Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dec 2012: Flying to Dubai

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So last December, i went off on my Asia and middle east trip, i know, i know, i am so late in posting them but just so many photos and so little time :) it was a rainy cold and miserable day to set off early morning

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but when I reached the lounge, i console myself with some tea and dates

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And the lounge had some really nice and interesting flower arrangements..

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so while sipping tea and watching life go by..

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hmmm, i never realised that they had markings on the apron to show where the planes should stop so that the air bridges can connect..cool.

 photo 33-IMG_0005_zpsae03c99e.jpg

a cold morning…

 photo 03-IMG_0008_zpsfe10699b.jpg  photo 39-IMG_0014_zps7a926bee.jpg

but the planes were still taking off..

 photo 37-IMG_0011_zps2a496494.jpg 

hey….! i know that firm!

 photo 08-IMG_0023_zpsd95aa3ef.jpg

And then dawn starts to clear her throat to make her appearance

 photo 47-IMG_0026_zps358d837d.jpg

a big un there..

 photo 10-IMG_0029_zps1f0f3e44.jpg

poor thing, all left alone..

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then we board the plane..

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there is only one problem with the bloody A380, the window is too far away from the seat, and then I found myself placed just over the bloody wing, dammit.

 photo 23-IMG_6400_zps4ba5d76d.jpg 

so I spent the time looking at the newspaper, this was so funny…

 photo 24-IMG_6402_zps69918716.jpg 

can you make out the messages? lol

 photo 25-IMG_6403_zps4e785496.jpg

very healthy…

 photo 29-IMG_6408_zps668b0871.jpg

but when I reach the hotel, I ruin it all by scoffing all the macaroons…lol

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