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Dec 2013: When I danced with skeletons


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Cough cough…

 photo 06-IMG_6024_zpsqtmlay74.jpg  photo 07-IMG_6027_zpssgulx3lg.jpg

there’s a pretty ballerina.

 photo 08-IMG_6030_zps220flh9k.jpg photo 09-IMG_6034_zpstfibifko.jpg 

heading down…

 photo 10-IMG_6040_zpsmb1ckw1p.jpg 

dark trees

 photo 11-IMG_6049_zpsjjfys6jo.jpg 

Ah, that amazing man…here is his biography.

 photo 12-IMG_6052_zpsxwvs0hrz.jpg

 photo 13-IMG_6055_zpst8qe16rg.jpg

Rockefeller Building. That’s rich


 photo 14-IMG_6057_zpsvevjehe6.jpg

I reach the Grant Museum of Zoology…its free..

 photo 01-IMG_0855_zpstvoowuto.jpg

Just one large room, crammed with books, specimens and display cases with these rather eye-catching chairs in the middle.

 photo 02-IMG_0856_zpsnelcv2af.jpg  photo 03-IMG_0857_zpsnkrkzhs6.jpg

When I danced with Henry.

 photo 04-IMG_0859_zpsx8o5lnj3.jpg

that’s a fair point. And that little sign is an indication that this display has been adopted by this donor.

 photo 15-IMG_6061_zps7csdfk4p.jpg

Nice teeth..

 photo 16-IMG_6064_zpstzunjlrm.jpg 

nice octopus

 photo 17-IMG_6067_zpssy5eilvw.jpg

hello baby

 photo 18-IMG_6070_zpsaudwthf3.jpg 

moles! :)

 photo 19-IMG_6073_zpsepy0k1ob.jpg

sometimes my brain feels like this.

 photo 20-IMG_6076_zps88s4axt2.jpg 

more brains…

 photo 21-IMG_6079_zps3izl8vhw.jpg 

that’s a big one.

 photo 22-IMG_6082_zpsmtdlaxx9.jpg

now there’s an impressive set of horns.

 photo 23-IMG_6085_zps2uzrdjkk.jpg  photo 24-IMG_6088_zps9ngexsn4.jpg


 photo 25-IMG_6091_zpsrptv5zpu.jpg

the upper story has a bit of a passageway and has these skeletons looking down at you.

 photo 26-IMG_6094_zpsysqegf5r.jpg

i dont think i want to eat that.

 photo 27-IMG_6097_zpsvosya0xc.jpg

A dugong

 photo 29-IMG_6103_zpsnaq5wghm.jpg 

More heads…

 photo 30-IMG_6106_zpsxmmvphgh.jpg

what a great name…

 photo 31-IMG_6109_zps3l8habpj.jpg

Perry the Platypus.

 photo 32-IMG_6112_zpsvewtbrss.jpg

Good afternoon gentlemen and ladies.

 photo 33-IMG_6115_zps5pczzo4d.jpg  photo 35-IMG_6121_zpslvzkvyh4.jpg

whoa…this Baboon means business with the canines

 photo 36-IMG_6124_zpsy5b1bxyo.jpg

more primates. 

 photo 37-IMG_6127_zpscijl6yap.jpg photo 38-IMG_6130_zpstoi2fasb.jpg

tottie bodies.

 photo 39-IMG_6133_zpssh8mgtdj.jpg

cool…that looks amazing. 

 photo 40-IMG_6136_zps5svmvatu.jpg

eggs, yes please, ham and eggs

 photo 42-IMG_6142_zps2qqq9gfy.jpg

giant snake. 

 photo 43-IMG_6145_zpsqekrcqkc.jpg

Do you think I want to be near these chaps?

 photo 44-IMG_6148_zps1wra1qb0.jpg  photo 45-IMG_6151_zpsghgftujx.jpg


  photo 46-IMG_6154_zpsy0ccmhhg.jpg

cool, i wouldnt mind doing this :)

 photo 47-IMG_6157_zpsne8dxudz.jpg  photo 49-IMG_6163_zpsstxwaq3l.jpg

why are you feeling bloated?

 photo 48-IMG_6160_zpspytiiq1i.jpg 

some very strange fish in here.

 photo 50-IMG_6166_zpsifcrftdy.jpg

serious tusk…

 photo 51-IMG_6169_zpsmh9nt9gi.jpg photo 53-IMG_6175_zpsj1n6rmyl.jpg 


 photo 54-IMG_6178_zpswy0o8oz5.jpg 

hello elephant. 

 photo 55-IMG_6181_zpsmha6malv.jpg photo 57-IMG_6187_zpsaduso4qk.jpg photo 56-IMG_6184_zpsblqjektw.jpg

these are serious heads….

 photo 58-IMG_6190_zpsk7v1hmeu.jpg

the peanut gallery

 photo 59-IMG_6193_zpsxpsdcsnm.jpg 

an elephant skull

 photo 60-IMG_6196_zpsubl7zkv2.jpg 


 photo 61-IMG_6199_zpsurtt5woh.jpg

lemme get my tooth into it

 photo 62-IMG_6202_zpstqsxbejr.jpg

nice place

 photo 65-IMG_6211_zpsiesbo10n.jpg


 photo 67-IMG_6217_zpsh76vnqtf.jpg  photo 68-IMG_6220_zpsastku6m2.jpg

these are Dodo bones…

 photo 70-IMG_6225_zps0dz8wqav.jpg

and i pop into see the Moles lovely.

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