Friday, February 27, 2015

Aug 2013: The Palermo Cathedral

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We turn the corner and the Palermo Cathedral opens up. Quite an imposing building, eh?

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the cupola is a bit like that of St. Peter’s. The building dates back to 1185, although there’s not much of the original building left.

 photo 537-IMG_6594_zps31d09dcc.jpg  photo 546-IMG_6621_zps5e356948.jpg  photo 540-IMG_6604_zpsc9752cb8.jpg photo 541-IMG_6607_zpsdb4955eb.jpg photo 545-IMG_6619_zpsf0396d21.jpg photo 547-IMG_6625_zpsace63a86.jpg  photo 549-IMG_6630_zps98f29dc2.jpg  photo 550-IMG_6633_zpsc7fa2d15.jpg photo 552-IMG_6640_zpsfdb5aee1.jpg  photo 553-IMG_6642_zps23da4b62.jpg

The garden is full of statuary, some of course can be identified as people from the religious establishment but others? classical / mythological people? or local worthies?

 photo 542-IMG_6610_zpsea04b011.jpg  photo 543-IMG_6613_zpsa3f725e6.jpg photo 544-IMG_6616_zps850d98bf.jpg photo 644-IMG_6918_zps1e0ec160.jpg 

I absolutely loved the stone work…its so delicate and sweet.

 photo 548-IMG_6628_zps3dbcf4cd.jpg

these baroque cupola’s are really beautiful, and one of them has a pinhole in there which is used for astronomical observations, more of this later on.

 photo 551-IMG_6636_zps256fe057.jpg

And then the ubiquitous horse drawn carriages.

 photo 554-IMG_6646_zpsa8bc4a73.jpg  photo 556-IMG_6652_zps0b91cb75.jpg photo 557-IMG_6655_zpse5fbf45b.jpg  photo 558-IMG_6658_zpsbabfa354.jpg

turning into the courtyard and this extraordinary float/carriage appears, its drawn out during some festivals.

 photo 559-IMG_6661_zps96df6594.jpg

its really a beautiful courtyard…and the sun was shining warmly down.

 photo 560-IMG_6664_zpsd6561bb2.jpg

see? beautiful architectural elements, you can see the Moorish influences.

 photo 561-IMG_6667_zpsed876408.jpg

this entrance, in the Gothic Catalan Style is the current entrance, the original entrance is around the side. And unfortunately there is reconstruction going on. One of the pillars actually has a Quranic verse on it, a remnant of the times that this cathedral was actually converted into a Mosque.

 photo 562-IMG_6670_zps1120e5cc.jpg  photo 563-IMG_6673_zps281da819.jpg  photo 564-IMG_6676_zpscef2e1ca.jpg photo 642-IMG_6912_zpsb692d9fb.jpg  photo 635-IMG_6892_zps85c250b6.jpg photo 634-IMG_6889_zps6a279bc8.jpg  photo 636-IMG_6894_zps5dd0427a.jpg  photo 637-IMG_6897_zps3e8f125a.jpg photo 638-IMG_6900_zps005cc2b6.jpg photo 639-IMG_6903_zpsc375d9f2.jpg photo 640-IMG_6906_zps8712c3d3.jpg photo 643-IMG_6916_zpsa60ae4be.jpg photo 641-IMG_6909_zps5ec43731.jpg

the entrance is totally amazing. so delicate stonework. Some of the guttering is amazing, never seen saints or ladies in this shape. You can see the Madonna mosaic on the top of the door, dating back to the 13th Century. there are two plaques, showing the crowing of two kings..fascinating, but due to the bloody poles, I wasn't able to find the column with the quranic verse.

 photo 565-IMG_6679_zpsd7b462e1.jpg

Enter the cathedral and it was a bit pedestrian, I have to admit. Not very impressed.

 photo 567-IMG_6684_zpsd5147c15.jpg 

looking up the central aisle.

 photo 569-IMG_6690_zps8546d7c4.jpg photo 568-IMG_6688_zps2c69ea9a.jpg photo 570-IMG_6694_zps2723cefa.jpg  photo 571-IMG_6697_zpsce2f2d57.jpg

the two sides are filled with alcoves and in the pillars in the middle, there are lovely statues on small plinths.

 photo 573-IMG_6703_zps93ac77d3.jpg  photo 578-IMG_6721_zps667357d0.jpg photo 579-IMG_6724_zps873f30a9.jpg  photo 580-IMG_6727_zps2ed8c04e.jpg

the alcoves have altars and presumably various saints..quite imposing I have to admit, beautiful pietra dura work on many of the chapels.

 photo 574-IMG_6708_zps620674da.jpg  photo 577-IMG_6718_zpsbb9b2104.jpg photo 576-IMG_6715_zpsb9adce38.jpg photo 575-IMG_6712_zps08da1f73.jpg

the baptismal font was a true work of art.

 photo 581-IMG_6729_zpse5059012.jpg  photo 582-IMG_6732_zps8636d206.jpg photo 583-IMG_6736_zps9d37a268.jpg

One of the side chapels, what a beautiful altar.

 photo 584-IMG_6738_zps599c7015.jpg  photo 585-IMG_6741_zps7c4b6852.jpg photo 596-IMG_6774_zps0ecadad7.jpg  photo 598-IMG_6781_zps10bd7708.jpg  photo 592-IMG_6762_zpsdf14b88f.jpg  photo 597-IMG_6777_zpsbe25e015.jpg 

More saints on the little shelves up on the pillars. Bit too high I would have thought. St. Sebastian seems to be skewered.

