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April 2013: Climbing Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh

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Did I mention that I am nuts? Went off for a walk at 5AM…warning, this is a long photo essay, it took me 4 hours…

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there’s Arthur’s Seat.

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Walking on the side

 photo 005-IMG_2015_zps811c3855.jpg

very weird building…

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So as usual, I tried to take a short cut and tried to climb this slope. And it was bloody painful because I got stuck in the middle, between those two clumps of trees. seriously bad mistake. But managed to get out.

 photo 007-IMG_2021_zps86507ead.jpg

and then sat to catch my breath…

 photo 008-IMG_2024_zps583d1832.jpg

I meet the official path with a sense of relief…

 photo 009-IMG_8175_zps5c157009.jpg

and took a panorama…

 photo 012-IMG_2033_zps26fd6fdd.jpg

the sheer stone walls….

 photo 013-IMG_2036_zps9d0f665f.jpg

Seeing across Edinburgh…

 photo 014-IMG_2039_zpsf99d0ae3.jpg 

from some angles, it would look like I am outside the world and this is the edge of the world.

 photo 015-IMG_2042_zps976e7ae1.jpg

but this is a city

 photo 019-IMG_2054_zpsd9050ca8.jpg  photo 021-IMG_2061_zps2e4d340f.jpg

Creepers climbing the stone walls..

 photo 022-IMG_2063_zps7753b543.jpg  photo 024-IMG_2069_zps2fda5ea9.jpg

stark rocks…I really loved these rocks, they are beautiful. such rugged beauty.

 photo 023-IMG_2066_zpsc0833500.jpg

But dangerous too.


 photo 025-IMG_2071_zps0d8cd5ec.jpg

the path extends a wee bit.

 photo 026-IMG_8177_zps2e2a9bd6.jpg

another panorama, i see so many paths…

 photo 028-IMG_2078_zps5f059540.jpg  photo 029-IMG_2081_zpsc174da67.jpg photo 030-IMG_2084_zps29edeeae.jpg photo 031-IMG_2087_zps4a027cf3.jpg

Views of the city

 photo 036-IMG_2099_zps16c8156f.jpg  photo 037-IMG_2102_zps17c1cb21.jpg

I flushed out a hare…very cute…

 photo 040-IMG_2111_zpsc736b933.jpg

The Castle

 photo 041-IMG_2114_zps39989080.jpg

Free Syria…here as well…

 photo 043-IMG_2120_zps2fe027c7.jpg

The vista opens up… 

 photo 046-IMG_2129_zpsf439ab80.jpg

extraordinary beauty….

 photo 047-IMG_2132_zps2e9586b3.jpg

Is this Arthurs Seat?

 photo 051-IMG_2144_zps60ef4456.jpg

I move inside

 photo 052-IMG_2147_zps01e1641a.jpg  photo 053-IMG_2150_zps29ff97a6.jpg photo 055-IMG_2156_zps702539f0.jpg photo 056-IMG_2159_zpse2db1741.jpg photo 054-IMG_2153_zpsd2b219f7.jpg

its like a saddle.

 photo 060-IMG_2171_zps9c7b10b6.jpg

I took the right hand side path….

 photo 061-IMG_2174_zpsf10774e8.jpg

the shrubs are covered with yellow lichens.

 photo 062-IMG_2177_zps16dc6565.jpg  photo 064-IMG_2183_zps42af3aff.jpg

the top of the cliffs?

 photo 063-IMG_2180_zps5d4e9274.jpg

the path moves up the hill

 photo 065-IMG_2186_zpsbb566563.jpg

a pigeon shivering in the cold wind..

