Friday, September 06, 2013

Dec 2012: Living high up in the skies


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So after finishing work, the fam came to pick me up at the Taj. Here are the two girls :) 

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Somebody relaxing on sacks of vegetables.

 photo 008-IMG_1511_zps01988645.jpg  photo 009-IMG_1514_zps485a60a3.jpg

nice place. and then reached home and snored..

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Woke up early morning to see this lovely sight from Guria’s flat. 

 photo 014-IMG_1528_zpsddfce1fd.jpg

that creek looked lovely in the early morning light

 photo 020-IMG_1546_zpsba261c14.jpg

Somebody is sweeping the road

 photo 021-IMG_1552_zps43f19cc0.jpg

while some people are feeding those bloody feathered rats!

 photo 024-IMG_1562_zps3535c7bb.jpg

hmmm, some big fire out there.

 photo 025-IMG_1564_zps05d88d8e.jpg

check out the smog already

 photo 027-IMG_1571_zps2fc022fe.jpg

glorious mud with load of birds…

 photo 029-IMG_1576_zpse9386a7a.jpg

Used to spend quite a lot of time in nullah’s catching fish there when I was a kid but Guria tells me that I need to avoid this place..

 photo 040-IMG_1613_zps18b4590d.jpg

Babaji has woken up and is reading the newspaper

 photo 054-IMG_1646_zps35b594c3.jpg

Then my cousin, his wife, two adorable kids and aunt turned up.

 photo 060-IMG_1664_zps261f6850.jpg

That’s Itu

 photo 064-IMG_1678_zpsbb08960e.jpg 

With the kids :)

 photo 065-IMG_6466_zps79e21bcb.jpg 

popped out for some beer, and here’s a mochi…cobbler for you

 photo 066-IMG_6468_zpseacf3dfc.jpg 

people selling flowers in a cart, very nice

 photo 067-IMG_6469_zps094f4e5f.jpg 

I used to have one of these Kinetic Honda’s once upon a time..this one seems to be cruelly abandoned.

 photo 068-IMG_6470_zpsfec22a19.jpg  photo 069-IMG_6471_zps30298b2b.jpg photo 070-IMG_6472_zps4f07904a.jpg


then went to take a bit of a kip. woke up just before sunset.

 photo 075-IMG_1682_zps7faf1f17.jpg photo 076-IMG_1685_zps2e614952.jpg  photo 078-IMG_1691_zps545e0932.jpg photo 086-IMG_1715_zps3d7743a3.jpg photo 077-IMG_1687_zps190cedc3.jpg photo 094-IMG_1742_zps57047f2c.jpg photo 112-IMG_1798_zps02d44467.jpg  photo 116-IMG_1814_zpsb93c87e4.jpg

and its gone…

 photo 118-IMG_6481_zps05b44f76.jpg

 photo 053-IMG_6483_zpsb0ea28ba.jpg

Now for Dinner…Ma and Guria have done brilliantly and to end the meal, mishti doi..mmmm

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