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Dec 2012: Going to see the Biggest Buddha I have ever seen

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So I had some time before my flight to Malaysia so decided to pop around to see one of HK’s famous sights..Early morning…

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And the streets are almost empty, no signs of the teeming crowds that usually inhabit this area

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this was the most bizarre advertisement, what on earth is this?

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And then this chap sitting there doing??? photo 010-IMG_3372_zps60529da4.jpg

I pop into the underground train.

 photo 007-IMG_3348_zps31f7c3f1.jpg  photo 008-IMG_3353_zpsb2d59bdf.jpg photo 003-IMG_3357_zps6212ef56.jpg photo 009-IMG_3369_zpsf4d0579b.jpg

And a rather nice trip out to the station…very nice, but they could have cleaned the damned windows…so very inconsiderate of my photography, grumbles!

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HK is a shopper’s paradise..when I emerge out of the tube station.

 photo 013-IMG_3381_zpsd6293271.jpg

Wow, I have to go up there?

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I move into the ropeway building.

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And you just don't think you are in HK. the image you have of HK is skyscrapers all over you but not these open skies, puffy clouds and mountains.

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And there’s my ride..

 photo 023-IMG_3417_zpsef927d59.jpg

I clamber on board

 photo 024-IMG_3420_zps612b6c09.jpg

And with a jerk, we are off

 photo 028-IMG_3432_zpscdb0a0c1.jpg

We cross over a little inlet

 photo 029-IMG_3434_zpsdf59d9fd.jpg

with the shadows of the cars on the green water..

 photo 030-IMG_3438_zpsfa7847c2.jpg

A little fishing boat on the water…bloody close to the shore, no? 

 photo 034-IMG_3450_zpsad2c6fe9.jpg

And then the HK airport is visible..

 photo 035-IMG_3453_zpse46b74be.jpg

we come to a dog leg on the rope way

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We turn the corner and I see a glorious sight

 photo 041-IMG_3471_zps1011104f.jpg

that’s where I came from

 photo 042-IMG_3474_zps1b77ff92.jpg

Looking left

 photo 043-IMG_3477_zps0672d0b7.jpg

Looking back in front

 photo 044-IMG_3480_zpsb7300ae5.jpg

Looking right

 photo 045-IMG_3483_zpsb246b931.jpg 

And then up the mountain

 photo 046-IMG_3486_zps888a9275.jpg

another view of the airport

 photo 048-IMG_3492_zps425dc133.jpg photo 049-IMG_3495_zps9909934e.jpg

The beach..if one can call it that way, is rather interesting.

 photo 052-IMG_3504_zps8e324aba.jpg

you know what worries me? why the hell did they have to say that you cannot carry livestock???? :O who carried it before?

 photo 057-IMG_3519_zps2a975181.jpg

The clouds are lowering..

 photo 062-IMG_3534_zps9fb04810.jpg

I am reaching the crest of this bit of the journey

  photo 064-IMG_3540_zps48e7f3a1.jpg 

I realise that there is a little trek path below, which follows the route of the ropeway..

 photo 065-IMG_3543_zps6bdfd4cb.jpg

I have now crossed the first peak and looking back at the harbour.  

 photo 070-IMG_3558_zpsbb6c5d59.jpg

Very dramatic landscape

 photo 072-IMG_3564_zpsf9c41e42.jpg

The airport

 photo 076-IMG_3575_zpsbe30195c.jpg

I am reaching another waystation..

 photo 079-IMG_3585_zps0cb09ab0.jpg

And I see the first view of the Giant Buddha

 photo 080-IMG_3588_zps8df7f8ba.jpg

A road with chunks bitten off the mountainside

 photo 090-IMG_3618_zps41975f72.jpg

This are awesome views over the mountains

 photo 087-IMG_3608_zps4e49e087.jpg

Can you imagine such a landscape in the HK territory?

 photo 088-IMG_3612_zpsce27af7d.jpg

that looks like a heart! lol

 photo 097-IMG_3639_zpsbdb41210.jpg

I am getting close to him

 photo 100-IMG_3648_zps488368b5.jpg

And I am there at the end of the journey

 photo 102-IMG_3653_zps779a2c6e.jpg

What an amazing sight 

 photo 105-IMG_3663_zpsccef0875.jpg


 photo 106-IMG_3665_zps2b14e32c.jpg

there is a path to the Giant Buddha..through this infestation of tourist shops..

 photo 108-IMG_3672_zps9da932fc.jpg  photo 109-IMG_3675_zps7053848f.jpg

Some of the names made me pause…

 photo 110-IMG_3678_zps0a1cfdda.jpg 

Nice moon gate

 photo 111-IMG_3680_zps4b00a221.jpg 

Here’s the path.

 photo 113-IMG_3687_zps97c4d4bd.jpg

And a fake Bodhi tree..

 photo 117-IMG_3699_zps00de2802.jpg

One of the typical sign posts with China, USA, UK, South Africa….

 photo 118-IMG_3702_zps45c28bef.jpg

A beautiful gate..

 photo 121-IMG_3713_zpsa79f3150.jpg

Now this is a meditation level I like

 photo 123-IMG_3720_zpsa2f79f80.jpg  photo 124-IMG_3722_zps9e9f6163.jpg photo 125-IMG_3726_zps5ffd1448.jpg photo 127-IMG_3732_zps1716a102.jpg photo 132-IMG_3747_zps3226c49e.jpg photo 133-IMG_3750_zps1306d824.jpg photo 134-IMG_3752_zps055e0c34.jpg photo 135-IMG_3756_zps6aac062c.jpg  photo 136-IMG_3758_zps34c262cb.jpg photo 137-IMG_3761_zpsa3d737bb.jpg photo 139-IMG_3767_zps0bcb6d56.jpg photo 140-IMG_3770_zps08d5fd8c.jpg

So these generals line the path, they look fairly fierce..not something I would expect to see on a road leading to Buddha. So these are actually divine generals, each of the Twelve Divine Generals that guard the statue, symbolizes a different animal from the Chinese Zodiac, is armed with a particular weapon, and represents two distinct hours of the day. 

 photo 142-IMG_3776_zpsfbb9c1d8.jpg

Before one turns to the Buddha, there is this rather interesting pavilion lined with flags.

 photo 144-IMG_3782_zps951ef37f.jpg

And very stark landscapes.

 photo 146-IMG_3788_zpsd72938f0.jpg

Very nice, I am sure there is a significance to this three tiered structure..

 photo 150-IMG_3800_zps2a424523.jpg 

Another gate to the monastery

 photo 151-IMG_3803_zps679b6a19.jpg

And there’s the Buddha.

 photo 152-IMG_3807_zps3289dcb7.jpg 

You are kidding me, I have to climb those stairs? Drag my carcass up that height? :o

 photo 157-IMG_3822_zps777a0ad1.jpg

I put my first foot on this step and sigh….

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