Monday, April 13, 2015

Oct 2013: Carving the pumpkin

So its Halloween..and the fat git has to carve the pumpkin…

 photo 27-IMG_0221_zpsbvsgxsmh.jpg 

draw out the face

 photo 28-IMG_0222_zpsq3o8iibj.jpg  photo 30-IMG_0224_zpsso4kvzdg.jpg photo 31-IMG_0225_zpss3efos9a.jpg photo 32-IMG_0226_zpsj48z8kx5.jpg

start carving.

  photo 36-IMG_0234_zps4ozdkhrs.jpg


 photo 38-IMG_0238_zpsavotqaga.jpg 

two babies

 photo 39-IMG_0239_zpsnvpbwhjw.jpg

hello :)

 photo 34-IMG_0231_zpshop2kjwe.jpg 

I hope its spooky enough and scaring you? :)

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