Monday, September 30, 2013

Dec 2012: Off to Kuala Lumpur

 photo 620-IMG_6597_zps0a0f371c.jpg

Nice plane :) but that’s not the plane I am taking.

 photo 581-IMG_5095_zps7f531c24.jpg

So we take off to KL from HK

 photo 583-IMG_5101_zpse2570031.jpg 

Quite an interesting cloud formation with being sandwiched between them

 photo 585-IMG_5107_zpsdbfe91ac.jpg


 photo 592-IMG_5128_zpse37b8b2e.jpg

And then an alienscape.

 photo 597-IMG_5143_zpsa6d1c56d.jpg

I can see land…fascinating patterns those terraces make.

 photo 600-IMG_5152_zpsdec977ce.jpg

A road crossing the mounts

 photo 601-IMG_5155_zps551dac8e.jpg

And a giant scar on the landscape

 photo 603-IMG_5167_zps576ec582.jpg

Nice lake

 photo 608-IMG_5188_zpsfc7c0eb8.jpg

We are now descending

 photo 609-IMG_5191_zpsed02d0a0.jpg

And you know its Malaysia when the Palm Tree plantations begin

 photo 610-IMG_5194_zps9bf034df.jpg

nice quiltwork

 photo 611-IMG_5197_zps8ad5321c.jpg

And another quiltwork

 photo 613-IMG_5203_zps9dfe8122.jpg

A boat turning from a river which is full of oil..

 photo 614-IMG_5206_zps627bc768.jpg

That’s the vista

 photo 615-IMG_5209_zps626796b6.jpg

A farmhouse

 photo 617-IMG_5215_zps8a8ef805.jpg

Palm trees as far as the eye can see

 photo 618-IMG_5218_zps25df7f93.jpg  photo 619-IMG_5221_zps287c4d40.jpg

More construction and now we are landing so had to put the camera away

 photo 203-IMG_6606_zps036fd343.jpg 

Hello? >

 photo 204-IMG_6608_zpsb55d1d40.jpg 

That’s Jackie Chan!


 photo 210-IMG_6609_zps1ce374d6.jpg 

And then I jump into the train

 photo 211-IMG_6611_zps88957bcc.jpg 

Huge amounts of construction going on

 photo 214-IMG_6615_zpsfc195d49.jpg

And then the twin towers in the background…I love KL

 photo 215-IMG_6616_zpsa3a367b4.jpg 


 photo 002-IMG_6618_zps24a71046.jpg

I check into the hotel and put up the bull toy

 photo 216-IMG_6624_zpsc1ef35c7.jpg 

Nice loo!

 photo 217-IMG_6636_zps9d297478.jpg 

Nice view

 photo 218-IMG_6639_zpsdfd54d15.jpg

But this turkey bacon was absolutely disgusting. Shoe leather!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dec 2012: Heading back from the Giant Buddha to Kowloon

 photo 564-IMG_6592_zps0e8fb474.jpg

After seeing the amazing vista, I head back

 photo 476-IMG_4807_zpse2e5a663.jpg

Walking back to the entrance

 photo 478-IMG_4813_zps13129af6.jpg

Hmmm, im feeling a bit peckish, but those sausages look divine

 photo 479-IMG_4816_zpsdb990d3a.jpg

and tea boiled eggs

 photo 578-IMG_6590_zpsfd92f939.jpg

and got a corn on the cob

 photo 579-IMG_6591_zps67573ded.jpg 

And had a blonde roasted

 photo 485-IMG_4834_zps49e10105.jpg

Now there’s some serious chopsticks

 photo 487-IMG_4840_zps774e02f4.jpg

These people look weird…

off on the ropeway

 photo 489-IMG_4846_zpse70543a6.jpg

Heading back

 photo 491-IMG_4852_zpsf634bfd2.jpg  photo 492-IMG_4855_zps12e9921e.jpg

And looking back, next time I am back, I am going to go climb that mountain! So help me Buddha.

 photo 496-IMG_4867_zps7092f960.jpg

Another island being born..

 photo 501-IMG_4888_zpsfac286ee.jpg 

Looking down at the gorge, well, a mini gorge

 photo 505-IMG_4900_zpse96f956e.jpg  photo 506-IMG_4906_zpsefe4ed29.jpg

Crossed the ridge and now we can see the airport.

 photo 514-IMG_4929_zps48f2e8d3.jpg

Looking to the right

 photo 518-IMG_4951_zpsa6757ba3.jpg

And then back down

 photo 524-IMG_4972_zpsa66abc72.jpg

A junk heading in

 photo 525-IMG_4975_zps6480ecdc.jpg

That’s a strange set of clouds..

 photo 529-IMG_4987_zps9546f0cc.jpg  photo 531-IMG_4993_zps6717b75a.jpg photo 532-IMG_4996_zps9397ac1a.jpg

Another Falun Gong protest…and I loved the photo which talked about Heaven destroying the CCP :) heh

 photo 535-IMG_5005_zps93831222.jpg  photo 544-IMG_5014_zps581818e7.jpg

What’s not to like about HK? full of bakeries?  photo 546-IMG_5017_zpsb8056436.jpg

I reach the ground level

 photo 548-IMG_5023_zps9df923ae.jpg 

And go for a walk around central

 photo 549-IMG_5029_zps2d398dcc.jpg

Nice boots :)

 photo 550-IMG_5032_zps9d613a78.jpg

On the Mid Level Escalator

 photo 551-IMG_5035_zps6cccd8e3.jpg 

Its a bit quiet here

 photo 553-IMG_5041_zps0d5cdf29.jpg 

But life goes on

 photo 554-IMG_5044_zps37e8c05e.jpg

Some eat and some have their toes taken care of

 photo 555-IMG_5047_zps48100a38.jpg

Man, the pretentiousness is just sloshing around

 photo 558-IMG_5053_zps011f8a60.jpg


 photo 565-IMG_5064_zps852a2904.jpg 

Its Christmas time

 photo 566-IMG_5068_zpsb0ababe2.jpg  photo 567-IMG_5071_zps0550a7f5.jpg

Nice train..

 photo 572-IMG_5080_zps0b131aeb.jpg photo 573-IMG_5083_zps9d2a90e0.jpg photo 576-IMG_5092_zpsd427977f.jpg 

And a winter wonderland display in the hotel. I turn in, early morning flight out to Malaysia…