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Dec 2013: Dusseldorf Bound

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So I had to pop over to Dusseldorf for a day..went over the night before on an evening flight, a tiny plane

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but the evening was lovely

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reached there by about 5 so decided to take a walk. Every time I have been to Dusseldorf, I never got a chance to explore the city so took the opportunity to have some fun.

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Stayed in this place…lovely hotel and the breakfast was absolutely brilliant. And then it had this clock

 photo 140-IMG_0886_zpszekv2s2x.jpg

a German hotel having a British Grandfather Clock? Anyway, headed out

 photo 009-IMG_6232_zpsvz9txjmz.jpg  photo 010-IMG_6234_zpstv0krgka.jpg photo 011-IMG_6238_zpsbyi8wk6x.jpg photo 012-IMG_6241_zps3rm01mvn.jpg photo 013-IMG_6243_zpsivdgiokn.jpg photo 014-IMG_6246_zpsrl8kxize.jpg photo 016-IMG_6252_zpsw93nv5nc.jpg photo 017-IMG_6256_zpsb20zkpf5.jpg photo 015-IMG_6250_zps6if3s9ev.jpg

So this is Peter Cornelius.  Or could be this Peter Cornelius. Not quite sure…what are the chances, eh? My gut feel is that its the latter because this painter chap was born in Dusseldorf. Cool.

 photo 018-IMG_6259_zpsgmffrsah.jpg photo 019-IMG_6262_zps8tifpyqb.jpg

And then I pass along this building. Made my eyes goggle and hair hurt. just looking at it..

 photo 021-IMG_6268_zpsxy9xoi4r.jpg  photo 024-IMG_6277_zpsnqj4ker7.jpg photo 026-IMG_6283_zpsspdxshyw.jpg photo 025-IMG_6280_zpslcdkbbpw.jpg

  Is this a tomb? or a memorial stone? not quite clear…

 photo 028-IMG_6286_zpsxidrakos.jpg   photo 030-IMG_6292_zpshjstzto9.jpg

ummmm, this is something for Robert Schumann. Curious biography…fascinating sculpture as well.

 photo 038-IMG_6313_zpsiqhkdoey.jpg  photo 039-IMG_6316_zpsxob4myus.jpg

   photo 032-IMG_6298_zpsksjzimze.jpg  photo 033-IMG_6301_zpsuwx7kzzf.jpg   photo 035-IMG_6304_zpsdd28mcbi.jpg  photo 036-IMG_6306_zps9nilosu5.jpg

A little pool with a bridge and ducks

 photo 037-IMG_6310_zpsrq2q8csj.jpg

the opera house

  photo 041-IMG_6322_zpswbnmd0w1.jpg

Hmmm, this fellow was called as the Drunken Shakespeare.

 photo 042-IMG_6325_zps1kmsnjsw.jpg  photo 043-IMG_6328_zps8co2yeog.jpg  photo 044-IMG_6331_zpsprlciget.jpg   photo 046-IMG_6338_zpsh5fvdvam.jpg

Felix Mendelssohn…one of the great composers of the Romantic Era.

  photo 048-IMG_6343_zpskykjfppz.jpg  photo 049-IMG_6346_zpsq8i2b3vp.jpg

I come to the end of the park and then looking both sides, cross the road.

  photo 051-IMG_6352_zpsmg0ntntc.jpg

curious looking church.

 photo 052-IMG_6355_zps4waotjir.jpg

no kids zone? why?

 photo 053-IMG_6357_zpse7bkq96v.jpg  photo 054-IMG_6361_zpslxyztwxo.jpg

these four statues standing there…hmmm, could do with a lick of cleaning fluid

 photo 055-IMG_6364_zpsqnnsqlhw.jpg

why not indeed?

 photo 056-IMG_6367_zpswheuwjw7.jpg

You know, this crest business with multiple legs is quite interesting, I have seen this in Sicily, in the Isle of Man and now here in Dusseldorf. But this comes from something else. I quote from the Dusseldorf entry in Wikipedia.

The custom of turning cartwheels is credited to the children of Düsseldorf. There are variations of the origin[12] of the cartwheeling children. Today the symbol (Der Radschläger)[12]represents the story and every year the Düsseldorfers celebrate by having a cartwheeling contest……………..

The tradition cannot be linked to one specific historical event, instead, there are several stories surrounding the beginnings of the Düsseldorf Cartwheelers. Probably the most well known version is Battle of Worringen. In the battle of 1288 Count Adolf devastatingly defeated the Archbishop ofCologne. As a consequence of this victory, Düsseldorf obtained Town privileges. The inhabitants, especially the children ran joyfully on the streets and performed cartwheels.

Another story talks about a wedding procession during which one of the wheels of the wedding carriage broke. In order to fend off the threat of bad luck, a boy supposedly jumped to the carriage, took hold of the wheel and thus became a living part of the wheel. Whether the story is about the marriage of Jan Wellem and Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici or the wedding of Margravine Jakobea of Baden and Johann Wilhelm is debatable.

Another story gives an account of this wedding between Margrave Jacobe von Baden and Johann Wilhelm, in 1585. According to legend she felt miserable about her marriage, but the cartwheelers who displayed their skills next to her carriage were able to make her smile. Numerous travelers were attracted to the city by great exhibitions- the forerunner of today’s fairs between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. During this time the children who did the cart wheeling found out that it was a profitable source of income. The bourgeoisie accepted this in good humor as a symbolic act of local patriotism. In the beginning the lads shouted "för eene Penning schlage ich das Rad“ (cartwheel for a penny). The Jan Wellem monument returned to Düsseldorf at the end of the Second World War. The procession was accompanied by torches, fanfares and the cartwheeling boys.

