Friday, May 15, 2015

Dec 2013: Views of #London

here are some photographs of London with my little iphone :)

 photo 01-IMG_0746_zpsg97fi0x4.jpg 

lol, nice name

 photo 02-IMG_0768_zpsputzwgb1.jpg

view over the neighbouring building at work

 photo 03-IMG_0771_zpskupkc0sl.jpg

i was down by the river.

 photo 31-IMG_0775_zpsycnffq0x.jpg

poor school? awwww

 photo 04-IMG_0795_zpskwd3roj4.jpg  photo 05-IMG_0796_zps0qzvfolq.jpg photo 06-IMG_0798_zpsg0uzfkvl.jpg photo 07-IMG_0799_zpszddedx5e.jpg

Kannu’s college (St. Peter’s College) at Oxford at night.

 photo 08-IMG_0800_zps4kmcnjl1.jpg  photo 09-IMG_0801_zpsqb5zz4vu.jpg photo 10-IMG_0802_zpsjharbcna.jpg

its a misty day…as I leave for work

 photo 11-IMG_0805_zps3llcqkn3.jpg

and the cloud covers London…

 photo 13-IMG_0808_zpsusmjic87.jpg

somebody felt the cold and decided to have a kip in the corner of the vestibule of the Gym…sad…

 photo 14-IMG_0809_zpsarfbigkn.jpg

I met with this lovely boy…just look at the loving warm eyes.

 photo 15-IMG_0812_zpsvjct7qsa.jpg 

good morning London.

 photo 16-IMG_0818_zpsrggnlpm2.jpg 

tiny lettering on this lock, so took a photo and zoomed in…cool, eh? lol

 photo 17-IMG_0821_zpsejjbdeoy.jpg

lol, yes, please, can I have some of them?

 photo 18-IMG_0860_zpsufrxg7em.jpg

leaves on the road…

 photo 19-IMG_0847_zpsnlrzih3e.jpg 

nice card…

 photo 20-IMG_0853_zpsye5wycet.jpg

another beautiful sunset.

 photo 21-IMG_0850_zpsqmb16jm8.jpg

view from the cathedral bell tower.

 photo 22-IMG_0851_zpsantqulz6.jpg 


 photo 24-IMG_0854_zpsulacidww.jpg 

hehehehehe, nice one.

 photo 25-IMG_0895_zpsgux00sg6.jpg 

what a great wall of books, at the British Museum

 photo 26-IMG_0896_zpsczdpyzlw.jpg


 photo 27-IMG_0897_zpsmoushmfd.jpg

another exhibition

 photo 28-IMG_0898_zpshk4cskmb.jpg

as it says

 photo 29-IMG_0907_zpsjsoy6cfo.jpg

I think i was near Barbican…

 photo 30-IMG_0908_zps71suercm.jpg 

A view of gold bars at the Bank of England Museum.

 photo 32-IMG_0923_zpslwno1vp0.jpg

this is a cool set of pledges, I agree…

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