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Dec 2013: When I went spelunking in the most complete and utter darkness I have ever experienced

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So moved down from the Batu temple caves to the Dark Cave

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Well, ive been warned off now

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its an interesting place, off the highly trafficked area

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spitting, the bloody desi trait!

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 photo 253-IMG_0812_zps9de26a4a.jpg 

Its dark and in the shadow of the cliff

 photo 254-IMG_0815_zpsfe9a28d5.jpg photo 256-IMG_0821_zpsf19814af.jpg photo 255-IMG_0818_zps2f044654.jpg

Pollution is a bit bad…but the skyline is great

 photo 257-IMG_0824_zpsa143c443.jpg

I head inside

 photo 259-IMG_0830_zpsc057c3d0.jpg 

Wow, its a very complex cave system. 

 photo 261-IMG_0836_zpsa5667cbc.jpg 

I am waiting for my guide, so sit there and take photos of this amazing cave

 photo 262-IMG_0839_zps974dd784.jpg


 photo 263-IMG_0842_zpse41c1f41.jpg


 photo 264-IMG_0845_zps4567633b.jpg


 photo 265-IMG_0848_zpscee758bf.jpg  photo 266-IMG_0851_zps95b3ee03.jpg photo 267-IMG_0854_zps8daf53e5.jpg

  photo 268-IMG_0857_zpse0c46058.jpg photo 269-IMG_0860_zps30169248.jpg photo 274-IMG_0876_zps03fcec32.jpg photo 275-IMG_0879_zps1f0952f9.jpg photo 272-IMG_0869_zps6e25f6db.jpg

 photo 276-IMG_0881_zps9d083d82.jpg 

There’s the entrance

 photo 280-IMG_0892_zps48dce06e.jpg

how water flowed

 photo 281-IMG_0896_zps5545f46d.jpg

and water pools

 photo 283-IMG_0902_zps57445e83.jpg

How the water and air has carved the limestone into fantastic shapes

 photo 288-IMG_0916_zpsfbf18aa5.jpg

multi coloured stones

 photo 292-IMG_0929_zps6a12e9a8.jpg 

I head in. its pitch black and because of the special animal life in here, you cannot use light easily…

 photo 294-IMG_0934_zpsedb10bc8.jpg 

Tiny areas of light from small openings in the cliff face

 photo 296-IMG_0937_zpsae772d5a.jpg 

I look back at the cave entrance.

 photo 299-IMG_0949_zps0a38517f.jpg

this isnt for the faint hearted, that’s bat guano down there

 photo 300-IMG_0950_zps9b50c69e.jpg 

and some kind of insect life, a cave cricket

 photo 301-IMG_0953_zps73075665.jpg

a dog???

 photo 304-IMG_0957_zps0e5f4b4f.jpg

With some cave snails

 photo 307-IMG_0960_zps212d1085.jpg

the guide pointed out some centipedes

 photo 313-IMG_0976_zpsa4a5fb8c.jpg  photo 315-IMG_0979_zps3115afee.jpg


 photo 316-IMG_0980_zps80526d97.jpg

amazing formations due to water flow

 photo 318-IMG_0982_zps5fa666d1.jpg photo 319-IMG_0983_zps93524b97.jpg  photo 320-IMG_0984_zpsb6879dbc.jpg photo 321-IMG_0985_zps8ff54b44.jpg

absolutely fantastic

 photo 323-IMG_0987_zps68cce7cb.jpg

how the caves have been carved

 photo 324-IMG_0989_zpsd33a4cca.jpg

how the water flowed into the caves photo 328-IMG_0993_zpsdba9a532.jpg

In this pitch darkness, a spider.

 photo 332-IMG_0997_zps917e61b6.jpg  photo 335-IMG_1000_zps4a70ba2a.jpg

damp and moist walls

 photo 342-IMG_1009_zps0ecca2b7.jpg

another species of spider

 photo 345-IMG_1013_zps4dd182ea.jpg

Heading deeper into the cave

 photo 346-IMG_1014_zps172fa569.jpg

it was pitch black, seriously pitch black

 photo 348-IMG_1016_zpsa9c973bb.jpg

Its like a glacier

 photo 349-IMG_1017_zps9c16701e.jpg

This is limestone, almost cloth like

 photo 354-IMG_1022_zps75b72ff4.jpg

Amazing shapes and colours

 photo 356-IMG_1024_zps26de5721.jpg  photo 358-IMG_1026_zps936ab2f1.jpg photo 357-IMG_1025_zps3ab87640.jpg

