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Dec 2012: Cave Temples of Batu Caves

 photo 121-IMG_0392_zps0f163712.jpg

I turned the corner and saw this amazing statue of Murugan. Its awesome in its magnificence 

 photo 122-IMG_0397_zps654f0f3a.jpg

There are so many cute monkeys infesting the place

 photo 123-IMG_0404_zps424f684f.jpg  photo 125-IMG_0410_zpsb98ed7aa.jpg photo 124-IMG_0406_zps9cb2d6a9.jpg

As you enter the main concourse, on the left you have these small independent temples with various statues. Fairly well carved but with unpainted stone. Looks much newer than the other structures.

 photo 126-IMG_0413_zps3d7c428a.jpg  photo 130-IMG_0425_zps63d30684.jpg

Carrying on, I see another temple, painted.

 photo 127-IMG_0416_zpse2945dcb.jpg  photo 128-IMG_0419_zps3557f5d1.jpg

 photo 135-IMG_0443_zps9dbe9478.jpg  photo 136-IMG_0446_zps49a20b72.jpg photo 137-IMG_0449_zps00330d0c.jpg photo 129-IMG_0422_zpsa78196c7.jpg

Very nice, I wish there was some books which describe the thinking behind all these statues. I asked around but nobody knew :(

 photo 132-IMG_0433_zps200092a3.jpg

Bloody feathered rats..

 photo 140-IMG_0464_zps63efb7a2.jpg

On the right hand side, there was this very interesting way of showing the statues…two tone, fascinating. I couldnt zoom in far enough to see the difference in stone but this is amazing.

 photo 142-IMG_0469_zps8454ea91.jpg

Cock of the hoop.

 photo 143-IMG_0473_zpsd1e3bc0a.jpg

That’s the gate which is the entrance to the stairs..

 photo 145-IMG_0482_zps91aa82ad.jpg

Whoops, get a room, you two!

 photo 147-IMG_0488_zpsaa2614de.jpg 

And I look up at the amazing limestone cliffs

 photo 149-IMG_0494_zps4b853d57.jpg 

Man, I have to climb this???

 photo 151-IMG_0500_zpsace0cd0b.jpg

The limestone stalactites are so interesting…and have a faintly menacing air

 photo 152-IMG_0503_zps7855bcc9.jpg

There’s the statue of Kamdhenu

 photo 153-IMG_0506_zps1d989473.jpg

Fascinating. Here’s what a friend of mine directed me to…

 photo 154-IMG_0509_zpsc8de5d2e.jpg 

Peek a boo..

 photo 155-IMG_0512_zpsf8eeeecf.jpg

So this chap dropped a bottle, sealed.

 photo 156-IMG_0514_zps4c8e9678.jpg

And the male monkey grabbed it, and was trying to open it

 photo 158-IMG_0519_zps97349f67.jpg

Twisted it open?

 photo 157-IMG_0518_zps9ffcf128.jpg

Nope, got frustrated and walked off

 photo 160-IMG_0524_zps18faa02b.jpg

Sat on the pillar in a huff.

 photo 161-IMG_0526_zps2ff8bef2.jpg 

I am up to the shoulders

 photo 162-IMG_0530_zpsefca2937.jpg 

I will come back to the Dark Cave in the next session.

 photo 168-IMG_0548_zps15e20ddc.jpg photo 170-IMG_0554_zps5caed359.jpg photo 164-IMG_0536_zpsf1140ca8.jpg photo 165-IMG_0539_zpsb09b7c93.jpg

And I reach the top..

  photo 171-IMG_0557_zps75065da8.jpg 

Another tiny temple on the right

 photo 172-IMG_0560_zps89b3eb3a.jpg

nice murti

 photo 173-IMG_0563_zps04d19cf3.jpg  photo 174-IMG_0565_zpsc393a018.jpg

amazing limestone handiwork by Mother Nature, I head in…

 photo 175-IMG_0569_zpse5319ace.jpg

The main cave is full of shrines

 photo 177-IMG_0575_zps95baddf6.jpg 

And there is another cave inside

 photo 180-IMG_0583_zps949aa717.jpg

I start walking in

 photo 183-IMG_0592_zpsf201027b.jpg  photo 184-IMG_0595_zpse4e23e67.jpg 

Its not fully dark or covered, there are holes in the ceiling

 photo 186-IMG_0602_zps27c71c4a.jpg 


 photo 187-IMG_0605_zpsfaf1ab9d.jpg

And in some of the nooks and crannies, they have put some deities in

 photo 190-IMG_0614_zpsa197f75a.jpg 

Fascinating view

 photo 192-IMG_0619_zps72d32c59.jpg

They built a temple on the left

 photo 193-IMG_0623_zpsbbedd351.jpg

More shrines tucked away in the corners.

 photo 195-IMG_0629_zps6dd49141.jpg 

I reach the end

 photo 197-IMG_0634_zps66fe3e8e.jpg 

Its like a hole in the sky

 photo 198-IMG_0638_zpsb105dfec.jpg

Another little temple in there

 photo 199-IMG_0640_zps54863195.jpg


 photo 200-IMG_0644_zps4a392747.jpg  photo 201-IMG_0647_zps172a9740.jpg photo 202-IMG_0649_zps8290bd2c.jpg

the views of this cave are amazing…

 photo 204-IMG_0655_zps8b03eac6.jpg

Another shrine in the orner

 photo 205-IMG_0658_zps72e24c5c.jpg

with the bloody graffiti

 photo 207-IMG_0665_zps81713ca7.jpg 

The temple as usual is exquisite

 photo 208-IMG_0668_zpscdffbfe1.jpg

you can really feel the presence of the divine in here, quiet, safe, surrounded by these arms of stone.

 photo 209-IMG_0671_zpsc196765c.jpg

walls of stone

 photo 210-IMG_0674_zpsa1fa3712.jpg 

with greenery down the slopes

 photo 211-IMG_0677_zps1672387c.jpg 

its like you are looking out of the throat of a god

 photo 214-IMG_0686_zps27a15cec.jpg 

A little landslide has occured

 photo 215-IMG_0689_zps09285cfe.jpg 

interesting leaves

 photo 222-IMG_0710_zps277fce33.jpg

Quite an interesting perspective of the deity.

 photo 224-IMG_0716_zps93768934.jpg  photo 225-IMG_0719_zpsc70f6f8b.jpg

I regretfully turn away..sweating like an absolute pig, it was very high humidity and very high temperature

 photo 226-IMG_0722_zps4cf420b5.jpg 

Looking back at the cave

 photo 233-IMG_0743_zps35c32f38.jpg 

what a sight

 photo 237-IMG_0761_zpsddd3f768.jpg

Stairs to the outside

 photo 238-IMG_0764_zpse6b09ef0.jpg

the final gate

 photo 241-IMG_0773_zpsf7f879f6.jpg

Crap, I need to walk down this lot? where’s the escalator?

 photo 242-IMG_0776_zpsb1949a94.jpg

Limestone holes

 photo 243-IMG_0778_zps5c961d40.jpg

More graffiti

 photo 246-IMG_0788_zps9ecd1088.jpg

I can see over KL but I head into the Dark Caves

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