 photo 587-IMG_6747_zps7d96c395.jpg photo 589-IMG_6753_zps1494335f.jpg  photo 590-IMG_6757_zps084df046.jpg photo 591-IMG_6760_zps58c209c3.jpg

Another chapel and this is beautiful.

 photo 593-IMG_6766_zps81359cba.jpg  photo 594-IMG_6769_zpsa75afb4d.jpg

the ceilings are busy…

 photo 595-IMG_6771_zpsc94b60fb.jpg 

Another lovely altar.

 photo 603-IMG_6796_zps51cce40a.jpg 

this was a lovely sculpture as well.

 photo 604-IMG_6799_zps7e8ace0d.jpg

A silver baroque altar.

 photo 605-IMG_6802_zps61e044e8.jpg  photo 606-IMG_6805_zpsac4d2560.jpg photo 607-IMG_6808_zps99cd1162.jpg

totally Moorish, eh? with the lights? The marble relief sculptures are lovely as well although atrociously lighted.

 photo 608-IMG_6811_zps6e3148f1.jpg 

the damn electricity wires are so crappily established, come on.

 photo 609-IMG_6814_zpsa6555f89.jpg  photo 610-IMG_6817_zps6673c19b.jpg

there was a little alcove on the side to show some treasures. But didnt go in, not enough time.

 photo 611-IMG_6820_zps5ecba891.jpg  photo 612-IMG_6822_zpsd83f6308.jpg photo 632-IMG_6883_zps0ee38355.jpg 

Remember I talked about the Baroque cupolas earlier? Here are the undersides of the cupolas.

 photo 613-IMG_6826_zps47cfa4ec.jpg  photo 614-IMG_6828_zps003f0053.jpg photo 615-IMG_6832_zps30275406.jpg photo 616-IMG_6834_zpsd7bc25e9.jpg photo 617-IMG_6837_zpse8e6890b.jpg photo 618-IMG_6841_zpsbfde8c3b.jpg

Another lovely lovely chapel. the statue of the saint is lovely but the others not so much…

  photo 586-IMG_6744_zpsc0bc3f95.jpg photo 619-IMG_6844_zpsa08bfe8e.jpg  photo 620-IMG_6846_zpsd20393db.jpg photo 621-IMG_6850_zpse83fe172.jpg photo 622-IMG_6853_zps29cf5251.jpg photo 623-IMG_6856_zps3bde4da2.jpg photo 624-IMG_6859_zps459da4b4.jpg photo 625-IMG_6862_zpsb27dd56a.jpg

the line is a line of the meridian. Running precisely North South. The ends of the line indicate the summer and winter solstices while the other displays show the constellations which are primary on that date. Quite an interesting observatory, quite important to know the Vernal Equinox so that you can figure out when Easter is.

 photo 626-IMG_6864_zps1d60f5a8.jpg 

looking back down the nave.

 photo 627-IMG_6867_zps199a0e77.jpg photo 629-IMG_6873_zps0be887ca.jpg photo 630-IMG_6876_zps8d965033.jpg photo 628-IMG_6871_zpsa9930f82.jpg

this chapel was closed off by this ginormous grate. Some major worthies are buried in these coffins I guess.

 photo 633-IMG_6886_zps1e0584a9.jpg

We were running short of time so decided to go outside..

 photo 645-IMG_6921_zpsb6d44215.jpg 

This was the original entrance. I quote, “Two lintelled ogival arcades, stepping over the street, connect the fa├žade to the bell tower in the front to the Archbishops pad on the left”.

 photo 648-IMG_6931_zps6dd1d5e2.jpg 

beautiful curves and gothic architecture indeed.

 photo 650-IMG_6937_zps353eb54a.jpg photo 651-IMG_6940_zps16e7d0f3.jpg

beautiful, eh?

  photo 652-IMG_6942_zps10054ab6.jpg  photo 653-IMG_6946_zpsa6b07fdb.jpg photo 654-IMG_6949_zpse13f95b7.jpg photo 655-IMG_6951_zps38121a5e.jpg

 photo 656-IMG_6955_zps69d1037a.jpg photo 657-IMG_6957_zpsdf092820.jpg photo 658-IMG_6960_zpsff650355.jpg photo 659-IMG_6963_zps9221a749.jpg  photo 660-IMG_6967_zps0d37eb43.jpg photo 661-IMG_6970_zps81e0f600.jpg photo 662-IMG_6973_zps19c22d45.jpg  photo 663-IMG_6975_zps60bd4bd6.jpg  photo 664-IMG_6979_zps398450b5.jpg photo 665-IMG_6982_zps31527977.jpg photo 666-IMG_6984_zpsb7e1451a.jpg photo 667-IMG_6988_zps51c62acb.jpg photo 669-IMG_6994_zpsc639992c.jpg 

The facade is absolutely brilliant. And the door. God, the door is exquisite. Cannot compare to Ghiberti’s Doors, but still..


 photo 668-IMG_6991_zps5e15a77c.jpg

A little antechamber? not sure what this is.

 photo 670-IMG_6997_zpsfe6eb30c.jpg  photo 671-IMG_7000_zps50258782.jpg photo 672-IMG_7002_zps171f76b3.jpg

Some more worthies who are standing for centuries…

 photo 674-IMG_7008_zps8773b50e.jpg  photo 675-IMG_7012_zps2940ff21.jpg

Couple of lovely little dragons on this wall of the Archbishops Palace. It was an interesting Cathedral but then I have seen much better.