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Dec 2013: My first view of the child mummy at Ashmolean

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So we went to see Oxford as he was invited to an interview so drove up to drop him off.

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While doing that, I took the option to pop into the Ashmolean Museum. A classical building, obviously modelled on Greek architecture.

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its not that big a museum but frankly its pretty awesome. I move into the Roman Gallery

 photo 008-IMG_4480_zpsytncbml6.jpg photo 009-IMG_4483_zpsbjpzmxrc.jpg  photo 010-IMG_4485_zpsolmhmvtt.jpg photo 011-IMG_4489_zpskhls0law.jpg photo 012-IMG_4492_zpspsyegobn.jpg photo 013-IMG_4495_zpsb4gn3tph.jpg photo 014-IMG_4498_zpsdbisa8v9.jpg photo 015-IMG_4501_zpsiwpfxhtw.jpg photo 018-IMG_4510_zpslloynv0e.jpg photo 019-IMG_4512_zpsg0tuvkd6.jpg photo 017-IMG_4506_zpsdqbj68je.jpg photo 020-IMG_4516_zpson3p7vmj.jpg photo 021-IMG_4519_zpsxjc7nw4o.jpg photo 022-IMG_4522_zpsnxwvkbdx.jpg photo 023-IMG_4525_zpsehviwmnj.jpg photo 024-IMG_4528_zps6h0mr8yf.jpg photo 025-IMG_4531_zpsizxpq6of.jpg

these are the marbles from the Arundel Collection. Amazing collection. These were personally excavated by the Earl of Arundel in the 17th century!

 photo 028-IMG_4540_zps4yzdcxyu.jpg 

Now the egyptian galleries

  photo 209-IMG_0782_zpsli8cpvp6.jpg

and my favourite Saqqara. You can keep the great pyramid, but this is my favourite. 

 photo 030-IMG_4546_zpstm0ahwzk.jpg

why are you constipated, eh?

 photo 031-IMG_4549_zps94i8ynxm.jpg  photo 033-IMG_4555_zpshekbj2x7.jpg photo 034-IMG_4558_zpshgrcqnof.jpg photo 035-IMG_4561_zpsiege4vk4.jpg photo 036-IMG_4564_zpst1i2sc59.jpg

there’s the past in the front and my future in the back.

 photo 037-IMG_4566_zpsdn1mkaek.jpg

more on this later.

 photo 038-IMG_4570_zps36kn3crc.jpg


  photo 040-IMG_4576_zps8bqmp7ca.jpg photo 041-IMG_4579_zpszgyatuat.jpg

this is a lovely lovely statue of King Taharqa…a good solid king. the statue is lovely, totally speaks to me. He was the King mentioned in a recent course I did so this is bringing that course alive. Also he has much to do with the Jewish community and its survival…

 photo 060-IMG_4636_zps9irp9nof.jpg  photo 069-IMG_4663_zps2c5snnl1.jpg

A poem was written on this..The God Amun in form of a Ram protects the King Tarqaha.


Your kingdoms have been stripped away from you.

The rivers of your tribute have been dammed.

The great emperors that favoured you now lie

Deep buried in the dune of centuries.

The hands that shaped your stony horns are gone.

But you are Ram, sculpted, more immortal;

Born-again by archaeology's spade,

You're once, twice and thrice the cynosure.

Your horns are whorled. Your pedestal survives,

Grained with the stain of old oblation's blood.

Your eyes are blank. Your beatless heart is cold.

Your tongue is muter than your craftsman's muse.

You're the stone ram – the silent oracle

Who is forever therefore, never wrong.

Your lengthy queue of worshippers are gone:

Policed by priests, weighed down by sacrifice,

They touched your hoofs with reverence and awe

And lay prostrate before your pedestal.

Your lengthy queues of worshippers are back:

Policed by curators, cameras poised,

They touch your hoofs with reverence and awe

And bow to read your history article.

But you are stone; it's all the same to you:

The bronzen altars and your fatted priests

Leading your cattled people by the nose…

It doesn't change for high-street-templed rams,

The browsing masses swarm your swank museum

As fatted dealers scheme your next auction;

And all the while, deep in your masoned soul,

Browsing demons view your long freehold,

Drawn by lengthy queues, an empty house,

And their lust, even for a faint semblance,

Of the reverence of the human being.

