Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dec 2012: Polo fields and manicured lawns


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So I checked into the hotel late at night, around 2AM and then woke up to see this sight…woweee

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And that gleaming steel phallus..

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Mr. Bull accompanied me on this trip…

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I went for a small walk and saw this lovely sculpture..

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the paths were lined with lovely date palms

 photo 03-IMG_6417_zps296bdca5.jpg 

and sitting down to have a brekkie

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but the tea was limp…I mean, what on earth is this limp wristed effusion? that’s not God meant tea to be, it has to wake you up, it has to put hair on your chest…not be apologetic and knock softly on your lip and beg to be let in..bah

 photo 18-IMG_0083_zpsa1ec7433.jpg photo 13-IMG_0070_zps1a2cffd5.jpg

it was starting to get a bit more light so went back to the room to get dressed..

 photo 22-IMG_0095_zps5f820bdd.jpg 

there’s the room,….hey, they replenished the macaroons…i enter through the balcony

 photo 23-IMG_0098_zps828f73d4.jpg

that’s a bed to suit my large carcass :)

 photo 24-IMG_0101_zps8bb447a7.jpg

the tv is wasted on me..

 photo 25-IMG_0104_zps4a06b7ec.jpg

a little nook to do your work..

 photo 26-IMG_0107_zps5896ea1b.jpg 

and then a little corridor to the door

 photo 28-IMG_0113_zpsc8412599.jpg photo 27-IMG_0110_zps1c0e1357.jpg

very strange tub, right in the middle of the room…weird.

 photo 30-IMG_0120_zpsaccd20ca.jpg

And so many bloody mirrors…!

 photo 07-IMG_6426_zps4ce61168.jpg 

a view of the horse head sculpture (i remembered the Godfather scene…)

 photo 41-IMG_6429_zpscdcf1f73.jpg

we had a bit of a party with the National Day being celebrated

 photo 09-IMG_6431_zps5efd916b.jpg 

one of the rooms with a personal pool..

 photo 29-IMG_6436_zps104a4ff8.jpg

bring it on…

 photo 33-IMG_6435_zpsb020f6da.jpg

a panorama…

 photo 02-IMG_0132_zps62abd2f1.jpg

 photo 10-IMG_0159_zps40847c49.jpg

How the skyline looked at night

 photo 03-IMG_0138_zpsa66204dc.jpg

colourful fountains..

 photo 12-IMG_0165_zpsb02a6be7.jpg

A little running stream

 photo 13-IMG_0167_zps751ec663.jpg

And the moon was up..

 photo 14-IMG_0171_zpseeac306e.jpg

with shadows..

 photo 19-IMG_0189_zpsdea56297.jpg

Walking down the path

 photo 20-IMG_0192_zps4337303d.jpg 

Shadows and patterns

 photo 23-IMG_0198_zpsc2f2d5a6.jpg photo 25-IMG_0204_zpsceab5039.jpg

Dancing fountains

 photo 34-IMG_6437_zps5c1db0a2.jpg


 photo 19-IMG_6443_zps2407664e.jpg 

heh, reminds me of the ritual at Manchester, if you were busy in your room, you would tie a tie on the door knob…

 photo 52-IMG_6447_zps36715d65.jpg

With a little lamp to light my way…

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