Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dec 2013: An amazing cathedral with the night sky as the roof

 photo 001-IMG_5597_zpsyjdklcar.jpg  photo 002-IMG_5600_zpsryb3h00x.jpg

Westminster Cathedral is the mother church of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. I always used to think that the only piece relating to Westminster Abbey, so this was something that I checked out.

 photo 003-IMG_5601_zpsjqq96rwd.jpg photo 006-IMG_5610_zpsl4829xxq.jpg  photo 007-IMG_5614_zpsvgsncl4e.jpg

the facade is an amazing one, very good.

 photo 004-IMG_5604_zpsoqm4d8tx.jpg 

the bell tower is quite an interesting one…built with brick.

 photo 009-IMG_5620_zpsadkpenop.jpg  photo 011-IMG_5626_zpsorlkfrb2.jpg 

a little marble basin…i wonder what this is for?

 photo 010-IMG_5623_zpso92e32om.jpg

the entire building is built on a Byzantine model…you can see these fresco’s and mosaics all over the place.

 photo 012-IMG_5629_zpsgpc38cwo.jpg

a pile of candles, waiting for their purpose in life to be completed.

 photo 021-IMG_5655_zpsp8mnz7yp.jpg  photo 014-IMG_5635_zpsrqyxorbb.jpg

faith in action.

 photo 013-IMG_5632_zps7awph6bv.jpg  photo 018-IMG_5647_zpsissxyei6.jpg

a lovely little chapel, lovely frescos on top

 photo 016-IMG_5641_zpspvdjtsid.jpg  photo 017-IMG_5644_zpsq4vy5log.jpg

Interestingly only archbishops are buried within the church, I am guessing this is one of the worthies. Why is the right hand placed in that way? blessing?

 photo 022-IMG_5659_zpsskvaggx8.jpg  photo 025-IMG_5668_zpsbhkmmb8g.jpg photo 023-IMG_5662_zps7pqb0ku0.jpg photo 024-IMG_5665_zpsjyw19rny.jpg

this is a little shrine to the Catholic Soldiers who fell in the Great War. Very austere and very solemn. 

 photo 026-IMG_5671_zpszxzrl1go.jpg 

another beautiful chapel with lovely sculptures and marble panels.

 photo 027-IMG_5674_zpstgrbj8e9.jpg

this was a most exquisite mosaic..beautiful

 photo 029-IMG_5680_zpshlm4t0bi.jpg 

its shocking when you see people flying planes into buildings and suicide bombers…you rightly hate them, yes? here’s some more people who died for their faith….they build churches to them.

 photo 031-IMG_5686_zpszwpm8u1z.jpg photo 032-IMG_5689_zpskmaoazwp.jpg

another very nice chapel. St Joseph’s Chapel.

 photo 033-IMG_5692_zpsweyb89pw.jpg

this clearly shows what really surprised me, the top part of the church is very dark, not painted or illuminated, looks very strange.

 photo 035-IMG_5698_zpsj1ow0ilc.jpg 

the entire cathedral is a bit gloomy.

 photo 036-IMG_5701_zpsffaoynot.jpg 

another great mosaic.

 photo 038-IMG_5707_zpsk1mwmfua.jpg

Another effigy and tomb of a Cardinal and Archbishop

 photo 040-IMG_5713_zpsgmjdjmn8.jpg  photo 041-IMG_5715_zpsaosz449h.jpg photo 042-IMG_5716_zpswlpwhap0.jpg photo 046-IMG_5728_zpsopsbvrsx.jpg

tried very hard to get the structure of the roof in place….

  photo 044-IMG_5722_zps6xl3pyas.jpg 

another lovely chapel and its altar.

 photo 045-IMG_5725_zpsusjbc8fr.jpg

very lovely curves.

 photo 048-IMG_5734_zpsroh2sxzt.jpg 

the dark ceiling and this floating feel around the main altar.

 photo 049-IMG_5737_zpsgiofgcai.jpg

a lovely blue panel.

 photo 050-IMG_5740_zpst42rfb3w.jpg

with a view up on the cross.

 photo 054-IMG_5752_zpss9kwqlti.jpg

very dark and gloomy place…

 photo 055-IMG_5755_zps9d993dlw.jpg 

 photo 056-IMG_5757_zpscbbs4a2o.jpg

this part of the chapel looks very nice, why didnt they put in some more lights on the ceiling?

 photo 057-IMG_5761_zpsgzusxqjx.jpg 

the panel is beautiful.

 photo 058-IMG_5764_zpsje7svwy5.jpg photo 059-IMG_5766_zps9mekapkp.jpg  photo 060-IMG_5769_zps1pnvgcp7.jpg

see what i mean? weird lighting…

 photo 062-IMG_5776_zpsx2ml1lic.jpg  photo 063-IMG_5779_zpsxhm1hyq4.jpg photo 064-IMG_5782_zpsr5afueqf.jpg photo 065-IMG_5785_zpsxoimc7o6.jpg photo 066-IMG_5788_zpsxxcdzejj.jpg

