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Nov 2013: visiting the office of one of my hero's

And I refer to Alan Turing of course. What a man. I had to go to lecture at Cranfield so decided to use the time to pop into Betchley Park to see this wonderful museum to some men with giant brains.

         photo 015-IMG_3567_zpsg84spgtk.jpg photo 018-IMG_3578_zpsxun46z9b.jpg

Its a strange place, a country pile but also government buildings. So they are the usual soulless structure.

 photo 022-IMG_3589_zpsvzvwjn4s.jpg  photo 023-IMG_3592_zpsxelagm69.jpg  photo 024-IMG_3596_zpsh2cpl3vz.jpg  photo 025-IMG_3599_zpsnfrirqyv.jpg

As you can see, the grounds are just beautiful.

 photo 028-IMG_3608_zpsia6tlznu.jpg

the government buildings as I mentioned.

 photo 030-IMG_3614_zps8dicweji.jpg

and heres the country house.

 photo 034-IMG_3626_zpslfwsgfgh.jpg  photo 035-IMG_3629_zpsgpsg61qx.jpg 

lovely facade

  photo 038-IMG_3638_zpsibrqxadm.jpg

Best Brains of Britain…

  photo 041-IMG_3647_zpsn19q2qz9.jpg

a lovely lovely stained glass roof.

 photo 042-IMG_3650_zpsj2wuuf0b.jpg

And then in one room, there’s the hall of fame of the men who worked here from 1939-46.

 photo 043-IMG_3653_zpspwsljexm.jpg  photo 044-IMG_3656_zpsoqba1p7w.jpg  photo 045-IMG_3659_zpswqds9pp9.jpg  photo 046-IMG_3662_zpsbr3ten61.jpg  photo 047-IMG_3665_zpsnh0mq2an.jpg  photo 048-IMG_3668_zpsynxjlqp1.jpg  photo 049-IMG_3671_zpsv0vfwohg.jpg  photo 050-IMG_3674_zpslfuna9wx.jpg  photo 051-IMG_3677_zpsj1g0pqwm.jpg  photo 052-IMG_3680_zpswo3rifp8.jpg  photo 053-IMG_3683_zpsqbh6qugt.jpg  photo 054-IMG_3685_zps6izurn6t.jpg  photo 055-IMG_3689_zpsp2agpzdu.jpg photo 058-IMG_3698_zpsgeepzutz.jpg  photo 056-IMG_3692_zpsube5ty0r.jpg  photo 057-IMG_3695_zpsw7mpl5f2.jpg   photo 059-IMG_3701_zpsuixaqk68.jpg  photo 060-IMG_3704_zpsvhbjbh4j.jpg

And two of the main guys, at least for me, Alan Turing and Hugh Alexander.

 photo 062-IMG_3710_zpswpyllcsj.jpg  photo 063-IMG_3713_zpsxe8se2ik.jpg

 photo 067-IMG_3724_zpsijvzy7g8.jpg

the room has a bust of the man…

 photo 070-IMG_3733_zpsaw4n6fmo.jpg  photo 071-IMG_3736_zps0ntpofs8.jpg photo 073-IMG_3743_zpsrmxj4xch.jpg photo 074-IMG_3745_zpsm4a6mh7d.jpg

a beautiful landing and wooden staircase takes us up to the next floor but its roped off for some reason. And then a music room

 photo 081-IMG_3767_zpsngfsk3es.jpg  photo 085-IMG_3779_zpspmqttsur.jpg

and then the ballroom, most excellent roof. the teleprinter staff were based here.

 photo 093-IMG_3803_zpszfheuuai.jpg photo 096-IMG_3812_zps4p5a7aln.jpg photo 094-IMG_3806_zpscqsmnqog.jpg

and then the library…during the war, this was divided into 3 rooms, one for the german subsection of the naval section, and two others were other offices.

   photo 106-IMG_3842_zpsshnkdvxr.jpg  photo 107-IMG_3845_zpsdybvx96o.jpg 

then the morning room, used by the commander of the station, Commander Denniston.             photo 119-IMG_3884_zps6p6fb2x3.jpg

I head out…

 photo 121-IMG_3890_zpsgg3gsuoy.jpg

for a bite to eat.  photo 122-IMG_3893_zpstduk1gfu.jpg

the cafeteria was….

 photo 013-IMG_0463_zpslyjk7acl.jpg

everything tickety boo indeed.

 photo 123-IMG_3896_zpsqnzwajln.jpg 

a memorial to those brave men.

 photo 014-IMG_0464_zpsmnemv6yg.jpg

and then I move into the office blocks, here’s Alan Turing’s office.

  photo 129-IMG_3914_zpss3wnjskh.jpg

In Hut 8

 photo 130-IMG_3917_zpsxjmo0mgh.jpg

the corridor is called as such.

 photo 147-IMG_3968_zps9ektd7uo.jpgmore equipment…

 photo 154-IMG_3989_zpsh7yfsoqt.jpg

  photo 155-IMG_3992_zpsmhplpxnj.jpg

A diorama of U 110, which was captured and gave the allies their first Enigma machine.

 photo 160-IMG_4007_zpsdswn9ash.jpg  photo 161-IMG_4010_zps6vahx8xj.jpg  photo 162-IMG_4013_zpsr6qducfd.jpg  photo 163-IMG_4016_zps20h5qgw6.jpg  photo 164-IMG_4018_zpsbokpsviy.jpg  photo 165-IMG_4022_zpsjnjntzrl.jpg  photo 166-IMG_4024_zpsi6fdfgoj.jpg

more equipment but with these rather startling mannequins standing there. Very bizarre.

  photo 167-IMG_4027_zpse4hta6n0.jpg

funny old poem.

  photo 191-IMG_4099_zpsjnksr1b8.jpg  photo 192-IMG_4103_zpsfmza8ret.jpg  photo 193-IMG_4106_zpsqajzhgk7.jpg  photo 194-IMG_4109_zpsmjvgyfja.jpg  photo 195-IMG_4111_zpsz33orh2u.jpg

I wandered through the other sheds and huts, full of little signs and plaques, photographs of long dead service men and women. I have to say that i didnt get the sense here, there’s no feeling left of those giant people who worked here, the men and women who quietly and intellectually worked to save the United Kingdom. But I suppose its a kind of a pilgrimage…

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