Thursday, September 05, 2013

Dec 2012: Loving, selling, clicking, weighing, eating at the Gateway

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its a dog’s life!

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People heading off to pastures new…

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A giant banyan tree…which has had some road traffic paint on it (the red and white paint) but its also being venerated as a deity, note the photos of the gods..

 photo 05-IMG_0972_zps3819c602.jpg

people waiting with large canisters…

 photo 06-IMG_1005_zpsbfe5c639.jpg 

High security…

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I was tempted to have one..but that kind of cotton candy rots your teeth

  photo 09-IMG_1116_zps5cb862fb.jpg

having a bit of a kip

 photo 10-IMG_1121_zps94f036d6.jpg

we need monks as well.

 photo 11-IMG_1125_zps1f2edeb6.jpg


 photo 12-IMG_1128_zpsf5f6386f.jpg

For some reason, there was a huge cluster of photographers, each was carrying a bag, a nikon camera, a portfolio and a portable printer.


 photo 20-IMG_1154_zpsed9b56bd.jpg

the chaps were wandering around showing off their photographs.

 photo 21-IMG_1158_zpsbb22fbcf.jpg

and there’s the man with a portable printer..quite a lot of lovers were getting themselves clicked and then having evidence of their visit :)

 photo 13-IMG_1130_zps84327bbc.jpg


 photo 14-IMG_1134_zps304a1140.jpg


 photo 15-IMG_1137_zps83d67302.jpg

I head for a bhutta…yummy.

 photo 16-IMG_1139_zpse222a1fd.jpg

quite crowded

 photo 17-IMG_1145_zpsbb94ac86.jpg

a cobbler waiting for a customer

 photo 18-IMG_1148_zps0d9f0f35.jpg

this chap was selling some kind of medicine..

 photo 19-IMG_1151_zps7379cd7c.jpg

some lemonade for you Sir?

 photo 22-IMG_1162_zps3a274ac1.jpg

checking out the wares

 photo 23-IMG_1163_zps9c4258b0.jpg

its cotton candy man again

 photo 25-IMG_1178_zps078a6473.jpg

smile, love..

 photo 26-IMG_1183_zps54bb3570.jpg

happy family…

 photo 27-IMG_1185_zps371cf3e0.jpg

a school trip?

 photo 28-IMG_1193_zps75c7b270.jpg

weighing up the evidence..

 photo 31-IMG_1206_zps32e7f12f.jpg

and that’s how you do it

 photo 29-IMG_1200_zps58f27cb3.jpg

the chap obviously didnt do much business..

 photo 30-IMG_1203_zps3c1dd8e9.jpg


 photo 33-IMG_1212_zpsec9d9f42.jpg

Great balls

 photo 34-IMG_1215_zps4f522740.jpg


 photo 35-IMG_1218_zpsf8546ea1.jpg

crowd at the drinking fountain but it forbids you to wash your hands or face with that water..

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