Friday, April 10, 2015

Nov 2013: Assorted view of #London

Here are some of the views of London that I clicked while pottering around.

 photo 17-IMG_0114_zpsvkbtbu7u.jpg

  the Finchley road platform view in the morning.  photo 19-IMG_0116_zpssokeoetx.jpg

Autumn is coming.

 photo 20-IMG_0118_zpslxl51swf.jpg

but the sun is shining

 photo 13-IMG_0355_zpsnburhboy.jpg

so this is where the lost socks land up

   photo 14-IMG_0362_zpsvphmwwkq.jpg

a river of leaves

 photo 16-IMG_0369_zpsc80ccrzx.jpg

arrrggghhh my eyes

 photo 24-IMG_0395_zpsco8bcgy2.jpg

what a lovely evening….

 photo 25-IMG_0396_zpsdtbj7wtx.jpg 

in a hotel…why is this toilet roll having a nice little ribbon?

 photo 02-IMG_0400_zpsvqknmcsw.jpg photo 03-IMG_0408_zpsj2ofjx4i.jpg

A little alley way off green park

 photo 06-IMG_0402_zpstsyywlht.jpg  


 photo 10-IMG_0405_zps92gi9qap.jpg

the Ritz Hotel

 photo 11-IMG_0406_zpsxtibdlky.jpg 

some glorious creepers

 photo 26-IMG_0423_zpsweyhia08.jpg


 photo 28-IMG_0431_zps9pf3engq.jpg

black and white balls…

 photo 30-IMG_0427_zpsi6ewna3t.jpg 

nice but why are the spaces between the columns bricked up?

 photo 32-IMG_0429_zpssyloxsg1.jpg 

The Savoy Hotel…i never noticed the metal knight on top.

 photo 34-IMG_0432_zpsisdt7ask.jpg

curtains of light

 photo 36-IMG_0440_zpsppm0emyx.jpg photo 37-IMG_0439_zpsph8bavha.jpg

  its not a good day to go to work…

 photo 38-IMG_0465_zpsqh3gymzy.jpg 

maybe not, but lol@ typo correction…

 photo 39-IMG_0467_zpswqcpa6ys.jpg       

heh, like that cross out…looks like the guy has a pole attached to him

 photo 47-IMG_0475_zpscsjteszh.jpg

one of my temples

 photo 48-IMG_0476_zpsxkv5pqee.jpg 

chuckles, funny juxtaposition.

 photo 49-IMG_0498_zps4f87maxl.jpg

another lovely day…

 photo 51-IMG_0500_zpsxhnycyiw.jpg

I try to walk down these stairs every day when going home at the Canary Wharf station…my little exercise attempt.

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