Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nov 2012: When I saw the Mexica Sun Stone

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So this is how the landscape looked like

 photo 155-IMG_2588_zpsa6edc30c.jpg 

Having a bit of a meditation?

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In a narrow passageway, they explain how they play the ball game

 photo 164-IMG_2615_zpsa833d8ae.jpg

And here is the ball in question, made out of hard rubber.

 photo 165-IMG_2618_zpsd6e663a4.jpg 

Some of the goal posts

 photo 168-IMG_2627_zps7940aca6.jpg  photo 169-IMG_2630_zps66f8a5cd.jpg

They really liked their skulls didnt they?

I turn into the Mexica gallery, perhaps the biggest gallery in the museum

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I tell you, this exhibit rates at one of the best pieces I have seen around the world

 photo 173-IMG_2642_zps216593ef.jpg

I turn right.

 photo 174-IMG_2645_zpsb36eaeec.jpg  photo 176-IMG_2651_zps91a36496.jpg photo 177-IMG_2654_zpsb27fc3db.jpg photo 179-IMG_2660_zps67de17fa.jpg

So much to see and so little time.

 photo 181-IMG_2665_zps44d7a5bc.jpg  photo 183-IMG_2672_zps3e51382b.jpg

The only familiar complaint, most of the exhibits had a Spanish explanatory plaque. Not fun :(

 photo 186-IMG_2681_zps37bc3fbb.jpg


 photo 187-IMG_2683_zps6233f862.jpg photo 190-IMG_2693_zps190ff575.jpg  photo 206-IMG_2744_zps29ee1037.jpg photo 205-IMG_2740_zps834e8889.jpg

This is the monument of Tizoc. For sacrificial stone..wow. The central channel is for draining away the blood.

 photo 191-IMG_2695_zps8e940680.jpg  photo 192-IMG_2698_zpsb371580e.jpg

An eagle warrior

 photo 193-IMG_2702_zpse2261f88.jpg 

This display got me all excited

 photo 194-IMG_2705_zpsbce8cc79.jpg  photo 197-IMG_2714_zps94a1aea5.jpg photo 195-IMG_2707_zpsff1b348a.jpg photo 196-IMG_2710_zps3b5dd439.jpg

what you use to carve out the chest and cut off the head and various other cutting bits.

 photo 203-IMG_2735_zpsc783adff.jpg 

They even have a very convenient diagram showing how the various bits were carved out…

 photo 200-IMG_2722_zps9a9b8c60.jpg  photo 201-IMG_2728_zps1b8777ac.jpg

Stone containers? carved to an inch of its life

 photo 207-IMG_2747_zps52019ff0.jpg  photo 208-IMG_2749_zps05ca1a0c.jpg

More sacrificial stones..wow

 photo 214-IMG_2768_zps946272d0.jpg  photo 215-IMG_2771_zpse2ac15a8.jpg photo 216-IMG_2774_zpsbba827a5.jpg photo 217-IMG_2777_zpscfa62569.jpg photo 218-IMG_2780_zps1cd7cc13.jpg

Then came something that I drooled and drooled over, these are glyph books..what extraordinary work..this is even better than Egyptian Hieroglyphics…

  photo 219-IMG_2783_zps4acb5c23.jpg

A grasshopper?

 photo 221-IMG_2789_zpscca852f3.jpg

More beautiful statues…

 photo 227-IMG_2807_zpsd6d0d5e6.jpg 

A representation of a temple

 photo 229-IMG_2812_zps570ff53b.jpg

With this beautiful statue in front. This pose seems to be quite common, saw quite a lot of statues like this.

 photo 233-IMG_2824_zps381182a5.jpg

Stuff found in graves

 photo 235-IMG_2830_zps2b4cdecf.jpg

How ancient Mexico city looked

 photo 236-IMG_2834_zps7891fdb2.jpg

And on the wall is a display of how it looked…beautiful

 photo 239-IMG_2842_zps27bf17d6.jpg

And a totty…

 photo 246-IMG_2864_zps8863c80c.jpg

What they traded

 photo 247-IMG_2867_zps57aa8484.jpg


 photo 248-IMG_2870_zpsd3c6ba32.jpg

Ah! I remember this mask, what a beautiful work of art

 photo 249-IMG_2873_zps4e428616.jpg

Another glyph book, exquisite work…

 photo 250-IMG_2876_zps19c23023.jpg 

The sun stone, but I will be back to it

 photo 251-IMG_2879_zps3f180409.jpg 

More stuff…


 photo 253-IMG_2885_zps07d31197.jpg photo 254-IMG_2888_zpsf8a36a24.jpg

This is the explanation of the Stone of the Sun.

 photo 258-IMG_2900_zps716f3980.jpg

Amazing work..

