Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Dec 2013: The river is the lifeblood of Germany

 photo 03-IMG_6382_zpso5ujfhfc.jpg  photo 04-IMG_6385_zpsks74kgds.jpg

this is the river museum…and on the top, you have a cafe.

At various levels you have these scale models of various kinds of riverine boats and ships who have been perambulating up and down this majestic river for centuries. Unfortunately the plaques are in German so I have no idea what they stand for. I need a babel fish in my ear.

 photo 01-IMG_6424_zpsf5zzqccj.jpg  photo 02-IMG_6427_zpsk6havmb4.jpg  photo 03-IMG_6430_zpswnyxjv7s.jpg  photo 04-IMG_6433_zpsslhou91t.jpg  photo 05-IMG_6436_zps1jt8gmpg.jpg  photo 06-IMG_6439_zpsynnt0ph4.jpg  photo 07-IMG_6442_zpsrsnsmuqu.jpg  photo 08-IMG_6445_zpsdzecdwfx.jpg  photo 09-IMG_6448_zpsleml7lbx.jpg  photo 10-IMG_6451_zpslqrz4qqs.jpg  photo 11-IMG_6454_zpsz16a87iq.jpg  photo 12-IMG_6457_zpsgtb8hrs4.jpg  photo 13-IMG_6460_zpshpmgo5rb.jpg  photo 14-IMG_6463_zpszocsl44b.jpg  photo 15-IMG_6467_zpsjdraq8vy.jpg  photo 16-IMG_6469_zpsxrruuvvy.jpg  photo 17-IMG_6471_zpst8xsipmj.jpg  photo 18-IMG_6475_zpstm6j7h7f.jpg  photo 19-IMG_6478_zps0ha13bp0.jpg  photo 20-IMG_6481_zpstpfzsl8r.jpg  photo 22-IMG_6487_zpsmjvu60t0.jpg photo 21-IMG_6484_zpshlbambft.jpg    photo 24-IMG_6493_zpsbva0niar.jpg  photo 25-IMG_6496_zpse931mq1e.jpg  photo 26-IMG_6499_zpsh5isqdqn.jpg  photo 27-IMG_6502_zpszaidgnzn.jpg  photo 28-IMG_6505_zpssuecoeqc.jpg  photo 29-IMG_6508_zpssenprnpc.jpg  photo 30-IMG_6511_zpsemixyvc9.jpg  photo 31-IMG_6514_zpspsed6crm.jpg  photo 32-IMG_6517_zpsrlwnoqio.jpg  photo 33-IMG_6520_zpsd0959i40.jpg  photo 34-IMG_6523_zpsh79oqyao.jpg

quite an interesting set of models..there were tons of kids there. Nice outing…

 photo 37-IMG_6532_zpsmgysr99t.jpg

and then I reach the top…with books in the middle! unfortunately again all in German..order a cappuccino…

 photo 35-IMG_6526_zpsil41minh.jpg photo 36-IMG_6529_zpsmlksjhlh.jpg

and sit there drinking the cuppa coffee and observing the flowing river traffic…

    photo 38-IMG_6535_zpsg68s1cwo.jpg

come out to see this on the floor. Im guessing this talks about the history…

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