Thursday, April 09, 2015

Nov 2013: Caking, baking, cooking, marinating, singing, dancing

So some of the photos of the cooking, baking and generally having fun elements relating to food and drink.

 photo 02-IMG_0110_zpslil2nz3f.jpg

morning breakfast

 photo 04-IMG_0112_zpsiphxzmpf.jpg

some Austrian chocolates :)

 photo 05-IMG_0117_zpsgttefvzm.jpg

ahhhhhh doughnuts…yummy

 photo 07-IMG_0121_zpsefsvqwuh.jpg

meringues mmmmm

 photo 09-IMG_0137_zpsorgtoose.jpg

white fish stir fry

 photo 10-IMG_0141_zpsfj0flxxi.jpg 

what a great place to work

 photo 13-IMG_0164_zpsyyner9md.jpg

I love star anise…

 photo 16-IMG_0167_zpsihdtqtry.jpg

Wagamama recipe, prawns

 photo 18-IMG_0176_zpsbnbpgbov.jpg

i drool over these :)

 photo 20-IMG_0216_zpsa1hx32yc.jpg  photo 22-IMG_0218_zpss3mlmu2a.jpg

Mars Bar Cake for Joey’s birthday

 photo 23-IMG_0240_zpsjgdztqek.jpg  photo 24-IMG_0241_zpsrqdksmal.jpg photo 25-IMG_0242_zpsym2i2cwr.jpg photo 26-IMG_0243_zpshvdejemj.jpg photo 27-IMG_0244_zpsmpblawc3.jpg photo 28-IMG_0245_zps0ifr8x22.jpg photo 30-IMG_0247_zpsciovdszw.jpg photo 32-IMG_0249_zps9hrttwj0.jpg photo 31-IMG_0248_zps6xxoquqf.jpg

Berry Cake :)

 photo 37-IMG_0353_zpscgiuzxaz.jpg

chicken recipe

 photo 40-IMG_0359_zpsd9lnkd0j.jpg 

mmmmm, beef…..

 photo 41-IMG_0361_zpsylssylwk.jpg


 photo 53-IMG_0370-001_zpsgrtx5kfz.jpg

lol, i like this cake

 photo 55-IMG_0379-001_zpsazdzhyqc.jpg  photo 47-IMG_0385_zps0ipy9hf7.jpg

marinated chicken and sesame seeds

 photo 49-IMG_0391_zpsoacodmat.jpg

white fish delicious

 photo 58-IMG_0411_zpshjon4c4p.jpg

i really dont want this juice

 photo 60-IMG_0416_zps18lgiuai.jpg  photo 62-IMG_0418_zpsvzbt8x4t.jpg

making some pork chops, and ended up using the single malt…

 photo 64-IMG_0479_zpsu6pxizom.jpg 

fish cakes

 photo 66-IMG_0492_zpslj1qvuru.jpg


beef with salad :)

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