Monday, March 24, 2014

Ambling around London

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A statue of that French General Foch

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he was a brave man, but a thinking man as well.

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considered to be one of the greatest French thinkers of his time.

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Ended up being the commander in chief of all the Allied Armies

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Very interesting chap, do read his biography if you get a chance

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what? you arent supposed to feed alcohol to the pigeons?

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Lovely little garden near Victoria Station

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this is a curious looking hut? what is it?

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lovely flowers

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A lovely set of arcades

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I reach the hotel where I was attending a talk

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the bathroom was extraordinary. A naked woman kneeling and peering at you

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pee splash guards…brilliant invention

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Im checking out the butt

 photo 24-IMG_8401_zps0c4c91f9.jpg 

heh, nice one. Mr. Patten being upset about the nekkid girls in the loo. Look what he responds?

 photo 25-IMG_8403_zps961934c5.jpg  photo 26-IMG_8405_zps20e40297.jpg photo 27-IMG_8407_zpseeaad350.jpg photo 28-IMG_8410_zps59d8e148.jpg

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and then some definitely risqué prints on the wall. No wonder George Patten was offended. Yeah, close your eyes, you muppet puritan.

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lol, separate hot and cold taps, a British Speciality, guaranteed to piss off people.

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Long cold back alleys

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