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Dec 2013: When I met Angels #London


 photo 002-IMG_1001_zpsbzcaza95.jpg

i went for a walk that cold crisp sunny December day and remembered to take a photo of this brave VC winner

 photo 005-IMG_7519_zpskwik5jpu.jpg

Lovely day…this graveyard is triangular in shape..

 photo 007-IMG_7525_zpspm6klmf6.jpg

with a main footpath which allows you to cross it..

 photo 008-IMG_7528_zpswnav25bc.jpg  photo 009-IMG_7531_zpsidzk8dpu.jpg photo 010-IMG_7534_zps9drv9vga.jpg photo 011-IMG_7536_zpsobdmqqlu.jpg photo 012-IMG_7540_zpsika0autr.jpg photo 013-IMG_7543_zpsarfedxtu.jpg photo 014-IMG_7546_zpsrixpwujd.jpg photo 015-IMG_7549_zpsttvizhcs.jpg

Quite a lot of angels…

 photo 018-IMG_7558_zpsytrv45zw.jpg

sun dappled graves

 photo 023-IMG_7575_zpskwndvgnq.jpg 

a damaged angel

 photo 025-IMG_7581_zpsctokx6mp.jpg

the milky way with an angel

 photo 027-IMG_7588_zpsf3uln8qy.jpg  photo 029-IMG_7594_zpsjy2jxlwz.jpg

some of the graves are starting to tilt and subside

 photo 028-IMG_7590_zpsx7maka8e.jpg

iron railings on the graves

 photo 031-IMG_7600_zps4odow1h1.jpg  photo 032-IMG_7603_zpsvdltlx7w.jpg

Some of the crosses have fallen over, I am afraid…

 photo 033-IMG_7609_zpsr2ugs7v4.jpg  photo 034-IMG_7612_zpspxbibb9j.jpg

you can barely make out the lettering

 photo 035-IMG_7615_zpspw8ruody.jpg

and more damage

 photo 036-IMG_7618_zpsazknar4n.jpg

sighs, a small child…

 photo 037-IMG_7621_zpstbd6wwxf.jpg

lovely highlighting



 photo 048-IMG_7651_zpsz3e3zw5j.jpg 

another soldier’ grave

 photo 051-IMG_7663_zps46afjwig.jpg

broken books

 photo 053-IMG_7669_zps2sf2tkon.jpg photo 054-IMG_7672_zpsjctlwymy.jpg

a weeping angel

 photo 055-IMG_7675_zps1wwa90ck.jpg

a broken tombstone

 photo 056-IMG_7678_zps0espnk3e.jpg

an old abandoned grave, no lettering other than the tree of life…who was it? do we know? no idea

 photo 057-IMG_7681_zpsvlyua0c0.jpg photo 058-IMG_7684_zpstyutubaz.jpg

two more forgotten graves

 photo 065-IMG_7705_zpsqfhftg8a.jpg

leaning over….creeper covered. 

 photo 066-IMG_7708_zpsxmjsgz39.jpg 

a obelisk for a marker

 photo 067-IMG_7711_zpspkgfkxxe.jpg 

the creeper covered stone.

 photo 068-IMG_7714_zpsgguakxjp.jpg

about 100 years back, they started using iron tombstones…curious

 photo 071-IMG_7723_zpsixsb0lqc.jpg

another angel

 photo 072-IMG_7726_zpsvskg9z7d.jpg

with cobwebs

 photo 073-IMG_7732_zpsoyfc2xea.jpg

more books

 photo 078-IMG_7747_zpshs754u5i.jpg 

a soldier who died in the first great war..

 photo 084-IMG_7762_zps3eelgp4l.jpg

I cross over to the Lich Gate of the church across the street

 photo 085-IMG_7765_zps27dvcsnp.jpg

gives this Christmas tree a doubtful look

 photo 094-IMG_7792_zpszbcsy0ht.jpg photo 097-IMG_7801_zpsof18w2lf.jpg

indeed sleeping

 photo 101-IMG_7813_zpsvj63kazi.jpg  photo 102-IMG_7816_zpsezd3lhhp.jpg

Couple of graves which have been visited…

 photo 104-IMG_7822_zpscy5wiiwl.jpg 

I'm reaching the church

 photo 105-IMG_7825_zpswkopedcy.jpg

rows of crosses

 photo 106-IMG_7828_zpstrfbt8kh.jpg

strange fluorescent fungus has grown over this tombstone.

 photo 107-IMG_7831_zpstxnxt1fb.jpg

that’s an interesting name..

 photo 110-IMG_7840_zpsrahm7igu.jpg

another angel in the woods

 photo 115-IMG_7852_zpso7c1cjs2.jpg  photo 116-IMG_7855_zpsw5m9pdrh.jpg

the church is indeed good looking.

 photo 118-IMG_7861_zpsrammprfb.jpg 

a view of the angel

 photo 119-IMG_7867_zpsu7cv8xdd.jpg

and another angel

 photo 120-IMG_7870_zps5mglykcb.jpg 

another soldier, who died in the second great war.

 photo 121-IMG_7872_zpsyutxqjfb.jpg

looks like two churches

 photo 122-IMG_7875_zpsxluyke1o.jpg

these are even more ancient graves

 photo 123-IMG_7879_zpsizk9beug.jpg

some of the iron gravestones are kept here…leaning against the walls.

 photo 124-IMG_7882_zpswxz9wots.jpg photo 127-IMG_7890_zpsbd4orcj6.jpg  photo 128-IMG_7894_zpstgpnqmwl.jpg photo 130-IMG_7900_zps2l6pcaoj.jpg photo 129-IMG_7897_zpsrejtgllx.jpg photo 126-IMG_7888_zpse86hab7y.jpg photo 132-IMG_7906_zps4ufcyuth.jpg photo 133-IMG_7909_zpszxpdrynx.jpg photo 134-IMG_7912_zpsxgkry8us.jpg photo 131-IMG_7902_zpsp9hfqb1w.jpg

this was a lovely grave…

 photo 135-IMG_7915_zpswd7eyud7.jpg

me and the pillars

 photo 139-IMG_7927_zps3maj2v5k.jpg 

this was up against the wall. 

 photo 141-IMG_7933_zpshvgahcm4.jpg photo 145-IMG_7945_zpseuq1ycg0.jpg photo 142-IMG_7936_zpsntf69xeo.jpg 

I have to come visit this church and try to get inside one of these days…

 photo 144-IMG_7942_zpspuivyzue.jpg 

last view down the garden….


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