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Nov 2012: Stuffed Bears at the Museum of Anthropology

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I finally reach the entrance to one of the best museums in Latin America. This is the Museum of Anthropology. Curious use, mind you.

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the lion looks really really manky

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And then this ummm bear? looks pathetic

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And then I saw this extraordinary sight

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the pole was about 75-100 feet tall

 photo 009-IMG_2140_zps607b8539.jpg photo 010-IMG_2144_zpsef9bf544.jpg

and below the pole were these chaps hanging upside down. Dancing away…bloody extraordinary..with the chap on top playing some kind of pipes.

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I turn in

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fountains in the entrance..

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I buy my tickets and spot my firm in there, yeah!

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what a wonderful sight, its one of the largest single pillar supported structures in the world.

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the central column is carved with scenes from Mexican History

 photo 016-IMG_2163_zpsad9c52b2.jpg  photo 042-IMG_2241_zps79dc1f24.jpg

And a rather unkempt fountain, they should have done something about the base..

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 photo 018-IMG_2168_zps26247e26.jpg  photo 019-IMG_2170_zps0ca78c4e.jpg photo 020-IMG_2173_zpsa479854b.jpg photo 021-IMG_2176_zps07a11a27.jpg

Just behind me, above the entrance, were these series of Glyphs. More on this later but I was absolutely dumstruck when I saw the real thing inside. The glyph books are absolutely amazing.

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I move inside. The Museum is laid out in the form of a rectangle. You go around in a counter clockwise direction, starting from the rooms on the right. It starts with an introduction to Anthropology which I rapidly skipped, then a display on the peopling of America (the migration across the Bering Straight) with prehistoric man, mammoths and flint stuff. Then came another hall with Pre-Columbian displays

 photo 044-IMG_2246_zps4fa3a184.jpg

shows how the various species have evolved

 photo 045-IMG_2249_zps25f3d47f.jpg

a diorama of cannibalism! bit gruesome but there you go.

 photo 046-IMG_2251_zpsaaa00772.jpg

A wall painting.

 photo 047-IMG_2255_zps1a2fd4ac.jpg

An exquisite mural on the wall

 photo 052-IMG_2269_zps59296955.jpg

Each of the sections are marked with plaques outside.

 photo 054-IMG_2276_zps6de1a92c.jpg

 photo 022-IMG_2180_zpsc34b0b6e.jpg 

Here is a basalt statue. 

 photo 024-IMG_2186_zpsed53b61a.jpg

the skull motif is quite common across the ages in this country.

 photo 025-IMG_2189_zps1fcb0c19.jpg 

I have to say one thing, the displays were atrociously described. And the main website is seriously crappy. Half the fun of knowing and understanding these displays were lost because the descriptions were so blunt and useless.

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This stone sculpture looked like a giant’s dentures, heh, but no idea what it is supposed to be.

 photo 027-IMG_2195_zps52d3c2e2.jpg 

a basalt statue, some kind of religious storage unit? the hollow in the middle indicates that it could be the base of a vase or something?



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This is a Pelotas goal. Here are more details on this absolutely awesome sport. Briefly, this would be stuck up high on a wall and 2 teams will play with a hard rubber ball, hitting them off the hips and try to get the ball through that hole in this stone circle up on the wall. The losing side captain would lose his head as well. Now there’s a bit of a strong motivation for you. Don't think it will catch on in football.

 photo 031-IMG_2207_zpsda638baf.jpg 

a stone pillar with what appears to be royal carvings..

 photo 034-IMG_2216_zps0b272d24.jpg

A cat? Toltec…

 photo 037-IMG_2224_zps0f08469c.jpg

This gallery was arranged nicely, well displayed

 photo 038-IMG_2228_zps1f801cb1.jpg 

a fertility symbol..

 photo 039-IMG_2230_zpsfbf0c070.jpg

some kind of snake structure with the world on top? 

 photo 041-IMG_2236_zpsc529abb1.jpg

I pop out…and then move into the next one..         photo 055-IMG_2279_zps23f8da10.jpg

An armadillo?

 photo 056-IMG_2281_zps77944da1.jpg photo 057-IMG_2286_zps5f561842.jpg

Various vases

 photo 058-IMG_2288_zpseddaf955.jpg

  With obsidian stuff like arrow heads, knives, etc.  photo 059-IMG_2291_zpsa21753c4.jpg

grinding stones?

 photo 060-IMG_2294_zpsf6e0fa83.jpg

ax heads, more vases

 photo 062-IMG_2300_zpsbe2e7569.jpg

A turtle? not sure what’s happening here.

 photo 066-IMG_2312_zps22e19359.jpg  photo 067-IMG_2315_zps24cd6b81.jpg photo 069-IMG_2321_zps96fc0074.jpg photo 070-IMG_2324_zps22374bc2.jpg

More representations of the human being.

 photo 072-IMG_2330_zpsc851db22.jpg  photo 075-IMG_2339_zpscd6b6882.jpg photo 073-IMG_2333_zps209d6827.jpg photo 074-IMG_2336_zps046b4aa1.jpg

Masks used in Shamanism. photo 076-IMG_2342_zpsfcd3ddec.jpg

This was an extraordinary statue. Not very sure what was happening, but it was found in a grave.

 photo 077-IMG_2344_zpsb6256f8f.jpg

An old village with graves..

 photo 078-IMG_2347_zpsd4990b3f.jpg 

a Pre Classic Period,…nice hat.

 photo 080-IMG_2354_zps55002699.jpg 

Fat git

 photo 082-IMG_2360_zps9bf3ef18.jpg 

Speaking of fat gits, there’s one reflected on the glass.

 photo 083-IMG_2363_zps345407df.jpg  photo 084-IMG_2366_zps1a12dec1.jpg

Another of those acrobat figurines.

 photo 086-IMG_2372_zps180b616e.jpg 

Now I move into the Teotihuacan exhibit.

 photo 087-IMG_2375_zps36a2bf4d.jpg

These guys really liked their skulls, no?

 photo 088-IMG_2378_zpse2eed6df.jpg  photo 089-IMG_2381_zpsd6069135.jpg

 photo 090-IMG_2384_zpsf118bb4a.jpg

This was the start of one of the most exciting exhibits, the pyramids..but that’s for the next essay



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