Friday, August 30, 2013

Dec 2012: Sunset in Dubai

 photo 06-IMG_0882_zpsbe945de4.jpg

It was the last night in Dubai, and it was getting on in the evening…

 photo 01-IMG_0867_zps0b33267c.jpg

And the sun was setting

 photo 04-IMG_0876_zpsca6123e9.jpg

Looked beautiful..

 photo 05-IMG_0879_zpsf54b5a4f.jpg

A perfect end to a lovely stay in Dubai…

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dec 2012: Walking with the horses

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The waiter told me that there are horses (polo) in another part of the hotel grounds so I wheedled out the location from the chap, got permission from the manager and left early in the morning at 6AM to check them out..

 photo 02-IMG_0221_zpsfc0f3aa4.jpg

walking past the polo fields..

 photo 03-IMG_0224_zps3532e887.jpg

it wasn't that late, it was pre-dawn but light enough

 photo 04-IMG_0228_zps88aa866a.jpg 

with some rather strange horse statues..

 photo 05-IMG_0231_zps4a13869c.jpg

 photo 07-IMG_0237_zps2d856057.jpg

the clouds were starting to show the signs of dawn appearing

 photo 06-IMG_0233_zps2618e86c.jpg

and then suddenly these horses appeared out around the bend

 photo 08-IMG_0240_zps19236108.jpg

Each rider had several horses in hand…

 photo 11-IMG_0255_zpsb89b14ad.jpg

they weren't very happy but then I guess I wouldn't be either…if i was forced to wake up early in the morning, a bloody mouth guard put on me and then made to go around the exercise ground…

 photo 13-IMG_0261_zpsf26d30c5.jpg

Giving me a suspicious look…

 photo 14-IMG_0266_zps78b2c014.jpg

and I see the back end of it..

 photo 15-IMG_0270_zpsa0fb3b75.jpg

it always surprises me to note their so very delicate ankles…

 photo 16-IMG_0272_zps34e6f53d.jpg 

the tower…

 photo 17-IMG_0275_zps8680e918.jpg 

another horse heading back to the stables

 photo 19-IMG_0279_zpsf7aa1d72.jpg  photo 18-IMG_0278_zpsfa998e8a.jpg photo 20-IMG_0281_zps57c40714.jpg photo 21-IMG_0284_zpscbf42c27.jpg photo 22-IMG_0288_zps516c008d.jpg

then i move near a paddock. Check out the intelligence in those eyes…

 photo 24-IMG_0293_zpse91d9a35.jpg 

then he came over close to me, hmmm, i dont like horses, they have bigger teeth than me..

 photo 26-IMG_0304_zps40f92546.jpg

but this chap looked very nice, so i ended up stroking him a bit and cuddling himmm…

 photo 23-IMG_0291_zps165696a3.jpg

dawn is very near…

 photo 27-IMG_0306_zpsb2b9347e.jpg

the stables…with air conditioning…

 photo 28-IMG_0309_zps8be12442.jpg

come on, emerge already…

 photo 29-IMG_0311_zpsdd5df786.jpg 

waiting for feed?

 photo 30-IMG_0314_zpsc849dddf.jpg

some birds with bird seed..

 photo 32-IMG_0320_zps9d80aa85.jpg

There were an extraordinary number of horses around the place. About 500 or so, bloody hell.

 photo 33-IMG_0323_zpsb6904fcb.jpg

I move down to the lower polo field, they were still exercising here.

 photo 34-IMG_0327_zps88a0dba3.jpg

and very near dawn..

 photo 35-IMG_0330_zpsc715af9b.jpg  photo 36-IMG_0332_zps495064e4.jpg photo 37-IMG_0336_zpsf64850d0.jpg photo 38-IMG_0338_zps16ac7d00.jpg

And of course, what’s a hotel without a peacock in residence? lol

 photo 39-IMG_0341_zpsf2ec6bb9.jpg

I am near the airport..

 photo 40-IMG_0344_zps9c8c735c.jpg 

Footsteps on the dew…

 photo 41-IMG_0348_zps0d1876c9.jpg


 photo 42-IMG_0351_zpsb929ad44.jpg

the horses are coming round the bend

 photo 43-IMG_0355_zps22937c38.jpg  photo 45-IMG_0365_zpsc8ed463c.jpg

then reaching and passing me..

 photo 47-IMG_0372_zps73c079eb.jpg

A little cafe, now closed

 photo 48-IMG_0374_zpsa6a8d629.jpg

I guess these rather naughty looking bits are for storing the polo equipment?

 photo 49-IMG_0378_zpsdd65a91c.jpg

I can see you!

 photo 50-IMG_0380_zps6749639d.jpg

walking down the path

 photo 51-IMG_0386_zps1c44e031.jpg

the lower polo field

 photo 52-IMG_0389_zpsc890ea22.jpg

A horse carriage

 photo 55-IMG_0403_zpsbe640782.jpg

I am now on the top field

 photo 57-IMG_0408_zps676753d4.jpg

The scoreboard.

 photo 58-IMG_0411_zps3ea7e5d7.jpg

this is where I have my breakfast

 photo 61-IMG_0419_zps6b1de7cc.jpg  photo 59-IMG_0414_zps982a70f3.jpg

the skyscrapers are emerging from the desert mist..

 photo 60-IMG_0416_zps7249513a.jpg 

i wouldn't sit here and have a drink…too much risk of falling off..

 photo 62-IMG_0422_zps9176f9a6.jpg 

A little gap

 photo 64-IMG_0429_zps43dfc5db.jpg

The day promises to be a brilliant one..

 photo 66-IMG_0434_zpsc92b1cc5.jpg

Reaching the pool

 photo 67-IMG_0437_zps87a5d318.jpg

with this lovely horse statue

 photo 68-IMG_0441_zpsa1069a2e.jpg

With a wooden screen

 photo 69-IMG_0443_zps9637f369.jpg

And there’s my room on the left..