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Nov 2012: Day 3 Mexico Bosque de Chapultepec

 photo 01-IMG_1953_zpse79fed6d.jpg

I reach the beautiful gates to the park. Did you know this is one of the biggest city parks in the Western Hemisphere. Chapultepec means grasshopper hill in Nahuatl…

 photo 02-IMG_1957_zps8c112903.jpg

The gates are flanked by these two regal if old looking lions.

 photo 03-IMG_1960_zps0067f5ec.jpg

Hmmm, i didnt realise that Mexico ever had lions.

 photo 04-IMG_1962_zps23ce6012.jpg

Walking up the Avenue of Heros

 photo 05-IMG_1966_zps3e1434d3.jpg

The Avenue of the Heros

 photo 06-IMG_1968_zpsb4dd024b.jpg

Hmmm, the stand seems to be missing the containers

 photo 07-IMG_1971_zps6055189a.jpg 

Lovely day, and well signposted

 photo 08-IMG_1974_zps07b291f4.jpg

keep on walking up the avenue

 photo 09-IMG_1977_zpsa2003fbd.jpg

Whoa, some aggressive looking jaguars

 photo 10-IMG_1980_zps1dad0480.jpg

on both sides of the road

 photo 11-IMG_1983_zpse824799d.jpg 

looking back

 photo 12-IMG_1986_zps6fd12319.jpg

I move on to the bridge

 photo 13-IMG_1990_zps2b4a3293.jpg

I am nearing the Ninos Heroes Monument.

 photo 14-IMG_1992_zps91cd8050.jpg

6 military cadets, ranging from 14 to 19 fought the Americans and then died..

 photo 15-IMG_1995_zps95f9a7db.jpg

walking up the basalt steps

 photo 16-IMG_1998_zps764dba8d.jpg 

The lady is Mexico

 photo 17-IMG_2002_zps137a42f2.jpg 

She is being defended by a cadet while she holds a dead cadet

 photo 18-IMG_2004_zpsbbf9ebaf.jpg 

The pillars have an eagle with a flame on top

 photo 20-IMG_2010_zpsaa33a77e.jpg

It talks about the names of the cadets.

 photo 21-IMG_2013_zpsaf7d19b1.jpg

Quite impressive

 photo 22-IMG_2017_zps71f2851d.jpg


 photo 23-IMG_2020_zpsab4d7389.jpg 

Accessing the Gandhi street

 photo 24-IMG_4273_zps7cc93d31.jpg 

The last set of the photos are of the park when I was returning

 photo 25-IMG_4276_zps4e186e9d.jpg

that’s a lovely little building

 photo 26-IMG_4279_zps87e104fc.jpg

pedal boats

 photo 27-IMG_4282_zps75896efb.jpg 

sighs, somebody has stuck some gum there…idiots

 photo 28-IMG_4287_zps2f0fa840.jpg

walking down the wide quiet streets

 photo 29-IMG_4290_zpsf27567d9.jpg

the water is a bit dodgy

 photo 30-IMG_4294_zpsdc10686c.jpg

nice no?

 photo 31-IMG_4298_zps6603e03d.jpg 

a huge giant tree

 photo 32-IMG_4301_zps2986d32f.jpg 

it did look impressive although it has gone through the wars

 photo 33-IMG_4303_zps1c3b3c5c.jpg

Not sure what it says..

 photo 34-IMG_4306_zps0d957b91.jpg

A memorial stone for what looks to me as the battle memorial.

 photo 35-IMG_4308_zps50409d05.jpg

thats the Chapultepec Castle.

 photo 36-IMG_4311_zpsf9528b9e.jpg

Next time, I will pop up there.

 photo 37-IMG_4315_zpsbb5547e2.jpg 

Reaching the monument

 photo 38-IMG_4318_zps5f57032e.jpg 

Getting late

 photo 39-IMG_4320_zps1b170425.jpg


 photo 40-IMG_4323_zpsd3b57328.jpg 

the monument looks better in the twilight

 photo 41-IMG_4327_zps424d50c6.jpg

very powerful imagery

 photo 42-IMG_4330_zps2f8264e0.jpg 

you can see the determination.

 photo 43-IMG_4334_zpse6c01e02.jpg 

heading down

 photo 44-IMG_4336_zps80cfea4f.jpg 

Awwwww, and you can see the angel

 photo 45-IMG_4342_zpseed6e68c.jpg

Final view of the avenue of Hero’s and down the Paseo Reforma. Next essay, I walk around statues.

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