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Dec 2013: Very Severe if starkly beautiful views of the Basilica St. Lambertus at Dusseldorf

 photo 001-IMG_6538_zpswkwj7pmm.jpg 

I head towards the Basilica

 photo 002-IMG_6541_zpsubknpdnv.jpg 

leaving behind the museum

 photo 003-IMG_6543_zpsy40h4lvl.jpg 

a lovely windsock…

 photo 004-IMG_6547_zps0z430zsv.jpg  photo 005-IMG_6549_zpsqyrag5ag.jpg

this avenue would be lovely in the summer I guess.

 photo 006-IMG_6552_zpsstesagfa.jpg

and then this is where I bump into the Basilica…sadly marred by this bloody pipeline, why couldnt they bury it?

 photo 007-IMG_6556_zpsjwqoozwm.jpg  photo 009-IMG_6562_zps30k4zx2l.jpg photo 008-IMG_6559_zpsyc2nn10p.jpg photo 010-IMG_6565_zpsibuaui3s.jpg photo 011-IMG_6568_zpszdsbfxvt.jpg

its a brick building. I am guessing this is the main door, which is usually closed…

 photo 012-IMG_6571_zpslyyujc9n.jpg

I head around on the left.

 photo 013-IMG_6574_zpsbajcwg7s.jpg  photo 014-IMG_6577_zpsegvduarl.jpg

see what I mean by this stupid pipeline? bah

 photo 016-IMG_6583_zpswa0tdoai.jpg

And then i come to this awesome tableau.

 photo 019-IMG_6592_zpsjznlnstc.jpg  photo 020-IMG_6595_zpsbshkrsvq.jpg  photo 021-IMG_6598_zpstg00jn0b.jpg  photo 022-IMG_6601_zpselyoioao.jpg  photo 023-IMG_6604_zpswjifwgn5.jpg  photo 024-IMG_6607_zps7tbif3su.jpg  photo 025-IMG_6610_zpsrjbu3lms.jpg  photo 026-IMG_6613_zpsiyy6l1jf.jpg

The crucifixion scene. Its really well done, look at the muscle definition, the bones, the expressions, very very well done. Quite an impressive scene.

 photo 027-IMG_6616_zpsuiubxh9h.jpg  photo 028-IMG_6619_zps6nxla4an.jpg  photo 029-IMG_6622_zpsagl32uxs.jpg  photo 030-IMG_6624_zps4gf83x9a.jpg  photo 031-IMG_6628_zpskfav08uj.jpg   photo 034-IMG_6637_zpsq3hjzma6.jpg photo 033-IMG_6634_zpsoqdxzujq.jpg photo 035-IMG_6640_zps6whocboa.jpg  photo 036-IMG_6642_zps7ykidyuy.jpg

and then this rather interesting view of a child holding a fish and then the pillar also had fish around it. Nothing to tell me what it was all about…And another door into the Church.

 photo 037-IMG_6646_zpsig124mn8.jpg photo 038-IMG_6649_zpselcjuc4t.jpg

I turn the corner…

 photo 039-IMG_6651_zpstaowolcv.jpg 

another lovely lovely door, just look at the beautiful ironwork.

 photo 040-IMG_6655_zpsoh1pcbmg.jpg  photo 041-IMG_6657_zpsocjigtqq.jpg   photo 043-IMG_6663_zpsp6dezslh.jpg


  photo 044-IMG_6667_zpsy6nuxfms.jpg  photo 045-IMG_6670_zps0qo25pig.jpg  photo 046-IMG_6673_zpsuvwle79o.jpg

this statue was behind bars…looked pretty good from a distance but the statue of baby Jesus was a bit manky, he looks constipated.

 photo 047-IMG_6676_zpsjxyfdcdo.jpg

I head inside the church.

 photo 048-IMG_6678_zpsv7kgyuvf.jpg  photo 049-IMG_6682_zps9fzv1m9q.jpg

its quite a big church, if a bit gloomy

 photo 050-IMG_6685_zps6je8xbt4.jpg

but looks good

 photo 051-IMG_6688_zpsnjd0pojs.jpg  photo 052-IMG_6691_zpsbbo8ga6d.jpg

nice sculptures

  photo 054-IMG_6697_zpsyu3m7pmw.jpg  photo 055-IMG_6700_zpspa71cbdz.jpg

and this is something that shows the futility of war. In both UK and Germany, there are tons of plaques like this, commemorating the soldiers from various cantons, villages and parishes who died in the great war..Go figure. And now, besides these plaques and gravestones, nobody remembers them.

 photo 056-IMG_6703_zps9kntdqsd.jpg  photo 058-IMG_6708_zpskzv1zvul.jpg

a lovely little sculpture which has been highlighted and another one which hasn't been highlighted.

 photo 057-IMG_6706_zps2vveuahd.jpg 

I move down the left hand side nave…one side is very well lit up

 photo 059-IMG_6713_zpsusyye5dn.jpg  photo 060-IMG_6715_zpsnsvppcl9.jpg

why is it so dark?

 photo 061-IMG_6718_zps9fmjttds.jpg photo 064-IMG_6727_zpsy1fodagu.jpg photo 062-IMG_6721_zpscb6jcdup.jpg photo 063-IMG_6724_zpsrr7pznrh.jpg photo 087-IMG_6796_zpswxmjeok1.jpg photo 088-IMG_6799_zps7scrxcpe.jpg photo 089-IMG_6802_zpsf9ehvbjq.jpg

   some very interesting gravestones, very well made, quite an interesting one. Ive never seen anything like this before.