You can see how the various minerals flow

  photo 359-IMG_1027_zpsf08bd8dd.jpg

the water flows into this crystal clear water but not for drinking, this is very poisonous because of the dissolved minerals and animal droppings.

 photo 360-IMG_1028_zpsdadf0c5a.jpg

amazing pool

 photo 363-IMG_1031_zps26b08c57.jpg photo 364-IMG_1032_zps10096755.jpg

More amazing shapes

 photo 366-IMG_1034_zpsc72ec564.jpg

And then, of all the things, a bloody bench! who sits here????

 photo 369-IMG_1037_zps2cf9f5cd.jpg photo 370-IMG_1038_zpsf136e44b.jpg

Stone flowers

 photo 371-IMG_1039_zpsf1ff7969.jpg  photo 373-IMG_1041_zps7394edd1.jpg

flowing stone

 photo 377-IMG_1045_zps5894b881.jpg

bloody vandals

 photo 378-IMG_1046_zps4c80d7d1.jpg

Somebody made a meal here…can you see the bones.

 photo 383-IMG_1052_zps266fefb6.jpg

Im surprised they havent made a lingam out of this.

 photo 386-IMG_1056_zps9d262ab0.jpg

we are this far into the caves.

 photo 387-IMG_1057_zps4df76a4d.jpg

one of the deeper caves have been chained off…

 photo 397-IMG_1067_zps2ab0c849.jpg

A giant centipede, you don't believe me?

 photo 399-IMG_1070_zps71a7e608.jpg

 photo 400-IMG_1071_zps379aca24.jpg

you dont want this to be crawling over you

 photo 402-IMG_1075_zpsa8dc9683.jpg 

reach the end of cave 3

 photo 404-IMG_1077_zpscc00cf08.jpg 

Here’s fatface dasgupta

 photo 405-IMG_1079_zpsd56ec0d6.jpg 

absolutely drenched in the very hot humid conditions. we turn back

 photo 425-IMG_1111_zpscda72fcb.jpg 

Glad to see the exit photo 431-IMG_1132_zpsa161f9f0.jpg

I head out, this lady in the full niquab was hoping to go inside, you got to be kidding me.

 photo 434-IMG_1140_zps64764c1a.jpg 

walk down the stairs

 photo 439-IMG_1156_zps7a76453e.jpg

holy cow

 photo 440-IMG_1159_zps6e75cc58.jpg

very nice

 photo 441-IMG_1162_zps677c4328.jpg 

this chap is practising for some kind of trekking

 photo 443-IMG_1167_zps77980562.jpg

 photo 444-IMG_1170_zpsaa6d3539.jpg

 photo 445-IMG_1173_zpsff845037.jpg


 photo 446-IMG_1177_zps95534bfe.jpg


 photo 447-IMG_1180_zps90416d91.jpg 

Amazing, very nice

I want some liquids inside me

 photo 449-IMG_1186_zps066dd206.jpg


 photo 451-IMG_1189_zps63f8663f.jpg  photo 450-IMG_1188_zps08c771e6.jpg photo 452-IMG_1192_zps622c093b.jpg photo 453-IMG_1194_zpseecf4de5.jpg photo 454-IMG_1196_zpsd78bb3c9.jpg photo 455-IMG_1198_zpsde010d77.jpg photo 456-IMG_1201_zpsc15ba2c1.jpg

 photo 457-IMG_1204_zpsc9418490.jpg

and had some durian :)

 photo 458-IMG_1207_zpsa270a998.jpg 

final views of the temple

 photo 467-IMG_1231_zps3ace2762.jpg

back at the train station  photo 471-IMG_1243_zpsf5d84cc8.jpg

fanning myself

 photo 473-IMG_1252_zpsc5e81355.jpg

from argentina, a political leader…


 photo 476-IMG_1261_zpsf87e44e3.jpg

cleared out one side of the motorway

 photo 481-IMG_1276_zps7e0e2a8b.jpg

very disciplined

 photo 496-IMG_1288_zps4ff12722.jpg

and on the plane…back to London

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