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Feb 2013: Ambling to the NY Public Library

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Leaving the Intrepid, I turn to go to the NY Library. And here are the photographs of the walk. This van has been through the wars

 photo 02-IMG_1590_zpsc5fffc7c.jpg

Queen of Sheba, eh?

 photo 03-IMG_1595_zps8be309ec.jpg

This bike has been in the wars…not much left

 photo 04-IMG_1599_zpsf0cf09fe.jpg

lol, nice pun

 photo 05-IMG_1602_zps0d28391c.jpg 

Gosh, what an eye sore

 photo 06-IMG_1605_zps78d04347.jpg

Are you trying to be funny?

 photo 07-IMG_1608_zps73056f3b.jpg

Wide wide roads, I just love NY..

 photo 08-IMG_1614_zpsdc1094bd.jpg

Old brownstone buildings

 photo 09-IMG_1616_zps684f7a9b.jpg

A parking lot

 photo 10-IMG_1620_zps5b6e68c5.jpg photo 11-IMG_1622_zpsc1462db5.jpg Hmmmm, do you think I will meet Tom here?

 photo 12-IMG_1626_zpsd958f92e.jpg

Nice one

 photo 13-IMG_1628_zpsb4f4df1e.jpg photo 17-IMG_1641_zps899702fa.jpg   photo 15-IMG_1635_zpsc0ee84bc.jpg photo 16-IMG_1638_zps80dfce3b.jpg photo 14-IMG_1632_zps22148646.jpg photo 18-IMG_1644_zps8aab0e2c.jpg photo 19-IMG_1646_zps7095f63c.jpg photo 21-IMG_1653_zps85aa0b95.jpg photo 20-IMG_1650_zps3bb89466.jpg  photo 23-IMG_1658_zps0db4c8df.jpg photo 24-IMG_1662_zpsb2ab59cd.jpg

Times Square

 photo 26-IMG_1665_zpsf62a3c97.jpg

Proceed with Canon?

 photo 27-IMG_1668_zps8ffa26af.jpg 

Keep on walking down the tall skyscrapers, you can see the Chrysler Building in the distance

 photo 28-IMG_1671_zps6e5a2d87.jpg 

Band-Aids'on a sky scraper?

 photo 29-IMG_1673_zps355fec88.jpg

I am now at Byrant Park

 photo 30-IMG_1678_zps9f06cad7.jpg  photo 32-IMG_1683_zps70fc4828.jpg photo 31-IMG_1680_zps83c06589.jpg

Curious placement of various Latin American leaders here in Byrant Park..

 photo 34-IMG_7756_zps2002bf38.jpg 

Captain America?

 photo 33-IMG_1686_zpsadae5f36.jpg

lol, lovely name :)

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