Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dec 2013: Stuffing myself at the Dusseldorf Christmas Market

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Besides the walk, there was a visit to the Christmas Market..

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If you wanna pee

 photo 03-IMG_6382_zpso5ujfhfc.jpg  photo 04-IMG_6385_zpsks74kgds.jpg

I will be back here soon…

 photo 05-IMG_6388_zpsyt2gt6zx.jpg  photo 06-IMG_6391_zpsuhrbutnz.jpg photo 08-IMG_6397_zpswr3yhs3r.jpg photo 07-IMG_6394_zpsvsiqvllk.jpg

 photo 09-IMG_6400_zpsdy8caqwc.jpg photo 11-IMG_6406_zpsmvfzlqw4.jpg photo 16-IMG_6421_zps0d3xvk4a.jpg photo 10-IMG_6403_zpsajk8kf29.jpg

these shops are so nice and bright and red and warm, just welcome you in

 photo 13-IMG_6411_zpsvld7jnib.jpg

the mighty Rhine flows…...



 photo 17-IMG_6964_zps0qfrmlf1.jpg  photo 18-IMG_6967_zpsz1dye0jr.jpg photo 19-IMG_6969_zpsczpgend4.jpg

bloody hell, these shops will kill me! so cute…

 photo 20-IMG_6972_zpsdli34uqt.jpg photo 21-IMG_6975_zpsu6knip4l.jpg

I move into the town square

 photo 22-IMG_6979_zpsg1qdledr.jpg photo 23-IMG_6982_zpsqeluzmwo.jpg  photo 24-IMG_6984_zpsaczefe7a.jpg photo 26-IMG_6991_zpsyflfovyb.jpg photo 27-IMG_6994_zpslhawcay0.jpg photo 28-IMG_6997_zpspgdqjdby.jpg photo 25-IMG_6988_zpsywcnvcal.jpg

lovely looking shops.

 photo 30-IMG_0873_zpsa04pzdje.jpg photo 31-IMG_7003_zpsg0togqe3.jpg

I get myself a nice little Gluhwein…spiced wine, very yummy.

 photo 32-IMG_7006_zpsbvjsglin.jpg  photo 33-IMG_7010_zpsnzbg5p4a.jpg photo 34-IMG_0874_zpslclgd5yp.jpg

I have a bratwurst with mustard on crusty bread…mmmm,….and then have another one.

 photo 35-IMG_7012_zpsgmzxgmc3.jpg photo 36-IMG_7014_zpsv9w1pgk1.jpg

kids having fun…

 photo 38-IMG_7021_zpsdyhheidi.jpg photo 39-IMG_7024_zpscmjq1ce3.jpg photo 40-IMG_7027_zps7pgg1a0v.jpg  photo 43-IMG_7036_zpsgxinino3.jpg 

I have to say, the town hall square is a bit gloomy…

 photo 42-IMG_7033_zpsuhsugghm.jpg  photo 44-IMG_7042_zpsmypetwfw.jpg photo 45-IMG_7044_zpsla8lqwsq.jpg

the old man of the river…of is it the king of the silver river?

 photo 46-IMG_7126_zpscujwm9ts.jpg 

how cute…

 photo 48-IMG_7135_zpslreyrexk.jpg photo 50-IMG_7141_zpsh22cxhtw.jpg photo 49-IMG_7137_zpsk7pmszev.jpg crepes

 photo 52-IMG_0875_zps2ty5sacf.jpg 


 photo 53-IMG_7345_zpsauwqflml.jpg

a big crowd has gathered…

 photo 54-IMG_7348_zpsdyglqotc.jpg photo 55-IMG_7351_zps8is4fo7x.jpg  photo 56-IMG_7354_zps23vund7i.jpg

 photo 57-IMG_7356_zpsabcmkup5.jpg photo 59-IMG_7361_zpsqncu7tma.jpg photo 58-IMG_7359_zpsfi5wlflb.jpg photo 60-IMG_7363_zpsm2pdzoef.jpg photo 61-IMG_7367_zpssqlwh2j0.jpg

amazing stuff…

 photo 62-IMG_7374_zpsoioiznma.jpg 

somebody had a great time :)

 photo 63-IMG_7378_zpsswqa8nu2.jpg

its getting dark so I am now heading back to the market

 photo 64-IMG_7381_zps2vdwigve.jpg photo 65-IMG_7384_zpsageas0jc.jpg photo 66-IMG_0879_zpstc3i8f9y.jpg

I get myself a Kartoffelpuffer.

 photo 67-IMG_0880_zps0woyo6fw.jpg 

and then some fries

 photo 68-IMG_7388_zpskwypfg9a.jpg

and start walking back

 photo 69-IMG_7390_zpsqdthljka.jpg photo 70-IMG_7393_zpsadnmbicm.jpg

looks beautiful….and now England also has started to do Christmas Markets…love it.