Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nov 2013: Doing the Diwali thing

 photo 82-IMG_0356_zpsmabi8tfk.jpg  photo 83-IMG_0357_zpsisrbw2sx.jpg

I told you, we have gangsta time here

 photo 01-IMG_0958_zpsuoq2b3j8.jpg

Doesnt my Dada look good?

 photo 06-IMG_0976_zpsmmet1jpy.jpg

Giving a big hug

 photo 84-IMG_0358_zps8qntcxik.jpg

The candle left burning overnight…

And then the fireworks

 photo 13-IMG_1011_zpsjq4rasyx.jpg

 photo 19-IMG_1017_zpshv7br0j1.jpg 

 photo 20-IMG_1018_zps4aiqsnno.jpg 

 photo 21-IMG_1019_zpsoon0t0md.jpg 

 photo 29-IMG_1031_zpsdi4bdsnf.jpg 

 photo 38-IMG_1047_zps4wqsg8hd.jpg 

 photo 53-IMG_1070_zpszrp3etmc.jpg 

 photo 62-IMG_1086_zpsffrfvt8w.jpg

Can you see Kannu?

 photo 63-IMG_1123_zpsbvfhvdow.jpg

 photo 71-IMG_1230_zpsfantn3mh.jpg

 photo 76-IMG_1261_zpsdi3rahgj.jpg

 photo 77-IMG_1265_zpsj2o7tfow.jpg

 photo 78-IMG_1278_zpsb0bjviuu.jpg

 photo 81-IMG_1296_zpshbpjrvxk.jpg

Much fun to be had :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Oct 2013: Wandering around the Soanes Museum

So I decided to go see the Soanes Museum after a charity trustee meeting. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any photographs inside the museum as its banned…but in a later visit, I was able to do so…you will have to wait for some time till I get there….So here are some of the photos of the surroundings as the candlelit museum tour only starts at 6 and I had an hour to kill.

  photo 002-IMG_8953_zpslqdxmctm.jpg  photo 003-IMG_8956_zpss6fhnjkk.jpg

Hello Smiley

 photo 004-IMG_8959_zpsqw0rr2fx.jpg

A tavern…

 photo 006-IMG_8968_zpsqacqgjzi.jpg  photo 009-IMG_8977_zps1ahfjqsr.jpg photo 007-IMG_8971_zpstbkgq82m.jpg photo 008-IMG_8974_zpskfgwg6x1.jpg

Wow, that’s an old tavern…

 photo 011-IMG_8983_zpsfwpbjshl.jpg  

Now there’s a fascinating factoid…

 photo 013-IMG_8989_zps0pv0nzi9.jpg

These crows are so damn criminal…

 photo 015-IMG_8995_zpseiwcehlk.jpg

Passing the entrance to Lincolns Inn Fields…

 photo 017-IMG_9001_zps46a08jmt.jpg

What a lovely colour…

 photo 018-IMG_9004_zpstolef6s5.jpg  photo 023-IMG_9019_zpsxtwnr6va.jpg photo 019-IMG_9007_zpsl1iplug0.jpg photo 020-IMG_9010_zpsgb3lpzlg.jpg photo 021-IMG_9012_zpswni5rpuk.jpg photo 022-IMG_9016_zpsqo7pdztc.jpg

An old defunct water fountain guards the entrance to the park in front of the museum.

 photo 024-IMG_9024_zpszmvlpabd.jpg  photo 029-IMG_9040_zpsomj63uhm.jpg  photo 030-IMG_9043_zpsf9mnt8rk.jpg

The park has loads of benches around the lovely paths. Where people are taking it easy…

 photo 026-IMG_9031_zpswcmkhnx5.jpg

Beautiful trees

 photo 027-IMG_9033_zpshliau8xe.jpg

With lovely squirrels.

 photo 032-IMG_9051_zpsscptdk4j.jpg  photo 033-IMG_9055_zpsrqtghdqc.jpg  photo 034-IMG_9058_zps5on5yzp7.jpg  photo 035-IMG_9062_zpstgw8xaih.jpg

Here is a memorial to Margaret MacDonald (memorably described as the Cherie Blair of her day). Quite an interesting lady…

 photo 037-IMG_9067_zpstmc20dlf.jpg   photo 039-IMG_9072_zpsiub00wbo.jpg  photo 040-IMG_9076_zpsica4sqxo.jpg

A lovely little hut / pavilion in the middle of the park.

 photo 041-IMG_9079_zps1bjxmcmw.jpg   photo 043-IMG_9085_zpsenuvu5uq.jpg

I come out of the south east corner and see this building which was obviously the Land Registry in its heyday.