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I didnt have time to pop into these places and grab a beer

 photo 058-IMG_6373_zpsyhcb6ntq.jpg 

looks a bit creepy

 photo 059-IMG_6931_zpsgbf9ixg7.jpg photo 060-IMG_6934_zpsnwlncgp1.jpg


   photo 061-IMG_6937_zpscvsnmquf.jpg  photo 062-IMG_6940_zps1zuwrwmm.jpg

hullo? what’s happening here? an isolated pillar?

 photo 063-IMG_6943_zps7k2l92qz.jpg  photo 064-IMG_6946_zpsmwiasqzt.jpg

very calm waters…

 photo 065-IMG_6948_zpszx9gockm.jpg

something in your shoe mate?

 photo 067-IMG_6955_zpsxpfoyaz8.jpg  photo 068-IMG_6958_zpsrqnm90vs.jpg

I reach the river bank

 photo 069-IMG_6961_zpsk0tq5f51.jpg 

Christmas Market..

 photo 071-IMG_7050_zpsit3urqgu.jpg 

that’s an imposing clock

 photo 072-IMG_7053_zpsl7k4nbnw.jpg  photo 073-IMG_7056_zpslrqvwmb8.jpg

of course!!! river pirates…on the River Rhine.

 photo 075-IMG_7064_zpsk5j3p876.jpg

Film Museum…closed unfortunately

 photo 076-IMG_7065_zpsr6eye7qd.jpg 

hmmm, a bit of an orphaned boat here.

 photo 081-IMG_7081_zpsnpexfm2f.jpg

I turn back

 photo 082-IMG_7083_zpseuqulcls.jpg  photo 083-IMG_7086_zpsp9kdow8f.jpg photo 093-IMG_7117_zpsn8idnbpy.jpg

that’s a bit of a thin lion, eh?

 photo 084-IMG_7090_zpskmo7hf6b.jpg  photo 085-IMG_7092_zpsgiueju2z.jpg  photo 086-IMG_7095_zpszohj2xfq.jpg  photo 087-IMG_7099_zpsjrkfucxc.jpg  photo 088-IMG_7102_zps1hjcqpqz.jpg 

hmmmm, curious.

 photo 092-IMG_7114_zpsfemzhbde.jpg

Laying bricks..

 photo 094-IMG_7119_zpswwtyce58.jpg    photo 095-IMG_7123_zpsdvjs2duz.jpg

Very lovely lamp with these plaques on top.

 photo 097-IMG_7231_zps26mhqntp.jpg  photo 098-IMG_7234_zpskjm2uv81.jpg  photo 099-IMG_7236_zpshuf96hxe.jpg  photo 100-IMG_7239_zpseh1keihr.jpg

hmmm, the frogs were cute

 photo 102-IMG_7246_zpspopklkwq.jpg  photo 103-IMG_7248_zpsndwziou7.jpg  photo 104-IMG_7252_zpslqkmw8ch.jpg  photo 105-IMG_7255_zpsjsk601fd.jpg

wut? why do they have a log in the green house with these mushrooms sprouting?

 photo 106-IMG_7258_zpsc63fup0d.jpg

that’s a majestic sight

 photo 107-IMG_7261_zpsozvcw3qd.jpg 

walking down the alley


   photo 110-IMG_7270_zpsvtgtpjva.jpg  photo 111-IMG_7273_zpsq71kwhrw.jpg  photo 112-IMG_7276_zpspqm4j8nf.jpg

nice bottom

  photo 114-IMG_7281_zpsowuvugjh.jpg  photo 115-IMG_7285_zpsykbsmpmc.jpg  photo 116-IMG_7288_zps7ettvod5.jpg  photo 117-IMG_7291_zps3rimkh46.jpg photo 119-IMG_7296_zpsah4wjs65.jpg photo 120-IMG_7300_zpsqj8xghlp.jpg photo 121-IMG_7303_zpskcmexj6s.jpg  photo 126-IMG_7318_zpsjnqcsm0e.jpg

the theatre I am presuming?

 photo 118-IMG_7294_zpsmuu9tfzw.jpg


 photo 122-IMG_7306_zps7onjk3f3.jpg  photo 124-IMG_7312_zps4udcq723.jpg

its the setting sun…

 photo 123-IMG_7309_zps4r3lxuv8.jpg

no freedom area indeed.

    photo 127-IMG_7321_zpsoiougbiv.jpg  photo 128-IMG_7323_zps1kqzqnhl.jpg

I reach this bridge

 photo 129-IMG_7327_zpsgwbmzaov.jpg  photo 130-IMG_7330_zpsi0ee6bb2.jpg

it does look good, eh?

 photo 131-IMG_0877_zpsqcy6wmal.jpg

and the mighty Rhine flows through

 photo 132-IMG_7332_zpsxlthju71.jpg

a coal carrier

 photo 134-IMG_7338_zpskbxnlmko.jpg

the bridge is so minimalistic

 photo 135-IMG_7342_zpsszwx0gg8.jpg

A solitary lock…  lock of love.

 photo 137-IMG_7372_zpsqjt82v6f.jpg

and I am back

 photo 141-IMG_0887_zpsfo4aqhee.jpg 

next morning…walking to work

 photo 142-IMG_0888_zpsualwtrjf.jpg 

and in the evening back in the airport…its quite cold. 

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