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Nov 2012: When I bumped into the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent

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I enter the Teotihuacan gallery. And on the right, you can see this giant poster of the Pyramid of the Sun.

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And the Pyramid of the Moon

 photo 093-IMG_2393_zpscc3a8641.jpg

It is an amazing structure.

 photo 096-IMG_2402_zps2587d4ba.jpg

And then a little scale model of how the pyramids are outside Mexico City.

 photo 098-IMG_2408_zpsa06101ac.jpg

Zooming into the locations.

 photo 097-IMG_2405_zps2d6d9233.jpg

And here is the famous Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent. well, part of it. 

 photo 100-IMG_2414_zps6d244f94.jpg

Very nicely put together

 photo 101-IMG_2417_zps4c4cd2d8.jpg  photo 102-IMG_2420_zps9303bf76.jpg photo 103-IMG_2423_zps002a5607.jpg photo 105-IMG_2428_zps74782f51.jpg photo 149-IMG_2570_zpsda6d1721.jpg

The archaeologists found tons of bodies buried around and in the pyramid, so this wasn't a burial ground, but these bodies were sacrificial victims…The Pyramid was constructed over 150-200AD. Pretty awesome, no? 

 photo 106-IMG_2432_zps6596d7a9.jpg 

I turn left.

 photo 108-IMG_2438_zps6f58729a.jpg

A beautiful doorway with extraordinary paintings on the left.

 photo 109-IMG_2444_zpsc1a653c6.jpg 

A stele? I couldn't see any explanatory signs :(

 photo 110-IMG_2447_zps03241b32.jpg  photo 112-IMG_2452_zpsf1c375dc.jpg

A set of clay sculptures. Extraordinary.

 photo 113-IMG_2459_zpsb717e515.jpg 

I will get back to you Blocky.

 photo 114-IMG_2462_zps14b63127.jpg

these are murals, so beautiful.

 photo 115-IMG_2465_zps7b7891e4.jpg

both sides of the doorway.

 photo 116-IMG_2467_zps75b9187f.jpg

looks like the inside of a house.

 photo 117-IMG_2471_zpse46b7512.jpg 

With an little courtyard god. 

 photo 120-IMG_2480_zps60f71a76.jpg

With houses or apartments arranged around the courtyard

 photo 121-IMG_2483_zps438cbd39.jpg

this is a veranda like structure

 photo 122-IMG_2486_zpsb9bba9a8.jpg 

and then this deity?

 photo 123-IMG_2489_zps27abdb51.jpg  photo 124-IMG_2492_zps31cece0e.jpg

I exit the apartment courtyard from the side and then move back into the main gallery. This is another stela which was excavated in Teotihuacan area. What amazing work. 

 photo 126-IMG_2498_zpseff543fd.jpg  photo 127-IMG_2501_zps04b57ad8.jpg photo 128-IMG_2504_zps59bf9b66.jpg

 photo 131-IMG_2513_zps9dc89837.jpg  photo 130-IMG_2510_zps8c600c16.jpg photo 129-IMG_2507_zps053a2c2e.jpg  photo 132-IMG_2516_zps707de1cf.jpg

Some lapidary work, how impressive. I'm going to learn this when I grow up…

 photo 134-IMG_2522_zpsebbb3e3e.jpg 

Wax? paint?

 photo 135-IMG_2525_zps45db42ae.jpg  photo 136-IMG_2528_zps0b05b25d.jpg photo 139-IMG_2540_zps7687a9db.jpg  photo 140-IMG_2543_zps1bae7906.jpg

Obsidian work. On the top left is a block of obsidian, volcanic glass. And on the right are a variety of tools fashioned with this wonderful material.

 photo 146-IMG_2561_zpsf8aad3e8.jpg photo 147-IMG_2564_zps27c24304.jpg photo 148-IMG_2567_zps452bae1a.jpg

Another display alcove. Unfortunately, again without good overviews :( 

 photo 150-IMG_2573_zps7643e139.jpg 

So here’s blocky again. His name is Chalchiuhtlicue. Storm God?

I move on to the next one…

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