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Dec 2012: walking down history lane


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heh@ taxi warning…

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So I popped over to the Bund to meet a friend of mine, but I went there a bit early to do a quick walkabout.

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So the taxi dropped me off at this corner and I could see up the Bund.

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looking back across to the Pudong side.

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very well lighted.

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This is the number 7 building, the Great Northern Telegraph Building.

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And then I reach something that’s a bit personal to me, number 12 Bund.

 photo 108-IMG_2952_zps95513f57.jpg  photo 110-IMG_2960_zps17bb7c7d.jpg

a solid doorway, behind a solid metal door.

 photo 109-IMG_2958_zpsd8b50363.jpg  photo 113-IMG_2970_zps09763663.jpg

the two lions.

 photo 111-IMG_2964_zps4be52495.jpg

currently inhabited by the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

 photo 112-IMG_2967_zps1edcc4f0.jpg

Impressive columns on this building. This was originally the HSBC building but for a variety of reasons, we were unable to purchase this building when the economy opened up, so we took the other building, this would have been fabulous to see..

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Looking back again at the skyline

 photo 115-IMG_2976_zps6891f046.jpg

back down.

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This is the customs house, number 13. You cant see the top in these photographs but it has a clock tower which is designed after the Big Ben in London.

 photo 127-IMG_3015_zps54d0617a.jpg

well lighted…

 photo 129-IMG_3024_zps3c82b562.jpg

And then they copied one of the NY bulls, lol.

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 photo 131-IMG_3029_zpsef2fdd96.jpg

This is number 5, now the bank of Ayudhya, but used to belong to Nissin, a shipping company back then.

 photo 133-IMG_3036_zpse17a113d.jpg

there’s the lotus building.

then I met my friend, had couple of drinks and then we decided to go to an authentic local hole in the wall to have a bite to eat.

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Hmmm, some kind of a palanquin..what’s it doing here?

 photo 136-IMG_3051_zps2ac0bd91.jpg

Moving into the old city.

 photo 138-IMG_3057_zps919cb367.jpg

the gates were pretty impressive, if very new looking

 photo 139-IMG_3062_zps55af3bc3.jpg 

nicely done..but not that many people around, it was getting on, almost 10:30 or so

 photo 140-IMG_3069_zpsa3ea0165.jpg

i love those upturned roofs.

 photo 142-IMG_3075_zpsae034281.jpg 

and then this one, noice..

 photo 143-IMG_3078_zps6a694d18.jpg  photo 145-IMG_3083_zps2ef35f6c.jpg photo 144-IMG_3080_zps0e2be8ed.jpg

the sphere inside the dragon’s mouth is a pearl. Signifying a mystical object or a celestial object like the sun.


 photo 146-IMG_3087_zps0e4a51c8.jpg

nice i like this area

 photo 148-IMG_3099_zps773ca9e6.jpg

very nicely decorated, but bitterly cold..

 photo 149-IMG_3101_zps436cfcb5.jpg

well signposted and in English as well.

 photo 152-IMG_3114_zps5763e138.jpg 

we decided to head inside

 photo 153-IMG_3117_zps3f681da8.jpg

and then a lady trying to take it easy? or a tramp?

 photo 156-IMG_3126_zps477cc52c.jpg

now that’s an impressive building, love the carved railings.

 photo 154-IMG_3120_zps395d8cfa.jpg

there’s the famous tea house

 photo 155-IMG_3123_zps50dfb9a1.jpg

with the zig zag bridge to get to it, you see dragons and ghosts can only travel in straight lines so you are protected :)

  photo 158-IMG_3132_zps9495dbb2.jpg photo 157-IMG_3129_zps261b180c.jpg photo 160-IMG_3137_zpsf7e72857.jpg photo 161-IMG_3141_zps9f13feb4.jpg photo 159-IMG_3135_zps43349c56.jpg photo 163-IMG_3147_zpsc60844a3.jpg

 photo 164-IMG_3150_zps8ccd7844.jpg 

Looks very impressive, unfortunately it was closed otherwise I would have loved to sit there and had some tea and dumplings.

 photo 166-IMG_3156_zps3f547666.jpg 

heading back

 photo 168-IMG_3161_zpsc4333b84.jpg


 photo 169-IMG_3165_zps13f4bf27.jpg

And turtles

 photo 171-IMG_3174_zpsf62e231d.jpg

so we went off, as most of the dumpling places were closed

 photo 172-IMG_3177_zps8cdc64db.jpg

and we reached a very nice place :

 photo 179-IMG_6536_zps441bb5a5.jpg 

we had two dumplings.

 photo 180-IMG_6539_zpsf460fd97.jpg

really really lovely

then i went back to the hotel, had a very hot shower to warm up

 photo 181-IMG_6540_zps4b732e98.jpg

early morning headed to the airport

 photo 182-IMG_6541_zps1f00335b.jpg

its nice

 photo 183-IMG_6542_zps58049368.jpg

well arranged and decorated

 photo 184-IMG_6544_zpsd40cfddd.jpg

and the sun is popping up now..

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