Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dec 2013: #Dusseldorf by night

Its now getting to be 6 or 7 Pm in the night and I should be heading back to the hotel.

 photo 01-IMG_7396_zpsdbecber0.jpg photo 02-IMG_7399_zpsm6nloeb5.jpg  photo 03-IMG_7402_zps0qzlfdtw.jpg photo 04-IMG_7405_zpsgiymx6ft.jpg

I pass some glorious views over the little canal…the streets and trees are covered with twinkling lights

 photo 05-IMG_7407_zpsimezeoci.jpg 

nice spire there. I head towards it

 photo 06-IMG_7411_zpsr8rgn5be.jpg

And there’s Bismarck

 photo 07-IMG_7413_zpszowxhjhb.jpg 

that looks amazing…

 photo 08-IMG_7417_zpsseotcbwz.jpg  photo 09-IMG_7420_zpsh5rioe0j.jpg photo 10-IMG_7422_zpsyyr21qvw.jpg photo 11-IMG_7426_zpswuqkcxqc.jpg photo 12-IMG_7429_zpsyvkiesyt.jpg photo 16-IMG_7437_zpsqtxhzfi5.jpg  photo 15-IMG_0881_zpscztn0uxx.jpg photo 22-IMG_7456_zpshd0gstwq.jpg  photo 23-IMG_7459_zpselrtm6sg.jpg photo 25-IMG_7465_zps2xi6dhfg.jpg photo 24-IMG_7462_zpsvbo5bjb6.jpg photo 26-IMG_7468_zpsipefnn6t.jpg photo 27-IMG_7471_zps1jl7whod.jpg

this Martin Luther Plaza has few of the statues of big great men scattered around, but if I understood correctly, these are new ones as the Allied bombings in the city in World War 2 completely destroyed all this.


 photo 29-IMG_7481_zpsumnkginp.jpg

  photo 31-IMG_7486_zpsl4euvz5s.jpg 

 photo 30-IMG_7483_zpscl7mirq9.jpg

  photo 33-IMG_7492_zpsq7ln3ipf.jpg

I loved this sculpture, looks like the master is teaching the student, the grandfather is teaching the grandson. the master is teaching the apprentice. Lovely.

 photo 13-IMG_7432_zpsx1qypuuq.jpg

I turn to the church

 photo 14-IMG_7435_zpsh3lyyo3l.jpg 

its brilliantly lighted and unfortunately there is a function going on inside so was not able to get inside.

 photo 17-IMG_7441_zpso9c0pkl1.jpg photo 19-IMG_7447_zpsgetapai4.jpg photo 20-IMG_7450_zpsbybnujk0.jpg photo 18-IMG_7444_zpsgdlcujxq.jpg

Beautiful warm brick church, really lovely.

 photo 21-IMG_7453_zpso2qn0p8g.jpg

I just love the German language…Justice Ministry isn't as fun and impressive as Justizministerium…now that’s sonorous and grandiose.

 photo 28-IMG_7477_zpsovsuu2qg.jpg

Gosh, Santa on a bike!

 photo 32-IMG_7489_zps7wtlxs69.jpg

lovely building….

 photo 34-IMG_7495_zpshlwaf89j.jpg


 photo 35-IMG_7498_zpsndcbipld.jpg

Plaques on the wall of the Church…

 photo 36-IMG_7500_zpscw0xxm0h.jpg photo 38-IMG_7509_zpssvbphiwq.jpg photo 37-IMG_7507_zps3oyupzbm.jpg

I am now heading back to the hotel and passing that building which makes my hair hurt.

 photo 39-IMG_7513_zpsr5sfim2u.jpg

And I am back to the hotel…for a good night’s sleep, thank you Dusseldorf, for a lovely walk.

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