 photo 066-IMG_2188_zps732c6b36.jpg

beautiful lovely yellow flowers…

 photo 068-IMG_2194_zps7baf95e2.jpg  photo 069-IMG_2197_zpseff8114a.jpg

the views are lovely

 photo 070-IMG_2200_zps7f6e63c7.jpg  photo 071-IMG_2203_zps66fcfce6.jpg

seriously lovely, i could have sat here and watched the skyline…

 photo 072-IMG_2206_zpsf6d526e8.jpg

I could climb this way as well…

 photo 074-IMG_2212_zpsbca7d7e5.jpg

But I move up the path, there were people who were jogging up and down…

 photo 076-IMG_2218_zps71d777b5.jpg

the path moves up…

 photo 077-IMG_2221_zps96b137f5.jpg

A view over Carlton’s Hill from Arthur’s Seat…

 photo 078-IMG_2224_zpse318e7fa.jpg 

it was misting and raining a bit…the steps helped to climb the steep slope but it was slippery as hell…

 photo 080-IMG_2230_zps2c1e86b7.jpg

steep steep slope

 photo 081-IMG_2233_zpsd41626cd.jpg

More steps…

 photo 084-IMG_2242_zps788321f0.jpg photo 083-IMG_2239_zps6bc25a8d.jpg

I am now above the crest of the cliff…

 photo 085-IMG_2245_zps2007fa7a.jpg

Looking down at creation…the footpaths are marked…

 photo 089-IMG_2257_zps0c4c2146.jpg

With one clearly marked path up to the cliff top. 

 photo 094-IMG_2275_zps22946dae.jpg

its tough to climb on these slippery slopes…

 photo 095-IMG_2278_zps1f8c02a6.jpg  photo 096-IMG_2281_zps6136658e.jpg

 photo 097-IMG_2284_zpse9eb2920.jpg

many paths lead to the crest…

 photo 099-IMG_8179_zps184b841d.jpg 

I’m quite high up now…

 photo 100-IMG_2290_zpsce9d1d33.jpg

You can see the paths…

 photo 108-IMG_2314_zps8e154793.jpg

You mean I have to climb up to that?

 photo 110-IMG_8181_zps92bab455.jpg  photo 112-IMG_2323_zps4435d9b5.jpg

lover’s locks? even here?

 photo 111-IMG_2320_zps3a5928ed.jpg 

climbing up the stone gullies…

 photo 114-IMG_2329_zpsd0bcb76b.jpg

I reach the summit

 photo 116-IMG_2335_zps24d5f6f0.jpg

some kind of a flagstaff unit..

then went around all points of the cardinal compass..

 photo 117-IMG_2338_zps1e03d12e.jpg photo 119-IMG_2344_zpse57a5d80.jpg photo 120-IMG_2347_zpsb0ecef74.jpg photo 121-IMG_2350_zps54f05b33.jpg photo 122-IMG_2353_zps039f4b24.jpg photo 123-IMG_2356_zps6f5a348f.jpg photo 124-IMG_2359_zpse105fee1.jpg photo 125-IMG_2362_zps8195f91b.jpg photo 118-IMG_2341_zps4f4caee4.jpg

beautiful sight…but it had started to snow..and rain…

 photo 126-IMG_2365_zps35c60876.jpg

and the rocks were slippery..

 photo 127-IMG_2368_zpsd69e36b8.jpg

the lake..

 photo 128-IMG_2371_zps5fb836c1.jpg

looking out at the North Sea….

 photo 131-IMG_2380_zpscff29e51.jpg

Carlton Hill…looks tiny….

 photo 135-IMG_2392_zps165c7ac8.jpg


 photo 136-IMG_2395_zpsfb77dd0e.jpg 

the little stump was disfigured by graffiti.

 photo 137-IMG_2398_zps21edaeb9.jpg

another marker..

 photo 138-IMG_2401_zpse7677f3b.jpg

the top is purely shattered rock.

 photo 139-IMG_2404_zpscf0e11a6.jpg

I've got to go down there..?

 photo 140-IMG_2407_zps40b06b95.jpg  photo 141-IMG_2410_zps283848b7.jpg

Somebody committed suicide here…sad…

 photo 142-IMG_2413_zps694e29c0.jpg

I went down

 photo 143-IMG_2416_zpsd1a094d5.jpg

I will take this route…not the original one..

