Monday, March 24, 2014

Ambling around London

 photo 01-IMG_8357_zpsef4e8c20.jpg 


 photo 02-IMG_8359_zps0f58a88a.jpg 

A statue of that French General Foch

 photo 03-IMG_8361_zps45afcb87.jpg 

he was a brave man, but a thinking man as well.

 photo 04-IMG_8362_zps9f94c253.jpg 

considered to be one of the greatest French thinkers of his time.

 photo 05-IMG_8365_zpsdb1fa287.jpg 

Ended up being the commander in chief of all the Allied Armies

 photo 06-IMG_8366_zps1e812e1c.jpg 

Very interesting chap, do read his biography if you get a chance

 photo 07-IMG_8368_zpse842da1c.jpg 

what? you arent supposed to feed alcohol to the pigeons?

 photo 09-IMG_8372_zps79b2fb2c.jpg 

Lovely little garden near Victoria Station

 photo 10-IMG_8374_zps8fb0de03.jpg  photo 11-IMG_8376_zps784ccdf0.jpg

this is a curious looking hut? what is it?

 photo 12-IMG_8379_zps1998b962.jpg 


 photo 14-IMG_8382_zps295e8d7a.jpg  photo 15-IMG_8384_zps2bc40b6c.jpg

lovely flowers

 photo 17-IMG_8389_zps2aa0d0da.jpg 

A lovely set of arcades

 photo 18-IMG_8390_zps112d7c4f.jpg 

I reach the hotel where I was attending a talk

 photo 19-IMG_8392_zpsad4e6fc2.jpg  photo 20-IMG_8394_zps4cd97b37.jpg photo 31-IMG_8415_zps32c817cd.jpg 

the bathroom was extraordinary. A naked woman kneeling and peering at you

 photo 21-IMG_8395_zps5765b4f7.jpg 

pee splash guards…brilliant invention

 photo 23-IMG_8399_zpsa0557b7e.jpg 

Im checking out the butt

 photo 24-IMG_8401_zps0c4c91f9.jpg 

heh, nice one. Mr. Patten being upset about the nekkid girls in the loo. Look what he responds?

 photo 25-IMG_8403_zps961934c5.jpg  photo 26-IMG_8405_zps20e40297.jpg photo 27-IMG_8407_zpseeaad350.jpg photo 28-IMG_8410_zps59d8e148.jpg

 photo 29-IMG_8411_zps3f93bab4.jpg

and then some definitely risqué prints on the wall. No wonder George Patten was offended. Yeah, close your eyes, you muppet puritan.

 photo 32-IMG_8416_zpsadb673df.jpg  photo 33-IMG_8417_zpse10ad2e8.jpg

lol, separate hot and cold taps, a British Speciality, guaranteed to piss off people.

 photo 34-IMG_8418_zpse212d608.jpg

Long cold back alleys

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mar 2013: Mushrooms, Bikes, Canals and reflections

Went for a bike ride and saw some lovely sights…

 photo 01-IMG_5741_zps3598936d.jpg 

lovely day

 photo 02-IMG_5742_zps8960a9bc.jpg

and I'm haring down the path

 photo 03-IMG_5743_zpsa26162f9.jpg

passing a viaduct

 photo 04-IMG_5744_zps725aa3a4.jpg  photo 05-IMG_5745_zps75b75aa0.jpg

and spotted a cute little bridge

 photo 06-IMG_7803_zpsf6bd96fc.jpg 

a lovely little lock

 photo 07-IMG_5746_zpsce6eeaf4.jpg

the time is beautiful

 photo 08-IMG_7804_zpsc12926cf.jpg 

here’s my little trusty bike

 photo 09-IMG_5747_zpsd3394212.jpg 

really looks good, no?

 photo 10-IMG_7807_zpsb4d51b87.jpg 

people use this canal way to do their canoeing.

 photo 11-IMG_5748_zpsf35bec16.jpg

i reach the ebury way

 photo 12-IMG_5749_zps6477edc3.jpg 

lovely path

 photo 15-IMG_5750_zps34bda207.jpg  photo 18-IMG_5753_zps7f9b7759.jpg photo 17-IMG_5752_zpsb011ffff.jpg photo 16-IMG_5751_zpsbd1863c8.jpg

Hmmmm, graffiti

 photo 19-IMG_5754_zpsae9f7dc7.jpg  photo 20-IMG_5755_zpsc99fee07.jpg photo 21-IMG_5756_zps3c78451e.jpg photo 22-IMG_5757_zpsb7843e67.jpg

growing up and down

 photo 23-IMG_5758_zps9c146a17.jpg 

Trees with lovers

 photo 24-IMG_5759_zps3d095147.jpg 

grabbing a drink

 photo 25-IMG_5760_zps039540e2.jpg 

long long path

 photo 26-IMG_5761_zpsdd03b188.jpg photo 27-IMG_5762_zpsd28268d1.jpg

More reflections

 photo 28-IMG_5763_zps1a396218.jpg photo 29-IMG_5764_zps79d762f8.jpg

I have no idea what’s happening here.

 photo 30-IMG_5765_zps133b954f.jpg photo 31-IMG_5766_zpsa613358e.jpg

 photo 32-IMG_5767_zps7e8d8f78.jpg photo 34-IMG_5769_zps1d87063f.jpg photo 35-IMG_5770_zpsb0635fe5.jpg photo 36-IMG_5771_zpscc80ebcf.jpg photo 33-IMG_5768_zps3b830b08.jpg

Mushrooms and fungi

 photo 37-IMG_5772_zps525c9a51.jpg 

Still barrelling down

 photo 38-IMG_5773_zps0d8e6eda.jpg  photo 39-IMG_5774_zpsadef1aff.jpg photo 40-IMG_5775_zps4728efc8.jpg photo 41-IMG_5776_zps0e6be6fc.jpg


  photo 42-IMG_5777_zps194e83ef.jpg 

Hmmm, i wouldn't trust it

 photo 43-IMG_5778_zps67977d5a.jpg photo 44-IMG_5779_zps8938ee5d.jpg

A lovely cottage

 photo 45-IMG_5780_zpsefac9be5.jpg

that’s a lovely bridge

 photo 46-IMG_5781_zpsa4f923d2.jpg  photo 47-IMG_5782_zps191ff99b.jpg photo 49-IMG_5784_zpsff20cbd4.jpg photo 50-IMG_5785_zpsdf1cec59.jpg photo 48-IMG_5783_zps9b64f548.jpg photo 51-IMG_5786_zpsf782c81c.jpg photo 53-IMG_5788_zps0c38df23.jpg photo 52-IMG_5787_zpse0c7b668.jpg

An abandoned factory I don't know what’s happening with the monkey, lol

 photo 54-IMG_5789_zps71fa5489.jpg

Nice name

 photo 55-IMG_5790_zpsbb6f0db2.jpg  photo 56-IMG_5791_zpsbc962ec2.jpg photo 57-IMG_5792_zps76b01478.jpg photo 58-IMG_5793_zpsbc9c4e32.jpg


 photo 59-IMG_5794_zps5af5d186.jpg photo 60-IMG_5795_zpsc6f094e2.jpg

that is such a strange boat

 photo 61-IMG_5796_zps6f533320.jpg

More lovely vistas

 photo 62-IMG_5797_zps1fb1e330.jpg

And I am at the end…