Another exquisite chapel with the most wonderful paintings on the wall. 

 photo 070-IMG_5800_zps22ugikrn.jpg  photo 071-IMG_5803_zpssefyoq1v.jpg photo 072-IMG_5805_zpsa4nsujwl.jpg photo 074-IMG_5812_zpsllgrydrx.jpg photo 075-IMG_5815_zpsvkxvillb.jpg photo 077-IMG_5821_zpshm1onjgo.jpg photo 078-IMG_5824_zpsaccggz9e.jpg photo 080-IMG_5830_zps80w90yxm.jpg photo 079-IMG_5827_zpspbjok9ua.jpg

And then this glorious golden grotto…

 photo 081-IMG_5833_zpsun4fpkhj.jpg 

Even I have heard of the man…

 photo 082-IMG_5836_zpsqsbhsznn.jpg 

the lights float in the middle of the night…

 photo 083-IMG_5839_zpscj2hyz8n.jpg 

 photo 085-IMG_5845_zpsmcjnvupf.jpg

A beautiful statue of St. Christopher.

 photo 087-IMG_5851_zpspskladsz.jpg 

This was a lovely lovely statue…quite extraordinary

 photo 088-IMG_5854_zpsghroaee2.jpg 


 photo 089-IMG_5856_zpsml0yi2mw.jpg  photo 090-IMG_5859_zpsd1ss6blh.jpg

see what I mean? looks like the cathedral has no roof, and it just under a cloudless night sky.

 photo 093-IMG_5869_zpsb2rzsaxm.jpg photo 095-IMG_5875_zpsqd8n82fi.jpg photo 094-IMG_5872_zpspknrleaz.jpg 

the toe has seen some traffic I am guessing.

 photo 099-IMG_5887_zpsvj1qtdhw.jpg 

I then go up the bell tower.  photo 139-IMG_6006_zps8jsm1eiy.jpg 

reach the top and enter into the little balcony. there are four of them, around the square room.

 photo 100-IMG_5890_zps2lmncqus.jpg  photo 101-IMG_5893_zps7vghbxzt.jpg photo 102-IMG_5896_zpshf77owsb.jpg photo 103-IMG_5899_zpsn0zct5ek.jpg photo 104-IMG_5902_zpszrdpowdg.jpg

Graffiti on the walls.

 photo 105-IMG_5905_zpso0xgf42s.jpg photo 107-IMG_5911_zpskngllway.jpg photo 108-IMG_5914_zpsdsdgwaha.jpg photo 106-IMG_5908_zpsy8mem376.jpg  photo 109-IMG_5917_zps9zllrhc7.jpg photo 110-IMG_5920_zpsrd1prgnk.jpg

views from one set of windows.

 photo 111-IMG_5923_zpsmrrds1yu.jpg  photo 137-IMG_6001_zpscwyl1hsa.jpg photo 138-IMG_6004_zps0rrsrixe.jpg photo 112-IMG_5926_zpsdrnsthen.jpg

inside the top floor, there are these lovely architectural drawings.

 photo 115-IMG_5935_zpskz3y4bcd.jpg photo 117-IMG_5941_zpsrxugwumu.jpg photo 116-IMG_5938_zpshgdf5ina.jpg  photo 118-IMG_5943_zpscciyukc1.jpg photo 119-IMG_5947_zpsa1melbag.jpg photo 120-IMG_5949_zpsoykmmgf7.jpg photo 121-IMG_5953_zpstukvpkpp.jpg photo 122-IMG_5956_zpsqbgxocrg.jpg

more views over London from another window.

 photo 123-IMG_5959_zpsygsddxjn.jpg  photo 125-IMG_5965_zpsdzy7oyri.jpg photo 127-IMG_5971_zpsidcxiy5g.jpg photo 128-IMG_5974_zps9sd7q3px.jpg photo 126-IMG_5967_zpszjfaxuhs.jpg photo 130-IMG_5980_zpsjj9xen12.jpg photo 131-IMG_5983_zps4cyqjcox.jpg photo 129-IMG_5977_zpsiolqv4ps.jpg

more views

 photo 132-IMG_5986_zpsoe09nnw2.jpg photo 133-IMG_5989_zpsrkijtfkr.jpg  photo 134-IMG_5992_zps7ykk9fga.jpg

 photo 135-IMG_5995_zpsvyokbbv2.jpg photo 136-IMG_5998_zpsrub5soah.jpg

looking towards the rear of the church…the top of the domes look like Star wars domes :)

 photo 140-IMG_6009_zpshytcw7e4.jpg photo 141-IMG_6012_zpsr5bqaamx.jpg 

 photo 142-IMG_6016_zpscbnoanse.jpg photo 143-IMG_6018_zpssicqsrlm.jpg

I come back out and take a few photos of the facade and the bell tower, what an extraordinary building.