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Oct 2013: Visiting my Mecca and Kailash at the John Rylands Library Manchester

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So I near the wonderful building

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Its an amazing Gothic Structure.

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Its the John Rylands Library….my wonderful refuge, truly lovely lovely place and you will see what I mean in a moment.

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I turn right

 photo 008-IMG_0387_zps3ygouh57.jpg 

And enter into the library, walk up couple of flights of stairs and then this corridor opens up

 photo 009-IMG_0389_zpsyetimug5.jpg  photo 011-IMG_0395_zpspjehvxrf.jpg photo 012-IMG_0398_zpsmbptcn31.jpg photo 013-IMG_0401_zps5zu8tagp.jpg photo 010-IMG_0392_zps5u6wet9j.jpg

There’s a little exhibition on the Italian Writer Boccaccio..

 photo 014-IMG_0404_zpsxzsqaryy.jpg photo 015-IMG_0407_zpsxj6ttvem.jpg photo 016-IMG_0411_zpstuz0azio.jpg  photo 017-IMG_0413_zpsymqlhb0s.jpg photo 018-IMG_0416_zpsvxam9yki.jpg photo 020-IMG_0421_zpsmqazzscu.jpg photo 019-IMG_0418_zpsi3nc95bf.jpg photo 021-IMG_0425_zpsa9etb863.jpg  photo 022-IMG_0428_zpsi43aasif.jpg photo 023-IMG_0431_zpskg6vxwxl.jpg photo 025-IMG_0437_zpspxszf1sw.jpg photo 024-IMG_0434_zpsvzfxqrfe.jpg

Then I move into another set of galleries and they are all full of lovely cupboards and shelves with these ancient ancient books. Check out this one, the book has tapes around it to support with a temperature and humidity sensor..

And then another exhibition on censorship…

 photo 027-IMG_0443_zpstfqrgftu.jpg photo 028-IMG_0445_zpsn6hqnb0a.jpg  photo 029-IMG_0449_zpszrdigti2.jpg photo 061-IMG_0546_zpsqlzra5ne.jpg photo 062-IMG_0547_zpsdy2lkrzr.jpg photo 031-IMG_0455_zpswmbeuttu.jpg photo 030-IMG_0452_zpsp8zqlp6w.jpg photo 032-IMG_0457_zpssew77y95.jpg photo 033-IMG_0461_zps5ontfqxm.jpg

I wish I had more time… many books and so little time..I move out

 photo 034-IMG_0465_zpshb9ug4xl.jpg 

Down a corridor

 photo 035-IMG_0468_zpsnjdjft9r.jpg 

Pass a staircase

 photo 043-IMG_0492_zpsua8ur3oc.jpg 

Past a lovely window

 photo 044-IMG_0494_zpsaggalzwa.jpg  photo 045-IMG_0496_zpsbaum9j1y.jpg photo 046-IMG_0500_zpswf4z1jsa.jpg

Past some very curious exhibits, including John Dalton’s eyes!!!!

 photo 047-IMG_0503_zpsjm2m173s.jpg photo 050-IMG_0512_zpsqturczan.jpg photo 048-IMG_0506_zpsaeklnefd.jpg photo 060-IMG_0541_zpsnapkwchf.jpg 

A Columbian printing press on the left and on the right no idea..nothing was there to tell me.

 photo 053-IMG_0522_zps11mbrnxx.jpg 

And then another stair case going up

 photo 055-IMG_0527_zpsdrmsd0p4.jpg 

With this lovely sculpture

 photo 056-IMG_0530_zpsmvi6udko.jpg

And a book louse??? wut???

 photo 057-IMG_0534_zps2zfezglx.jpg 

This was an amazing area, with very tall stone columns, dark but very very special and mysterious

 photo 058-IMG_0535_zps9nrijcdz.jpg  photo 059-IMG_0539_zpsgveqto57.jpg

what on earth is this? this gives a bit of a clue…

 photo 063-IMG_0550_zps4haoi5sz.jpg  photo 064-IMG_0553_zpspn67hnyq.jpg photo 065-IMG_0556_zpsecyszzls.jpg photo 066-IMG_0560_zpsc14xabuw.jpg photo 067-IMG_0564_zpsbsvskaax.jpg

 photo 069-IMG_0570_zpsgrrkmpfe.jpg photo 070-IMG_0571_zps1e6hhcq7.jpg photo 071-IMG_0575_zpszhppnbqv.jpg  photo 072-IMG_0579_zps0mrcygpc.jpg photo 073-IMG_0582_zpswxamko1c.jpg photo 074-IMG_0583_zpsrtplqbwy.jpg photo 068-IMG_0566_zpskdf5pk8m.jpg