     photo 065-IMG_6730_zps2hbxgyuz.jpg  photo 066-IMG_6733_zpsiw5xx31v.jpg

couple of Triptych’s on the wall. curious use of perspectives.

 photo 067-IMG_6736_zpsmrfuftrv.jpg

the font

 photo 069-IMG_6742_zpseuelyjaf.jpg  photo 070-IMG_6745_zpsuzzijdyf.jpg  photo 071-IMG_6748_zpsrtzmifpe.jpg  photo 072-IMG_6751_zpsai61w7si.jpg  photo 073-IMG_6754_zpscszs6taq.jpg  photo 075-IMG_6760_zpsicr6opzs.jpg photo 074-IMG_6757_zps6ajuyf2m.jpg   photo 076-IMG_6763_zpssvra164a.jpg  photo 077-IMG_6766_zpsqpmgkvnh.jpg  photo 078-IMG_6769_zpsbwapjbxk.jpg  photo 079-IMG_6772_zpsyyi17cy0.jpg  photo 080-IMG_6775_zpsmvwsmdzd.jpg

on the left, lighted up by this rather bilious coloured light, is an extraordinary spire full of amazing sculptures, it is a beautiful structure, but the lighting makes it horrible. full of strange shadows. I wish they had done it properly.

 photo 081-IMG_6778_zpsgy7i1kjw.jpg

looking back down the nave…its very strangely lighted.

 photo 082-IMG_6781_zpsbofvcny6.jpg  photo 083-IMG_6784_zpsvokjzt3t.jpg

this has been a curious sight. too worn away for proper identification.

 photo 084-IMG_6787_zpsopdc1dvl.jpg

An altar….with the Bernini columns :)

 photo 090-IMG_6805_zpstx9h9qw0.jpg

looking down the main aisle.

 photo 091-IMG_6808_zps67mk5ycn.jpg  photo 092-IMG_6811_zpsniilpoen.jpg  photo 093-IMG_6814_zps9lwxciw0.jpg  photo 094-IMG_6817_zpsxi8xzxc3.jpg  photo 095-IMG_6820_zps5fxfbor1.jpg  photo 096-IMG_6823_zps1bt2bfio.jpg  photo 097-IMG_6826_zpsvjc3rfz3.jpg  photo 098-IMG_6829_zpsdivowubw.jpg  photo 099-IMG_6832_zpsphrsvfhx.jpg  photo 100-IMG_6835_zpsqydvqvo0.jpg  photo 101-IMG_6838_zps3oxjch95.jpg  photo 103-IMG_6847_zpsfsqpjbju.jpg photo 102-IMG_6844_zpszmslspnm.jpg   photo 104-IMG_6850_zpshoyzw2oi.jpg  photo 105-IMG_6853_zpsa5cf0dme.jpg

then we come to this extraordinary altar structure, which is behind the main altar…quite a nice structure indeed.

 photo 106-IMG_6856_zpsbxzxxfs1.jpg

couple of paintings highlighted

 photo 107-IMG_6859_zps5wq8htl1.jpg  photo 108-IMG_6862_zpsncevhsbo.jpg

the woodwork here is very nice. the door is very nice with excellent ironmongery and then the confessional box.

  photo 109-IMG_6865_zps8csjnuix.jpg

the pulpit is also nice but too dark



  photo 118-IMG_6895_zpsvmljrtqe.jpg photo 117-IMG_6892_zpsngtm7spb.jpg

Hmmmm…St. Apollinaris coffin? Do you know, he is effective against gout, venereal disease and epilepsy. It actually contains some relics of him – or so wikipedia mentions. How fascinating.

 photo 111-IMG_6871_zpsuh6txpxf.jpg  photo 112-IMG_6874_zpsv5i0uhfm.jpg  photo 113-IMG_6877_zps5rcif1zp.jpg  photo 114-IMG_6883_zpsjdb2ei0x.jpg

the main altar.

 photo 115-IMG_6885_zps0qza75cw.jpg

the bible open

 photo 116-IMG_6889_zpsdne1zkde.jpg

a nice little tableau…the faces were so nice.

 photo 119-IMG_6898_zpsdnctdyzh.jpg

the Bishop’s chairs?

 photo 120-IMG_6901_zpsxza65wea.jpg 

the space age organ

 photo 121-IMG_0872_zpspkvvdlrb.jpg

another view of the central altar…what’s with the sodding light?

 photo 122-IMG_6904_zpssr4h5glt.jpg

and a box full of bibles. i head out

 photo 123-IMG_6907_zpsbbbkdalk.jpg

nice windows!

 photo 124-IMG_6909_zpsppraujsd.jpg  photo 125-IMG_6913_zpsa3wwgvli.jpg  photo 126-IMG_6916_zpsivv64auh.jpg  photo 127-IMG_6920_zpsbpsgm5jd.jpg

This is saint sebastian. What a fascinating story…

 photo 128-IMG_6921_zpsmrkwzpij.jpg

I look back at the church. lovely church…but is sadly badly lighted.

 photo 129-IMG_6924_zpsclexnduv.jpg  photo 130-IMG_6927_zpshiyvbrry.jpg

And I move down the alleyway…its very beautiful…this old part of town.

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