Chuma Nwokolo, Jr
14th February, 2005

and then we come to his Shrine.

 photo 047-IMG_4597_zps0r9hajlg.jpg

 photo 043-IMG_4585_zpslc8hqv67.jpg  photo 044-IMG_4588_zpszgrwkscg.jpg photo 048-IMG_4600_zpsxqxie3ws.jpg photo 050-IMG_4606_zpspa2uxzoi.jpg photo 049-IMG_4603_zpszqcqbp8t.jpg photo 053-IMG_4615_zps3vde5ycg.jpg  photo 052-IMG_4612_zps0wucsyrc.jpg photo 045-IMG_4591_zpskj8kyyze.jpg photo 055-IMG_4621_zpswmw0nnfa.jpg photo 054-IMG_4618_zps5bf6quyq.jpg

  the reliefs are brilliant, you can reach out and touch them as well, and boy o boy did they talk to me. wonderful pieces of art. They spoke to me over the centuries…how extraordinary, they look so fresh, they were sharp, crisp and visible.

  photo 056-IMG_4624_zpswcylhdjo.jpg

hello mate. A vulture statue from the Temple of Taharqa

 photo 062-IMG_4642_zps3ew8ku6o.jpg  photo 064-IMG_4648_zps2ie8jrgi.jpg photo 063-IMG_4645_zpsdrv9n0rb.jpg photo 065-IMG_4651_zpslj7uyqgm.jpg

funerary Stele. Didnt quite interest me that much….

 photo 067-IMG_4656_zpsszybibl1.jpg

This is an Adoption Papyrus written in the reign of King Ramesses XI (1104-1075 BC)…fascinating. the explanation is so emotional…even though its quite bland in the factual note, about how Nebnefer adopts his wife as his daughter so that she can inherit his estate. And the other side is how Rennefer records that she and her husband, Nebnefer, bought a slave girl, who gave birth to two girls and boy, Rennefer raises them and then adopts them and finally emancipates them. How moving.

 photo 068-IMG_4660_zpsfqmv9aoi.jpg

this is a will of Naunakhte, a woman from the 20th Dynasty about how she wants her estate to be distributed to 5 of her 8 children, how she disinherited 3 of them for being asses. How amazing…women can inherit property and pass them on…and now in Egypt? bah!

 photo 070-IMG_4666_zpsimifuumw.jpg 

ah! there’s my girl. 

 photo 073-IMG_4675_zpstqkhtv1x.jpg  photo 211-IMG_0794_zpsheduuaf2.jpg photo 074-IMG_4678_zps5zlc7qos.jpg

And then I come to this little boy…he died when he wasnt even 2 years old. Dating back to AD 100 and found in the cemetery at Hawara, Fayum. 

  photo 212-IMG_0784_zpslzd54bmy.jpg photo 214-IMG_0786_zpszne6gdgp.jpg photo 213-IMG_0785_zpsbjryvapb.jpg photo 075-IMG_4681_zps3vnenbtg.jpg  photo 076-IMG_4683_zpseiqdnsyb.jpg

Amazing art work…

 photo 078-IMG_4690_zpsjmvoppmr.jpg

Another mummy with a gilded mask, just check out the amazing work with wrapping the bandages…

 photo 079-IMG_4693_zpsb41lmmwj.jpg  photo 080-IMG_4696_zps9vih72gm.jpg photo 081-IMG_4699_zpsaphtnfa9.jpg photo 082-IMG_4702_zpsgymtow4y.jpg photo 084-IMG_4708_zps0h5oklnl.jpg photo 083-IMG_4705_zpsegzlwsih.jpg

Some more lovely sculptures from various assorted places in the Med.

 photo 086-IMG_4714_zpsdi8ucx6e.jpg


 photo 087-IMG_4717_zpsz27cpqcq.jpg

This is the Parian Marble. The oldest surviving example of a Greek Chronological Table dating back to 264BC and lists events going back to 1581 BC. Quite fascinating indeed. This talks about the battles of Marathon and Salamis and Plataea (490-479 BC). How extraordinary. I didn't want to touch it, as you can see, its already quite worn away but I found this absolutely brilliant.  I really really loved this.

 photo 091-IMG_4729_zpsfysplxtl.jpg 

What a lovely statue. and i forgot to note down what it was about…drats. 

 photo 092-IMG_4732_zpskzeg1tmc.jpg 

This is a marble relief of collared slaves being led on ropes by helmeted men…perhaps to fight the animals shown back to AD 200 and found in Turkey. 

 photo 094-IMG_4738_zpstp3kccdw.jpg

The marble tombstone of the good doctor Claudius Agathemerus and his wife Myrtale from AD 100 in Rome. Gosh…she looks miserable.

