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Aug 2013: The Old St. Pancras Church

So a friend of a friend popped into London so went to see this little church of St. Pancras Old Church together. Got off at Kings Cross on a brilliant day and went walkies.

 photo 001-IMG_4572_zpsf4177a91.jpg

under construction…

 photo 003-IMG_4579_zps802873a5.jpg 

A lovely day, observing the St. Pancras Clock tower

 photo 005-IMG_4585_zps3ae1fd72.jpg 

the Kings Cross Clock tower

 photo 006-IMG_4588_zps3efea0e8.jpg

it has some beautiful ironmongery

 photo 010-IMG_4600_zps7ec127b6.jpg  photo 011-IMG_4603_zpsae439d27.jpg

finally reach the churchyard.

 photo 013-IMG_4609_zps702a9dd9.jpg

lovely flowers welcoming you in.

 photo 014-IMG_4612_zps0e40b8a2.jpg

hmmm, ok, good.

  photo 100-IMG_4872_zps35ed113e.jpg  photo 099-IMG_4869_zpsf0ca0f43.jpg

I like the entrance, very intricately carved in different patterns.

 photo 020-IMG_4634_zps617eb504.jpg   photo 059-IMG_4750_zps19cc4fa8.jpg photo 023-IMG_4641_zpsd36ee792.jpg  photo 022-IMG_4639_zpsebf83a99.jpg

the baptismal font has seen better days..this church allegedly is the site of the oldest Christian worship in the UK with a history (contested no doubt) going back to the 4th century, when the Romans were pottering around here.

 photo 075-IMG_4797_zpsad1d6bd4.jpg 

The church is tiny, and the walls are full of plaques which are fascinating. Each talking about the history of people who worshipped and were buried here.

 photo 026-IMG_4651_zpse6f039ba.jpg photo 027-IMG_4654_zps4c107461.jpg photo 028-IMG_4657_zpsfecd12a1.jpg  photo 029-IMG_4660_zpse359498f.jpg  photo 030-IMG_4662_zps1eddaacb.jpg photo 031-IMG_4666_zps46a2f9f2.jpg photo 025-IMG_4647_zpsefd6f71f.jpg  photo 032-IMG_4668_zps44543c4d.jpg photo 033-IMG_4671_zps6644e1fb.jpg photo 038-IMG_4687_zps9177ed46.jpg photo 039-IMG_4690_zps4777990b.jpg photo 040-IMG_4692_zpseee66a19.jpg  photo 041-IMG_4695_zpsbecc9229.jpg photo 061-IMG_4756_zpsacf2a3d2.jpg  photo 050-IMG_4723_zps523c5567.jpg  photo 042-IMG_4699_zpsf0550b46.jpg photo 043-IMG_4702_zps36fe76c4.jpg photo 044-IMG_4705_zps21c690d0.jpg photo 045-IMG_4708_zps5aea22ee.jpg

 photo 051-IMG_4725_zpsbc0d6d42.jpg photo 052-IMG_4729_zpsf3cf0b65.jpg  photo 067-IMG_4774_zps572d25f4.jpg photo 068-IMG_4777_zps3ab26ea4.jpg photo 066-IMG_4771_zps92178d8b.jpg photo 076-IMG_4801_zps0f4ebc2e.jpg  photo 077-IMG_4804_zps97d57548.jpg photo 120-IMG_4935_zps01887d7b.jpg 

i wandered around reading the text, each of the deceased loved ones had created this and hung it up, with their emotions and love and feelings attached. How long do these last? I believe they imbibe the stones and ground and become consecrated.

 photo 034-IMG_4676_zps228e70bd.jpg  photo 036-IMG_4680_zpsda5023b8.jpg

And then I come to the altar

 photo 035-IMG_4678_zps993eb78a.jpg

its a lovely triptych.

 photo 116-IMG_4924_zps6e338b01.jpg  photo 117-IMG_4927_zps67f22607.jpg photo 118-IMG_4930_zps8d706d18.jpg photo 119-IMG_4933_zps183129f1.jpg

gilded on wooden panels. Showing St. Paul and St. Peter if I am not wrong.

