Monday, October 14, 2013

Dec 2012: Where I nearly met the sunbird at Batu Caves and said hello to Hanuman

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So I wake up and its the last day of my world wide tour, its a bit misty day in KL

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Peer down at KL

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Nice architecture

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Lovely lovely green all over

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So Ive got to get to that place, in the distance

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Lovely reflections

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And lovely directions

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Reach the station and waiting for the train

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Here’s the train..

 photo 019-IMG_0058_zpsad7c93d1.jpg 

 photo 048-IMG_0167_zps3e31114d.jpg

ticket ready

 photo 021-IMG_0063_zps045a1f62.jpg photo 023-IMG_0069_zps8adff21f.jpg

I climb on the train, lovely clean cool air-conditioned train. While I get a nicely illuminated map of the route.

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Some of the buildings on the side of the road were brilliant. Look at this colonial era building.

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Passing through some lovely stations

 photo 027-IMG_0085_zps8b6e0b43.jpg  photo 034-IMG_0115_zps275547b8.jpg photo 029-IMG_0089_zpse3d035a2.jpg photo 035-IMG_0119_zps4e3cca90.jpg

And minarets, and mosques and north Indian temples and south Indian temples.

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An old old tank. Water tank..

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A train shed at Sentul

 photo 044-IMG_0150_zpsebfa344c.jpg  photo 045-IMG_0154_zps14b51828.jpg photo 046-IMG_0162_zpsaebb22f2.jpg photo 047-IMG_0164_zps94f7a646.jpg

We have moved out of the city now

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I get out at Batu Caves station and see my idol right up in front, but why this bilious colour? 

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Monkey Food available, eh?

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And a lovely gold painted temple

 photo 052-IMG_0182_zps9a699d7e.jpg  photo 053-IMG_0185_zpsd932c73e.jpg photo 054-IMG_0188_zps6bbf2eaf.jpg photo 055-IMG_0191_zps76539cf3.jpg

the cliffs behind the temple are tall, huge and amazing

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I pop out and turn left to see the Hanuman temple

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the famous scene is replicated…

 photo 071-IMG_0239_zps0906b713.jpg  photo 073-IMG_0245_zps79aa74b8.jpg 

 photo 061-IMG_0210_zpsc97b3f99.jpg

 photo 063-IMG_0215_zps13fd0b00.jpg  photo 064-IMG_0218_zps7163c11e.jpg

 photo 074-IMG_0247_zps6ca0f6d9.jpg  photo 075-IMG_0250_zpsbd91b19e.jpg


 photo 068-IMG_0230_zps02c789da.jpg

Behind him, is the actual temple

 photo 062-IMG_0212_zps6277a6aa.jpg

you can make out the size of the statue by the plants growing out of the toes.

 photo 069-IMG_0233_zps59700938.jpg  photo 070-IMG_0236_zpsf5b26b4a.jpg

the cliffs are quite amazing, seriously

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I was reminded of the scene described in the Sun Bird

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I snuck in

 photo 078-IMG_0260_zps32916538.jpg 

Ramayana Cave?

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 photo 080-IMG_0265_zpse8fcba0c.jpg 

Some huge cracks up on the roof.

 photo 081-IMG_0268_zps3c96648a.jpg

And the diorama in the right, looks like they are making it. And then I was chased out

 photo 082-IMG_0272_zps38809689.jpg  photo 083-IMG_0275_zps16a30222.jpg

peering up at the cliff face, it would be brilliant to climb this

 photo 084-IMG_0278_zps12987c4a.jpg

I head back

 photo 085-IMG_0281_zps30e30b7b.jpg

the temple is really well decorated but why this bilious colour, eh?

 photo 087-IMG_0286_zps5acbc69a.jpg

And then this temple..

 photo 088-IMG_0290_zpsf90951aa.jpg 

which is in front of this huge crack in the cliff.

 photo 089-IMG_0293_zps0ef31903.jpg

this temple is really well set off

 photo 090-IMG_0296_zps8c7f053b.jpg

white sculptures against the gold painted top

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 photo 096-IMG_0313_zps2f0dc199.jpg

hmmm, no shoes, I am not going to go up

 photo 105-IMG_0344_zpsc6dce2ea.jpg

 photo 099-IMG_0323_zps1bf43fab.jpg 

And then i see this fantastic root structure clinging to the cliff

 photo 100-IMG_0330_zpscc099875.jpg

and this mongoose looking squirrel

 photo 102-IMG_0336_zps947d49dc.jpg

who runs off

 photo 108-IMG_0353_zps704f1d3a.jpg 


 photo 111-IMG_0361_zps3274a4f2.jpg

I walk down towards the main caves

 photo 112-IMG_0365_zpsdc99fa78.jpg

that’s a serious number of air conditioning units

 photo 113-IMG_0368_zpsafd2d58f.jpg 

and some kind of a exhibition? 

 photo 115-IMG_0374_zps6d643e1e.jpg

Another little temple

 photo 116-IMG_0376_zps40cb1974.jpg

with some lovely koi carp swimming around

 photo 118-IMG_0383_zps1884cf17.jpg

And then i turn left 

 photo 120-IMG_0389_zpsdaa1d6d2.jpg

And another little temple on the left, and when I look left, my jaw drops….