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April 2013: Pottering around the Old Town in Edinburgh

So went for a walk around town early morning while the kids were sleeping away like puppies

 photo 002-IMG_1613_zps2d6847bc.jpg photo 001-IMG_1610_zps0033d520.jpg  photo 003-IMG_1616_zps69cdcf6b.jpg photo 004-IMG_1619_zps50490036.jpg photo 005-IMG_1622_zps920eb8e5.jpg photo 006-IMG_1625_zps1873dc68.jpg photo 007-IMG_1628_zps5a5fe244.jpg photo 019-IMG_1664_zps34c40464.jpg

  the place we were staying was full of book shops and maps and photo and picture shows, what a lovely place

 photo 008-IMG_1630_zpse8df2442.jpg 

hmmm, some transformer bits dropped off?    photo 013-IMG_1646_zpsbef2ab40.jpg

hello there castle.

 photo 010-IMG_1637_zps3f4b8856.jpg

ok, hmmmm…ok…

 photo 011-IMG_1640_zps5de3e59e.jpg  photo 012-IMG_1642_zps69560146.jpg

that's a funny old staircase… another set of lovely stairs..

 photo 014-IMG_1649_zps80ca3802.jpg photo 016-IMG_1655_zps4cd40ff4.jpg photo 017-IMG_1658_zps86c29e30.jpg photo 015-IMG_1652_zps4c11ab3c.jpg

lovely old windows

 photo 018-IMG_1661_zps9a4adbd2.jpg

i wouldn't mind actually.. :)

 photo 020-IMG_1667_zps4b477613.jpg

looking back the way I came

 photo 021-IMG_1670_zps447ef8dc.jpg

old old buildings…

 photo 022-IMG_1673_zps8ed809f2.jpg  photo 023-IMG_1676_zps4ab24752.jpg photo 027-IMG_1690_zps2cae011f.jpg  photo 028-IMG_1694_zpsb58cfad0.jpg  photo 029-IMG_1697_zps29430c1f.jpg

it does look a bit mouldy and depressing with the colour of the stone… The Magdalene Chapel

 photo 024-IMG_1678_zps055e067f.jpg  photo 031-IMG_1703_zpsa6b55fe6.jpg  photo 032-IMG_1705_zps4f8cc8a6.jpg photo 030-IMG_1699_zps5b0e7340.jpg 

Beautiful bridges..

 photo 033-IMG_1709_zpse7df8ca1.jpg  photo 034-IMG_1712_zpsd48e27e0.jpg

you see the most amazing sights…check out these stained glass windows…

 photo 035-IMG_1714_zps497a22e2.jpg  photo 036-IMG_1718_zpsa42bdc64.jpg

and then this tower with strange protuberances…

 photo 037-IMG_1721_zps709bf95d.jpg 

long narrow streets..

 photo 038-IMG_1724_zps5f97ab93.jpg  photo 041-IMG_1733_zpsadb7069e.jpg

Fallen Angel…a church converted into a club called as Sin…good…

 photo 043-IMG_1739_zps2f13c163.jpg 

More tenements. 

 photo 045-IMG_1745_zps2b90bf51.jpg


 photo 046-IMG_1748_zps513fb579.jpg

hmmmm, RLS had his eye out all right on the sight…for me in the morning it was all quiet

 photo 047-IMG_1751_zps9662f03c.jpg 

then this building next to the bridge…fascinating story on the walls itself

 photo 048-IMG_1754_zpsd5884dc7.jpg  photo 049-IMG_1757_zpseaaeca6c.jpg

old old notices…

 photo 050-IMG_1760_zpsd08bd392.jpg

With a bar at the bottom. 

 photo 051-IMG_1762_zpsd064e835.jpg

And then on the walls, you had these boards.

