101-IMG_2329_zps8d588d86.jpg 

A barber shop

 photo 104-IMG_2339_zps74334e18.jpg  photo 106-IMG_2344_zpsc051bafe.jpg

A lovely lovely clock, showing times in various back to 1860

 photo 108-IMG_2351_zps39995b4d.jpg

In the elevator

 photo 110-IMG_2356_zps3d6e61e1.jpg  photo 111-IMG_2359_zps222c7b6d.jpg photo 112-IMG_2362_zpsa2aebdf5.jpg

A marble frieze from AD 175-200

 photo 116-IMG_2377_zps30d30ab9.jpg

This iron chest, fitted with 6 locks, each whose keys were held by different men! cool…1400 AD

 photo 117-IMG_2381_zps697604e5.jpg  photo 119-IMG_2387_zps5d54d763.jpg

For whom the bell tolls, about 1340 AD…and then soon after the Black Death hit Europe…devastating the continent. 

 photo 120-IMG_2389_zpsa0d713f3.jpg  photo 122-IMG_2398_zps923f8075.jpg

A Triumphal Arch was erected in the early days of the Roman Empire in London..This has Mercury, Apollo and Diana..

 photo 125-IMG_2407_zpsdc09a8f0.jpg

And another famous face

 photo 128-IMG_2416_zps82d0940e.jpg

A roman legionnaire holding a sword and writing tablets. A Soldier Monk photo 129-IMG_2420_zps34ee4e67.jpg

A beautiful sculpture..

 photo 131-IMG_2425_zpsaefc02c2.jpg 

 photo 132-IMG_2428_zpsff6ab3b2.jpg

Hmmm cant say much about the hygiene levels in the museum tuck shop

 photo 133-IMG_2432_zpsc82528ef.jpg  photo 134-IMG_2436_zps15221993.jpg photo 136-IMG_2442_zps42ea326a.jpg photo 135-IMG_2439_zps36033b40.jpg

the lomographic wall, beautiful

 photo 138-IMG_2447_zps9cf5a133.jpg photo 139-IMG_2451_zpsb991a097.jpg

Very interesting sculpture..

 photo 140-IMG_2454_zps30aa8a2d.jpg

and the display continues outside

 photo 144-IMG_2467_zps5e75a88d.jpg photo 145-IMG_2469_zps4e55f684.jpg photo 146-IMG_2472_zpsa92da887.jpg

A salt dispenser…

 photo 147-IMG_2474_zps647a8a61.jpg

Its a typical cold grey evening

 photo 149-IMG_2481_zps7c968d9e.jpg


 photo 150-IMG_2484_zps186ffca3.jpg

Quite interesting blue plaque..

 photo 151-IMG_2486_zps92402380.jpg

I am heading towards Moorgate

 photo 152-IMG_2489_zps2e2cd3b0.jpg 

The ceiling is a bit dodgy

 photo 153-IMG_2493_zpsc371bd56.jpg photo 155-IMG_2499_zps3691f897.jpg photo 156-IMG_2502_zps17b2eaa4.jpg

Some flower arrangements outside the Company of Gardeners…lovely

 photo 157-IMG_2504_zps37e5ccc7.jpg 

the bloody monstrosity that is the Barbican

 photo 160-IMG_2513_zpsfc6f25d2.jpg


 photo 171-IMG_2550_zps3cb73174.jpg

lovely little roads and reflections

 photo 173-IMG_2556_zpsb7595515.jpg 

Cameras, why do men make such strange faces when they are clicking?

 photo 176-IMG_2562_zps6c613e9c.jpg

City of London

 photo 179-IMG_2574_zps314796c0.jpg 

Lovely balconies

 photo 184-IMG_2589_zps94936f3e.jpg 

And pillars photo 187-IMG_2601_zps6a5e86f4.jpg

Nice mooch :)

 photo 188-IMG_2604_zpse408e15f.jpg


 photo 189-IMG_2606_zpsceb045e5.jpg

that’s illegal mate

 photo 191-IMG_2613_zps7c08c83d.jpg


 photo 192-IMG_2616_zps8a704578.jpg


 photo 193-IMG_2619_zps961a30f9.jpg


 photo 194-IMG_2622_zps4e1c7df1.jpg


 photo 195-IMG_2624_zps8df510dd.jpg


 photo 196-IMG_2628_zps7f2cd75a.jpg


 photo 197-IMG_2631_zpsb80d45b0.jpg 


 photo 198-IMG_2634_zps0e204609.jpg


 photo 199-IMG_2637_zps6247aa68.jpg


 photo 200-IMG_2640_zps8f53fbeb.jpg


 photo 201-IMG_2643_zps0327181e.jpg


 photo 162-IMG_2520_zpsd98392e4.jpg


 photo 163-IMG_2523_zps7ab3b3b5.jpg 

I am on the tube station, waiting for the train….