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Aug 2013: Churches in Cefalu

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Day 2 of our Sicilian journey started bright and lovely

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nice bike

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and we reached the Cefalu Cathedral.

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the entrance wall has 4 statues of various saints…this cathedral, of Norman times (1131AD) and architecture has literally been in the wars, in the last war, it was bombed seriously.

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very blocky architecture

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With arrow slits…in a church???

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quite a soaring building, looks very nice

 photo 038-IMG_3551_zps1836e593.jpg 

the left hand side gallery

 photo 040-IMG_3557_zpsc5232acc.jpg 

very old columns, not sure how to describe it, composite based off an Corinthian flavour?

 photo 041-IMG_3560_zps062b27be.jpg  photo 042-IMG_3563_zpse9eb5564.jpg

the stained glass windows are of much recent provenance…not traditional at all. beautiful, never seen anything like this before.

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there are comparatively fewer plaques around the walls.

 photo 047-IMG_3578_zps7e2d4d73.jpg

A silver altar…

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a cardinal praying..

 photo 049-IMG_3583_zps5110c434.jpg 

a lovely little candle

 photo 052-IMG_3593_zps6897d903.jpg 

An angel high up on the walls.

 photo 059-IMG_3613_zpsb1672de3.jpg 

I come to the main part of the church, top end of the Nave

 photo 060-IMG_3617_zpsc6afdb8e.jpg  photo 061-IMG_3619_zps6c7ada8f.jpg photo 062-IMG_3622_zpsf1cc6cda.jpg photo 063-IMG_3626_zps70256a74.jpg photo 064-IMG_3629_zpsc4b43a15.jpg

the ceiling has these paintings of saints but also these bloody big whacking holes in them…scaffolding holes?

 photo 065-IMG_3632_zpsc6564721.jpg photo 066-IMG_3635_zps6c141104.jpg  photo 067-IMG_3637_zps6bedac8d.jpg photo 068-IMG_3641_zps557df03a.jpg

And then the giant painting of Christ the Pantocrator.

 photo 069-IMG_3644_zps47bcad50.jpg 

the cross has been in the wars…

 photo 071-IMG_3650_zps3c44f23b.jpg


 photo 072-IMG_3652_zpsb7ec7445.jpg 

a startlingly modern cardinal’s chair?

 photo 073-IMG_3656_zpsdb34cd99.jpg

the tiles look ancient.

 photo 075-IMG_3662_zpsba657a45.jpg photo 079-IMG_3674_zps14e93185.jpg  photo 080-IMG_3677_zps440a2d44.jpg

the walls are thick with engravings, inscriptions and statues…

 photo 100-IMG_3737_zps75648c4c.jpg 

 photo 083-IMG_3685_zps41e2ac8f.jpg

and then the capitals of these pseudo Corinthian columns are with funny faces.

 photo 086-IMG_3695_zps07547b47.jpg 

cant make it out..

 photo 095-IMG_3722_zps0803be26.jpg  photo 097-IMG_3728_zps74ccc844.jpg

the lectern is with a startling modern interpretation of Christ and so is the organ.

 photo 103-IMG_3745_zps9ff110b1.jpg

the right aisle is full of construction and re-construction materials.

 photo 106-IMG_3755_zpsf9209d1c.jpg 

the roof is quite nice as well.

 photo 107-IMG_3758_zps19b6358f.jpg

the font is seriously ancient.

 photo 108-IMG_3761_zps16905506.jpg

this mosaic apparently dates back to pre Christian times…

 photo 114-IMG_3779_zpse6b88d80.jpg

 photo 115-IMG_3782_zpsadadafcb.jpg


 photo 124-IMG_3809_zps779a1c1e.jpg 

the door..

 photo 125-IMG_3812_zps0ec8b9a9.jpg 

the right hand aisle is full of construction materials.

 photo 127-IMG_3818_zps29775f2a.jpg  photo 128-IMG_3821_zps08d1c161.jpg photo 129-IMG_3823_zps4ee5780c.jpg photo 130-IMG_3827_zpsfcbc9b4c.jpg

besides this exquisite tomb.

 photo 135-IMG_3842_zpsbc2eb2c4.jpg

and then we come out of the side door…beautiful arches..

 photo 140-IMG_3857_zpsbc3470ed.jpg  photo 147-IMG_3878_zpsfc85dda0.jpg 

the streets are so cute..

 photo 143-IMG_3866_zps711cda15.jpg

and then each balcony has these little curtains which you can draw over the balcony to shade the house without having to close the door.

 photo 148-IMG_3882_zps013fde42.jpg

we come to a little open piazza called as Piazza Garibaldi.

 photo 149-IMG_3884_zps7089ed20.jpg  photo 159-IMG_3914_zps13ce143a.jpg photo 160-IMG_3916_zps95c32dec.jpg

Quite an interesting plaque…Salvatore Spinuzza was shot here for revolting against the Bourbons

 photo 151-IMG_3890_zps455a5bcc.jpg 

And another church which was closed…

 photo 153-IMG_3896_zpsf438777b.jpg  photo 154-IMG_3899_zpscf71c736.jpg photo 155-IMG_3902_zps105891ce.jpg photo 152-IMG_3892_zps1ffae9ea.jpg

 photo 156-IMG_3905_zps97ea80a2.jpg

but with the most beautiful expressions on these old sculptures..

 photo 161-IMG_3920_zps059fdefa.jpg  photo 162-IMG_3923_zps0f1bd32b.jpg photo 163-IMG_3926_zpsb756b053.jpg photo 164-IMG_3929_zps07879472.jpg

the long slow somnolent life…

 photo 176-IMG_3965_zps27b9f526.jpg  photo 181-IMG_3980_zps367335cc.jpg

lovely balconies

 photo 179-IMG_3974_zpsfaf1ccf6.jpg  photo 180-IMG_3976_zpsd0681c5f.jpg

and ancient cast iron streetlights.

 photo 182-IMG_3983_zpsfed71397.jpg

with ancient crags looming over..

 photo 186-IMG_3998_zpsfebfc36f.jpg

and everywhere you go, you see ice-cream carts

 photo 196-IMG_4031_zps13f38322.jpg 


 photo 200-IMG_4046_zps69923c00.jpg

looking back across the bay

 photo 204-IMG_4058_zps25454f63.jpg

these trees are funny

 photo 225-IMG_4122_zpsdaf27bc6.jpg

fruits, yummy..

 photo 270-IMG_4244_zpsd76096bd.jpg  photo 271-IMG_4248_zpsa33c1c28.jpg

heading back and we come across another church.

 photo 272-IMG_4251_zpsb5ad2965.jpg  photo 273-IMG_4253_zps46268a24.jpg

 photo 279-IMG_4272_zps94c059f9.jpg  photo 280-IMG_4275_zps08286032.jpg photo 281-IMG_4278_zps213c9ba1.jpg photo 282-IMG_4280_zpse4ad6359.jpg photo 274-IMG_4257_zpsed0c5ae9.jpg photo 275-IMG_4259_zps93652956.jpg photo 278-IMG_4268_zps36f96a97.jpg photo 276-IMG_4263_zps63ee1e79.jpg

it was a lovely little church all right.

 photo 284-IMG_4286_zpsecf78dec.jpg 

there’s a cute little piazza in front.

 photo 288-IMG_4299_zps1a63caf3.jpg  photo 289-IMG_4302_zpsdf577457.jpg

and its highlighted in the setting sun, the bell tower in the corner. and then we head down into the town proper..

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