 photo 052-IMG_1766_zpsa482430f.jpg  photo 053-IMG_1769_zps8e66c304.jpg photo 054-IMG_1772_zps04bf8e6c.jpg photo 055-IMG_1775_zps8ff515d7.jpg photo 056-IMG_1778_zpsdb8bdf87.jpg photo 057-IMG_1780_zps4496ed77.jpg photo 058-IMG_1783_zps36565667.jpg photo 059-IMG_1787_zpsca4e0a32.jpg photo 060-IMG_1790_zps8830b5ad.jpg


















 photo 061-IMG_1793_zpsb78f95ff.jpg  photo 062-IMG_1796_zps3a0d518d.jpg photo 063-IMG_1799_zps5c1ac260.jpg photo 064-IMG_1802_zps80631a04.jpg photo 065-IMG_1805_zps675d5ba8.jpg photo 066-IMG_1808_zps090493ea.jpg photo 067-IMG_1812_zps5a638fd7.jpg photo 068-IMG_1814_zps49196120.jpg photo 069-IMG_1817_zps5b7314bd.jpg photo 070-IMG_1820_zps2647020d.jpg photo 071-IMG_1823_zps8e22152f.jpg photo 072-IMG_1826_zpsceb9eb13.jpg

 photo 073-IMG_1829_zpsd3f214b6.jpg  photo 074-IMG_1832_zps7f35a89a.jpg photo 075-IMG_1835_zpse95443b1.jpg photo 076-IMG_1838_zps1c82c815.jpg photo 077-IMG_1841_zpsaa45194f.jpg photo 078-IMG_1844_zpsc62b6d71.jpg photo 079-IMG_1847_zps01371e44.jpg photo 080-IMG_1850_zps98081d4b.jpg photo 081-IMG_1853_zps480808ec.jpg

I quote: “A pub well worth visiting, not just for the beer and atmosphere but for a slice of local history. Plaques on both sides of the building tell the story of its past occupants. Beginning in 1786, they have included, among others, a banker (1789), a haberdasher (1794), a flaxdryer (1795), a printer (1820), a leather merchant (1826), a tailor (1853), a dye and ink manufacturer (1861), a pawnbroker (1880), a rag merchant and confectioner (1889) and an accountant (1901). A Mr. Bannerman bought the property in 1979 and the name has stuck.”

 photo 083-IMG_1859_zpsb6e556c9.jpg

Looking up…you can just imagine the centuries of teeming families who lived here…no elevators of plumbing either..

 photo 084-IMG_1862_zps30c8c5e7.jpg  photo 085-IMG_1865_zpsff93a971.jpg

the place has been repaired

  photo 089-IMG_1875_zpscd27cb01.jpg

and here’s the cow coming out…

 photo 091-IMG_1881_zpsc431d6c8.jpg 

another mysterious cobbled street.

 photo 094-IMG_1892_zps7180f642.jpg photo 095-IMG_1895_zpsd6bdda88.jpg  photo 096-IMG_1898_zps5811a9d6.jpg photo 097-IMG_1901_zps0deca915.jpg photo 098-IMG_1904_zpsdbd7ab33.jpg photo 102-IMG_1913_zps9a915aae.jpg photo 103-IMG_1916_zpsfde3c17e.jpg

steam emerging from the boiler exit…

 photo 104-IMG_1919_zps8f21ff0b.jpg

the gate is closed by this bike lock???

 photo 105-IMG_1921_zpseabb83fd.jpg  photo 107-IMG_1928_zps5adf425e.jpg photo 109-IMG_1934_zpsebf4258e.jpg photo 108-IMG_1931_zps9f88a8d4.jpg

very austere church, this St. Patrick’s church…

 photo 110-IMG_1937_zps75c17e54.jpg 

hmmm, curious windows..

 photo 112-IMG_1943_zps24908344.jpg 

the walls are weeping? 

 photo 118-IMG_1960_zpsf28a0744.jpg

I reach the Scottish Parliament grounds…the Arthur’s the background.  photo 122-IMG_1973_zps90f72739.jpg

 photo 120-IMG_1967_zps6d035fce.jpg photo 121-IMG_1969_zpsd12891cd.jpg  photo 123-IMG_1976_zpsef216345.jpg photo 124-IMG_1979_zps3ae4c5cc.jpg

A boarded up building…

 photo 125-IMG_1981_zpsaf0260d9.jpg


 photo 127-IMG_1988_zps852397c9.jpg

amen bro

 photo 128-IMG_1991_zps90159610.jpg

and i come to an end…

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