 photo 144-IMG_2419_zps423e2a8f.jpg

thank god there is a railing…the bloody stones were all slippery and dangerous…

 photo 147-IMG_2425_zps232e3ed6.jpg

going down the path…

 photo 149-IMG_2428_zpscbc740e1.jpg

Cant believe I was up there..

 photo 152-IMG_2437_zpsdc473c7f.jpg

Hello Stranger…

 photo 153-IMG_2440_zps58c73e39.jpg

there’s the path I need to take

 photo 156-IMG_2449_zps8177ce98.jpg  photo 158-IMG_2455_zps98490a24.jpg

heading down to the valley floor.

 photo 159-IMG_2458_zps0f59cca2.jpg

Looking back up the path

 photo 161-IMG_8186_zps2a2e57b4.jpg 

I'm down on the lower levels

 photo 162-IMG_2464_zps9950b702.jpg  photo 163-IMG_8188_zps9bb9ab37.jpg

But still some way to go…

 photo 164-IMG_2467_zpsb9f9ab61.jpg

Another look back up

 photo 167-IMG_2476_zpscf228d51.jpg

An old ruin…

 photo 171-IMG_2488_zps10ec9344.jpg

misty world…

 photo 173-IMG_2494_zps38016204.jpg

I am near the lake…

 photo 177-IMG_2506_zps7887d331.jpg photo 178-IMG_2509_zpsf3566da1.jpg photo 179-IMG_2512_zps67baaf3f.jpg

Another look back up to the summit

 photo 180-IMG_2515_zps295b6cb9.jpg  photo 181-IMG_2518_zpsdba7078c.jpg

Shiny Happy Rocks…

 photo 182-IMG_2521_zps68757b89.jpg

another look back

 photo 183-IMG_2524_zpsd36b98e0.jpg

checking it out

 photo 185-IMG_2530_zps58cb0403.jpg

And now I meet the proper path…

 photo 186-IMG_2533_zps8096f901.jpg  photo 187-IMG_2536_zpsae20e290.jpg

The skyline…

 photo 188-IMG_8189_zps0a0d67cc.jpg 

 photo 190-IMG_2542_zps52a9506e.jpg

I am down at the road level…

 photo 193-IMG_2551_zps8819b0c4.jpg  photo 194-IMG_2554_zpsd985b6ad.jpg photo 195-IMG_2557_zpsadbdec03.jpg

This is the path that I should have taken..

 photo 196-IMG_2560_zps00e3555f.jpg

I see a worm on the road….

 photo 197-IMG_2562_zpse9f39448.jpg

Passing Holyrood..

 photo 198-IMG_2566_zps7f33f226.jpg

gravel path

 photo 199-IMG_2569_zps1d1f274a.jpg  photo 200-IMG_2572_zps6dcde54b.jpg

This is a weird ass building, I tell you. 

 photo 216-IMG_2620_zps37d753e0.jpg


 photo 222-IMG_2638_zpse6288777.jpg


 photo 226-IMG_2650_zps84f85673.jpg 

Ancient streets…

 photo 232-IMG_2671_zpse20aece3.jpg

It wasn't open, not at 7AM…

 photo 234-IMG_2677_zps7a5283b2.jpg  photo 235-IMG_2680_zpsc03878ea.jpg


 photo 236-IMG_2683_zpse30e387e.jpg


 photo 237-IMG_2686_zps8d62d1dd.jpg

Hmmm, I didn't know…

 photo 241-IMG_2698_zps5ad7e36c.jpg

Ah! lovely lovely bike…

 photo 242-IMG_2704_zpsfa8d8e02.jpg

lol, I don't think people will be happy…

 photo 243-IMG_2707_zpsefad705c.jpg 

I wonder what this shave would be like? Obstinate?

 photo 246-IMG_2716_zpsfc82bb86.jpg

I like this idea…

 photo 247-IMG_2719_zps9c7c362b.jpg  photo 248-IMG_2722_zpsc7527611.jpg

Funny old book shop..

 photo 249-IMG_2725_zpsdbcade99.jpg

English court in Scotland? :)

it was a lovely old walk, seriously good, very tired but very happy.