  photo 044-IMG_9088_zpsdgsholbu.jpg

A giant memorial to Philip Twells, a Barrister at Law and MP..died 8 May 1880.

  photo 046-IMG_9093_zpsupno9c52.jpg  photo 047-IMG_9096_zps11marr3x.jpg  photo 048-IMG_9100_zpsodb8htsj.jpg  photo 049-IMG_9103_zpsrnfiyhrt.jpg   photo 051-IMG_9109_zpsta55ania.jpg  photo 052-IMG_9112_zpsjtnvrl4s.jpg

This is a church? or some kind of Inn’s court building? not sure, nothing is shown…

  photo 055-IMG_9121_zpspdnrtdse.jpg  photo 056-IMG_9124_zpsot4hwhb7.jpg  photo 057-IMG_9128_zpslpqmaztp.jpg  photo 058-IMG_9130_zpsxlibyo0l.jpg  photo 059-IMG_9133_zpsc52jv3wv.jpg  photo 060-IMG_9136_zps2siypbrg.jpg  photo 061-IMG_9139_zpsgryhoxop.jpg  photo 062-IMG_9142_zps7spfirhv.jpg  photo 063-IMG_9145_zpshc7fvttu.jpg  photo 064-IMG_9148_zpspsjhukg8.jpg  photo 065-IMG_9150_zpsttigijrf.jpg  photo 066-IMG_9157_zps8a1237da.jpg  photo 067-IMG_9159_zpsex4bzogv.jpg  photo 068-IMG_9163_zpsald9qhvo.jpg  photo 073-IMG_9177_zpsjdhdkhtk.jpg photo 069-IMG_9165_zpsxp2dxh5q.jpg  photo 070-IMG_9169_zpsmskidnml.jpg  photo 071-IMG_9172_zpse18pf6t1.jpg  photo 072-IMG_9174_zpsqnkkeppr.jpg   photo 074-IMG_9181_zpsnqfbhsg2.jpg  photo 075-IMG_9184_zps6mnpnc2s.jpg  photo 076-IMG_9187_zpsdgr3osy8.jpg

It does look like one of the Legal Buildings, eh? beautiful place.

  photo 077-IMG_9190_zpswlhil7a4.jpg  photo 078-IMG_9193_zpsfbel0ufi.jpg

I turn back around the road…now on the road where the Museum is.

 photo 079-IMG_9195_zpshyrzpi4i.jpg

Nice car…

 photo 080-IMG_9199_zpswna7t1vg.jpg

And there’s the museum and its already queuing up…

 photo 081-IMG_9202_zpslrescszk.jpg  photo 082-IMG_9204_zpsb7biqzzt.jpg  photo 083-IMG_9208_zpsiptqc3bk.jpg  photo 084-IMG_9211_zpskhlgxqwn.jpg  photo 085-IMG_9214_zpsof49lbbi.jpg  photo 086-IMG_9217_zpsu5bl9bk3.jpg  photo 087-IMG_9220_zpsq8qpnvp2.jpg      photo 092-IMG_9234_zpsevils8ko.jpg  photo 093-IMG_9238_zpsz2084ixo.jpg  photo 094-IMG_9241_zpsyxn4ekce.jpg  photo 095-IMG_9244_zps4womarrj.jpg

The entrance was covered by this structure and it had these paintings prints on the walls, which I clicked, as I couldnt take photos inside. Fascinating work.

 photo 097-IMG_9250_zpswk8jhpjv.jpg

Well, you know what’s the number of the house.

 photo 109-IMG_0033_zpswgxzfvwj.jpg

you put aside all your stuff, no cameras, just go in like that…and I come out

   photo 100-IMG_9259_zpsadfvkzwa.jpg  photo 101-IMG_9262_zpsa26eolhl.jpg

The house with the ivy….

 photo 102-IMG_9264_zpsfrjbqtse.jpg 

looking back at the museum

 photo 103-IMG_9268_zpsesislbj8.jpg 

the trees are starting to show Autumn colours

 photo 104-IMG_9271_zpsaog8zwq1.jpg

As I said, people sit to enjoy the lovely park

 photo 105-IMG_9274_zpsa7zukjke.jpg

that’s not a car!!!

 photo 106-IMG_9277_zpsvkwvcf2s.jpg

walking up Holborn

 photo 107-IMG_9280_zpscauaat3h.jpg

Wut? where is the traffic getting diverted???

 photo 108-IMG_9283_zpssfpjsrry.jpg