Monday, May 11, 2015

Dec 2013: The church in white and gold #Dusseldorf

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After visiting the main basilica, I popped into the Dominican Monastery.

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the original church was destroyed by allied bombing in 1943..but dates back to 1867,

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this was restored in 1950

 photo 04-IMG_7156_zpsppnaodxc.jpg  photo 05-IMG_7159_zpso7vjoaxb.jpg photo 06-IMG_7162_zpsxzcroewv.jpg photo 07-IMG_7165_zps8jhfqjsz.jpg photo 08-IMG_7167_zpshdlpvprl.jpg photo 10-IMG_7174_zpswzfu6nax.jpg photo 09-IMG_7170_zpsivdoudkp.jpg

 photo 11-IMG_7177_zpsvmgbi9ow.jpg  photo 13-IMG_7183_zpsp9d8qrxi.jpg photo 17-IMG_7195_zps3bvk9od8.jpg  photo 18-IMG_7197_zpskdxikpxl.jpg photo 19-IMG_7201_zpsazkbog0h.jpg photo 21-IMG_7207_zpssk9dl4y3.jpg photo 22-IMG_7209_zps5cbpxxgr.jpg photo 23-IMG_7213_zpswoaideb6.jpg photo 20-IMG_7203_zpswqp6pstt.jpg

the church is cool and white, with gold accents all over, really very nice and peaceful. Stunning fresco and plastering work indeed.

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and there was a concert

 photo 14-IMG_7186_zpsul8zsi68.jpg  photo 15-IMG_7189_zpsxdln4asy.jpg photo 16-IMG_7192_zpshbsqwop5.jpg

quite a nice one…

 photo 25-IMG_7219_zps1blljx9i.jpg

Konzert! :)

 photo 26-IMG_7222_zpsiemxvtwe.jpg

the outside of the church is done up in this nice ochre colour. very nice. good place to pop in for a bit of worship and listen to music.

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