Here are some of the views of this lovely lovely area with soaring columns, lovely carvings…

 photo 075-IMG_0588_zpsvc6gmxqa.jpg 

And then I move into the top gallery which is perhaps one of the most eyecatching areas. There are alcoves on each side filled with more shelves and in the middle are more display cases with books and manuscripts.

 photo 076-IMG_0590_zpsvq8cdlef.jpg  photo 079-IMG_0600_zps9h0c6izm.jpg photo 078-IMG_0597_zpsjk1aextx.jpg photo 077-IMG_0594_zps2rswmmgb.jpg photo 081-IMG_0606_zpsmslyguex.jpg photo 080-IMG_0603_zpsnpdjb3k5.jpg photo 083-IMG_0610_zpslhwaugqj.jpg photo 082-IMG_0608_zps2zm7ikcn.jpg photo 084-IMG_0614_zpsvl7j1cpw.jpg photo 085-IMG_0616_zpsktafxkgm.jpg photo 086-IMG_0621_zpsxspdadlv.jpg photo 088-IMG_0627_zpsazoicyhz.jpg photo 089-IMG_0629_zpsolsauzlb.jpg photo 090-IMG_0632_zpsiarau3fq.jpg photo 091-IMG_0634_zpsqfdq0hma.jpg photo 092-IMG_0639_zpss8exxjwg.jpg photo 087-IMG_0622_zpssaxhf6bh.jpg photo 093-IMG_0641_zpsmeezejqo.jpg photo 094-IMG_0644_zpsffivnjur.jpg photo 095-IMG_0647_zps2id8gsf8.jpg photo 097-IMG_0652_zpsuoopmroa.jpg photo 098-IMG_0655_zpsimqrrlb3.jpg photo 099-IMG_0658_zpsndhq8ulr.jpg photo 100-IMG_0663_zpsrj5jredg.jpg photo 101-IMG_0664_zpsfr9bxek7.jpg photo 102-IMG_0668_zpsdtpq3wfb.jpg photo 103-IMG_0671_zpsqwwxqhnv.jpg photo 104-IMG_0674_zpsfcvpqayk.jpg photo 105-IMG_0677_zps173ggjoo.jpg photo 106-IMG_0680_zpsjlpoytot.jpg photo 107-IMG_0682_zpsiv5qjqsq.jpg photo 108-IMG_0686_zpsaybf5w0c.jpg

I finish perambulating this chamber…and its just an amazing place…sighs.

 photo 109-IMG_0690_zpsfjssxcqn.jpg photo 110-IMG_0693_zps6rykjwn6.jpg  photo 111-IMG_0694_zpsupsbupdw.jpg photo 112-IMG_0699_zpsstoswydl.jpg photo 116-IMG_0710_zpswa57log9.jpg  photo 117-IMG_0714_zpsuh6fet8o.jpg

I finish heading out…and exit…

 photo 118-IMG_0715_zps9uv7t7fr.jpg 

Back outside

 photo 119-IMG_0718_zpsksslk21c.jpg photo 120-IMG_0721_zpsbqaebxoa.jpg

What an extraordinary sculpture…a pale facsimile of the Louvre Pyramid?

 photo 121-IMG_0724_zpsutchhgfq.jpg 

You can see the Manchester Town Hall from here.

 photo 122-IMG_0728_zpsaovhw92v.jpg  photo 123-IMG_0731_zps63zrv8x7.jpg photo 124-IMG_0734_zpsjrwjx02z.jpg

Its a lovely lovely beautiful building.

 photo 125-IMG_0737_zpsq7qllxkj.jpg  photo 127-IMG_0742_zpsbfbfosk2.jpg

And a little Chopin Monument…I really don't remember this from the time I studied here….

 photo 128-IMG_0746_zpspytlyqvn.jpg

My final view of the building. It brought me back to those lovely days in Manchester where I would hide away…the Manchester Business School library was lovely as well, but it was modern and bright. Not this gothic building where I loved to hide away and read strange and weird and wonderful books…the total aroma and smell of old books there…I love it.

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