 photo 109-IMG_4903_zps42e899da.jpg

this stone slab dates back to eons back, embedded on the altar.


  photo 078-IMG_4807_zpsd36396a9.jpg 

One of the oldest signs here, dating back few major centuries.

 photo 046-IMG_4710_zps1c109b30.jpg photo 063-IMG_4762_zps005195ed.jpg photo 062-IMG_4759_zpsdaef8cde.jpg 

Looking back at the entrance and looking up from the entrance. Tiny church

 photo 047-IMG_4714_zps0c4d55b6.jpg  photo 048-IMG_4717_zps6044bcd0.jpg photo 057-IMG_4745_zps8b20a32b.jpg  photo 049-IMG_4720_zpsb7e92ad2.jpg photo 053-IMG_4731_zpsdedb0f2d.jpg photo 079-IMG_4810_zpsbc52d346.jpg  photo 080-IMG_4813_zps8468a408.jpg photo 081-IMG_4816_zpsf69d0f29.jpg photo 082-IMG_4819_zpsd835e136.jpg photo 083-IMG_4823_zpsae70ee30.jpg photo 084-IMG_4825_zpsed30dc0c.jpg  photo 085-IMG_4828_zps62e5ecf1.jpg photo 087-IMG_4834_zpsd872504b.jpg photo 086-IMG_4831_zpse3408e51.jpg

the grave stones used as flag stones are quite nice, although you always feel strange walking on somebody’s grave…

 photo 054-IMG_4734_zps3e579c58.jpg  photo 055-IMG_4737_zpse44ccfbd.jpg

A little alcove to the side with this rather charming Madonna and Child carving on the left.


Another Font.



 photo 060-IMG_4754_zps21f1155a.jpg 

the windows aren't stained glass, which is a surprise, most churches have stained glass windows…

 photo 088-IMG_4837_zps050ec67a.jpg 

here’s the vestibule/vestry

 photo 064-IMG_4764_zps3c43f251.jpg  photo 065-IMG_4768_zps71d0f31e.jpg

two plaques with the vicars listed on it, as you can see, the older one is now completely used up and needed a new plaque. Shows the antiquity of the church.

 photo 070-IMG_4783_zps42a0f1f4.jpg  photo 071-IMG_4786_zpsc48113dd.jpg photo 072-IMG_4789_zps4d7ead3b.jpg photo 073-IMG_4793_zps23ac19a2.jpg

the vestibule has this lovely beamed ceiling and on the intersections, there are these coats of arms.

 photo 074-IMG_4796_zpsc7b5e733.jpg  photo 097-IMG_4864_zpsa695d087.jpg photo 098-IMG_4867_zps41b52430.jpg

the doors are beautiful and so are the locks..ancient cast iron lock units.

 photo 092-IMG_4848_zps04a8bbf9.jpg photo 094-IMG_4855_zps5bc5261c.jpg photo 093-IMG_4852_zps84a20797.jpg 

there’s a plaque for a buildings appeal…more on why later.

 photo 056-IMG_4740_zps32b7cc78.jpg  photo 122-IMG_4942_zps0b9259d9.jpg

the place is falling apart, below the church run ancient drains and they are causing subsidence…

 photo 106-IMG_4894_zps2715f8e8.jpg

last repaired couple of centuries back.

 photo 095-IMG_4857_zpse4935e75.jpg  photo 096-IMG_4860_zps018a0473.jpg

there’s a cute little staircase made of wood going up, unfortunately closed. 

 photo 107-IMG_4896_zps3daa777d.jpg

the dove of Christ.

 photo 112-IMG_4912_zpsaae83240.jpg 

an old bishops chair.

 photo 113-IMG_4914_zpsefba6ac1.jpg  photo 114-IMG_4918_zps9b91b8af.jpg

two niches in the wall, look positively ancient.

 photo 121-IMG_4939_zps5a9b12de.jpg

and the little church organ..the upstairs balcony seems to be a bit of a dumping area..but the beams were ancient. These look ancient but are of comparatively recent origin as the church has been extensively and several times repaired from the 19th century, it was also bomb damaged during WW2.

now for the churchyard.

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