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Dec 2012: An evening walk around the Pudong river bank

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So last night in Shanghai, its frikking cold and I barely have a pair of jeans and a shirt on top. Still, the intrepid photographer I am, i head out of the hotel.

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there are quite a lot of river cruise ships puttering up and down the river..

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here’s another one…

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the Bund really looks good from this side…I walk around the river bank for about a kilometer or so..

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and then that space age rocket is up there..

 photo 010-IMG_2616_zpsd61b40e4.jpg 

the pathway is well made and maintained

 photo 011-IMG_2619_zpse525e1d6.jpg  photo 012-IMG_2622_zps9ccdb93f.jpg

there’s the hotel..

 photo 013-IMG_2625_zpse5de9d33.jpg

and down the Pudong side.

 photo 014-IMG_2628_zps4db578c4.jpg

looking over the water, the river surface has a strange oily look..

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the close up’s of some of the amazing buildings on the Bund. they hark back to those feverish pre-war era when life was short, and everything was changing and and and.

 photo 020-IMG_2646_zpsb8c96f0b.jpg

these are well maintained, thankfully.

 photo 021-IMG_2649_zps6d58d778.jpg

havent been broken up and redone..

 photo 019-IMG_2643_zps7b431329.jpg 

that’s an interesting topping

 photo 023-IMG_2661_zps9320a774.jpg  photo 025-IMG_2667_zpseb9fabbb.jpg

I am heading towards the curve…

 photo 026-IMG_2670_zps455fc986.jpg  photo 027-IMG_2673_zps4ce3af86.jpg

couldnt really take a good pic, but this says, no striding over the chain into the mud. Yes, Ma’am, I wouldnt.

 photo 029-IMG_2679_zpsac49c5e8.jpg  photo 030-IMG_2682_zps08d17a9a.jpg

 photo 031-IMG_2691_zps86b271a3.jpg

Looking back at the Pudong area.

 photo 032-IMG_2694_zpsd0452dd0.jpg

A rather big barge on the way over

 photo 035-IMG_2703_zps823a03ca.jpg

I am now approaching the curve

 photo 037-IMG_2715_zps3633bdc6.jpg

that green roof looks nice

 photo 041-IMG_2730_zpsa2c5d23c.jpg

some kind of a memorial?

 photo 042-IMG_2733_zps4e1c1bcc.jpg

there’s the old firm..we actually have a hotel in the same building, so its very convenient when we are visiting Shanghai.

 photo 046-IMG_2745_zps1ba6b73f.jpg

nice reflections…colourful

 photo 047-IMG_2748_zpsb1f905db.jpg

and golden reflections.

 photo 053-IMG_2775_zps36dd623b.jpg

I have reached the end of the promenade.

 photo 054-IMG_2778_zps3c637efe.jpg

looking back

 photo 059-IMG_2796_zps9e21ce5e.jpg 

So I cut across to get back to the hotel.

 photo 060-IMG_2799_zps9c507a8b.jpg 

you have to admit that they have made a pretty awesome fist of things…

 photo 061-IMG_2802_zps5100326e.jpg  photo 062-IMG_2805_zpsdee4db5a.jpg

very nice architecture

  photo 065-IMG_2814_zps2e2411a4.jpg photo 064-IMG_2811_zps6450a04b.jpg


 photo 067-IMG_2820_zps32462857.jpg 


 photo 068-IMG_2823_zps4cf61b03.jpg

pretty awesome eh?

 photo 072-IMG_2835_zps8a7017d8.jpg

nice one, I am now downwind…

 photo 073-IMG_2838_zps0ae23be0.jpg

of course, surprisingly too few bicycles…

 photo 074-IMG_2841_zps05ed2870.jpg

ok, so I have to cross the road and then get up on top of that walkway

 photo 075-IMG_2844_zps70ad661b.jpg

now that’s a nice little view

 photo 076-IMG_2847_zpsaf6d0ece.jpg 

maybe one day I will get to learn Mandarin

 photo 077-IMG_2853_zpsc707d3fd.jpg 

nice ones..

 photo 078-IMG_2859_zps1a56e026.jpg

so I am up on the walkway

 photo 080-IMG_2865_zpsc7cfcf6b.jpg

surprisingly large number of people up and about. 

 photo 083-IMG_2874_zpsdd3e8656.jpg

hello? what do we have here? some kind of a shrine

 photo 084-IMG_2877_zpsc9fbd1ce.jpg

i head down

 photo 086-IMG_2883_zps6b40d07b.jpg


 photo 088-IMG_2889_zps0b2c8a1a.jpg

with some plastic flowers and incense bowls

 photo 092-IMG_2904_zps2e2539f2.jpg

nice flowers :)

 photo 094-IMG_2910_zpscf765b59.jpg 

matches the christmas tree, eh?

 photo 095-IMG_2913_zpsf95c6b8e.jpg

and live music, you have to be kidding me

 photo 096-IMG_2916_zps57dd694e.jpg

And then the world famous restaurant..

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