 photo 256-IMG_2894_zps0a8a24e6.jpg  photo 257-IMG_2897_zpsa0568a5b.jpg


 photo 261-IMG_2909_zpscac46933.jpg

I turn towards the sun stone

 photo 260-IMG_2906_zpsc9f62da8.jpg  photo 262-IMG_2912_zps314e7f16.jpg

such a complex beast

 photo 264-IMG_2917_zps0fccb8a6.jpg 

Worshipping the sun, amazing how many cultures worshipped the sun, ranging from the Native Americans, Egyptians, Zimbabwe, Ancient Indians, you name it..

 photo 266-IMG_2924_zps7429ba20.jpg

In front of the sun stone, there is a bewildering profusion of beautiful statues/…

 photo 272-IMG_2941_zpse53935b3.jpg

Looking back at the sunstone.

 photo 270-IMG_2936_zps0b94abd1.jpg

More death faces

 photo 273-IMG_2945_zps9261ddfb.jpg  photo 275-IMG_2950_zps5bc64d55.jpg photo 276-IMG_2954_zpsf25399bc.jpg

Another sacrificial stone

 photo 277-IMG_2957_zps08074d4c.jpg  photo 278-IMG_2960_zps53b5ef03.jpg photo 279-IMG_2963_zpsaa2788b1.jpg

More extraordinary objects. this is a feathered serpent..


 photo 281-IMG_2968_zpsba0b36a8.jpg

And another one…

 photo 282-IMG_2972_zps61a77c49.jpg  photo 292-IMG_3002_zps9b234b63.jpg 

 photo 300-IMG_3026_zpse408ba45.jpg 

A funerary statue…

 photo 286-IMG_2984_zpsc77a249b.jpg  photo 287-IMG_2986_zps033fe958.jpg photo 288-IMG_2989_zpsb18316e7.jpg

This was a beautiful sight…a lovely lovely box with a deity inside.

 photo 290-IMG_2996_zpsaf6d154c.jpg

Hmmm, a frog?

 photo 295-IMG_3011_zps3724f4eb.jpg 

Those are seriously lifelike busts..

 photo 298-IMG_3020_zps0cfea6c1.jpg

Worshipping the maguey…the cactus plant..

 photo 304-IMG_3038_zps2fa4d76e.jpg photo 305-IMG_3041_zps9c98913d.jpg photo 306-IMG_3044_zps900b0b20.jpg photo 309-IMG_3056_zps725d999f.jpg

Worshipping the corn plant

 photo 311-IMG_3062_zps0d7de744.jpg  photo 312-IMG_3064_zps93d75fa4.jpg photo 313-IMG_3071_zps78ef7aad.jpg

More obsidian glass work..

 photo 320-IMG_3098_zps64188f4f.jpg  photo 321-IMG_3101_zpsad7cd6c8.jpg photo 323-IMG_3107_zps7a460a48.jpg photo 324-IMG_3110_zpsd4cdc6be.jpg photo 322-IMG_3104_zpsc414866f.jpg

A rather dusty diorama in the back..

 photo 329-IMG_3125_zps6c9efbbf.jpg

A monkey with a snake?

 photo 330-IMG_3128_zps0cc2f703.jpg

Couple of pillars?

 photo 332-IMG_3134_zpsdab5a29f.jpg 

This was so strange..

 photo 337-IMG_3149_zps3b20885b.jpg 

Another funerary statue

 photo 342-IMG_3164_zpsb72b09a6.jpg

Another beautiful book, how wonderful…i was misting up the glass while having my nose pressed against the glass..

 photo 343-IMG_3167_zps72cdb717.jpg 

A base of a pillar?

 photo 350-IMG_3188_zps2ee3d58d.jpg  photo 354-IMG_3200_zps5ea4d713.jpg photo 352-IMG_3194_zps6ddc9777.jpg photo 351-IMG_3191_zpsc04391bf.jpg photo 353-IMG_3197_zps8b05782f.jpg


  photo 355-IMG_3203_zpsca68fefa.jpg 

Obsidian art

 photo 356-IMG_3206_zpsa59dd185.jpg  photo 357-IMG_3209_zps578a99cc.jpg photo 358-IMG_3212_zps744311c7.jpg photo 359-IMG_3215_zpsef98d3c5.jpg

This fan? was beautiful. hundreds of years old and the feathers are bright and extraordinarily vivid in their colouration.

 photo 360-IMG_3218_zps179b6be2.jpg  photo 361-IMG_3221_zpsa2b6af5a.jpg photo 362-IMG_3224_zpsc1a06d7f.jpg


 photo 363-IMG_3227_zpsb15d2f46.jpg


 photo 365-IMG_3233_zps2d2f4fe5.jpg

quetzal feather head dress, my photo does not capture the beauty of this.

  photo 366-IMG_3236_zps85086d73.jpg 


 photo 375-IMG_3272_zpsd1e0db1f.jpg 

 photo 376-IMG_3274_zpsc0735028.jpg

Is this supposed to be a lion?

Here is the slideshow if you wanted to see more photographs of this lovely gallery as I pop out to the next one.