And then I enter a room where there are loads of plaster casts..quite nice but just not the same…I feel the same when I am in the V&A as well…the plaster casts dont do it for me. 

 photo 096-IMG_4744_zpsztk19rn1.jpg  photo 098-IMG_4750_zpsk9cdr8iw.jpg photo 101-IMG_4759_zpsedao23fp.jpg photo 104-IMG_4768_zpsimgyldsf.jpg  photo 106-IMG_4774_zpsrklhu8nt.jpg photo 107-IMG_4777_zpstglfs9an.jpg

more plaster copies, you can see how smooth they look, the antiquity doesnt come across I am afraid.

 photo 109-IMG_4783_zpsdocgq0ua.jpg 

a cast of a discus thrower


 photo 111-IMG_4789_zpsp8q44azn.jpg


 photo 112-IMG_4792_zpseeyxip4t.jpg  photo 113-IMG_4795_zpsp188udla.jpg photo 114-IMG_4798_zps5djzjtoj.jpg

more casts.  photo 116-IMG_4804_zpsty04ucew.jpg


 photo 117-IMG_4807_zpsl5dwnpuc.jpg 

A cast of a boxer, this was good.

 photo 119-IMG_4813_zpspcv0tjmo.jpg photo 120-IMG_4816_zpseluukp7q.jpg  photo 121-IMG_4819_zps1ysxnad4.jpg photo 122-IMG_4822_zpslpuhtpjj.jpg photo 123-IMG_4825_zpsydxn0znw.jpg

A model of the Athenian Acropolis.

  photo 125-IMG_4831_zpsbrx8knl8.jpg  photo 126-IMG_4834_zpsixzbtgqz.jpg photo 127-IMG_4837_zpslddayhid.jpg photo 129-IMG_4843_zpsldkppryd.jpg photo 131-IMG_4849_zpssvnxj7we.jpg photo 132-IMG_4852_zpsaje9w10f.jpg

Here’s my old friend, Demosthenes.

  photo 134-IMG_4858_zpshu6rwgb3.jpg  photo 135-IMG_4861_zpshiyminvl.jpg photo 136-IMG_4864_zps6h4be4ox.jpg photo 140-IMG_4876_zpsybycxri1.jpg photo 142-IMG_4882_zpszvzamaxu.jpg

The boy with a thorn in his foot. 

 photo 145-IMG_4891_zpsgvbxdcha.jpg

  photo 148-IMG_4900_zpsnzbj2czc.jpg  photo 151-IMG_4909_zpsp0cqcho7.jpg photo 150-IMG_4906_zpspfrdvoqe.jpg photo 149-IMG_4903_zpsdhdlpw8x.jpg photo 152-IMG_4912_zpstrgmakka.jpg

how the sculpture looked when painted.

 photo 153-IMG_4915_zpscp8pgagl.jpg 

Bronze statue of Augustus..what a lovely statue, even though the eyes are a bit staring..

 photo 156-IMG_4924_zps6xst25ic.jpg 


 photo 157-IMG_4927_zpsbxz8xitk.jpg 

this was an excellent copy

 photo 164-IMG_4948_zpsgv81dzqr.jpg  photo 165-IMG_4951_zpssgbxfpkx.jpg photo 166-IMG_4954_zpspzprby1j.jpg






 photo 167-IMG_4957_zpscu7mtk4v.jpg


 photo 168-IMG_4960_zpssn3ejbh0.jpg  photo 170-IMG_4966_zpsctoxmotp.jpg photo 172-IMG_4972_zpstpyp1gz7.jpg photo 174-IMG_4978_zps93iadnag.jpg

The Sumerian Kings List with the Gilgamesh saga on this baked cylinder. What an extraordinary piece.


 photo 176-IMG_4984_zpsskulvwe6.jpg


 photo 177-IMG_4987_zpsyulkahul.jpg

this is a scholar’s rock..used to place your pen’s on it or just would be kept on your desk to help the scholar focus. I want one. 

 photo 178-IMG_4990_zpsi9dvgn1y.jpg 

I move into the Asian gallery, a Bodhisattva


 photo 181-IMG_4999_zps3aogn7tg.jpg 


 photo 183-IMG_5005_zps5zliiapq.jpg

The death of Buddha

 photo 184-IMG_5008_zpsiybjyy75.jpg  photo 185-IMG_5011_zpsvzvoy8vn.jpg


 photo 186-IMG_5014_zpsr0quttlj.jpg

The Birth of Buddha. 

 photo 189-IMG_5023_zpsfvhaja8f.jpg 

Hand and arm of Buddha with the Chakra

 photo 191-IMG_5028_zpsxyqphtzs.jpg

Kubera and Ardochsho…lovely

 photo 193-IMG_5035_zpsf5itab0s.jpg photo 194-IMG_5038_zps7ltyatio.jpg 

Hariti on the left and a female figure on the right, boyo, she looks brilliant and check out the lovely little tummy, i love that. I dont know why women go all scrawny and bony…now that’s a woman. 

 photo 201-IMG_5059_zpsx8phqub5.jpg

Stamping coinage



 photo 202-IMG_5062_zps7qzhev93.jpg


 photo 203-IMG_5065_zpsp6ze2pih.jpg


 photo 204-IMG_5068_zpsy3fc3pwt.jpg


 photo 205-IMG_5071_zpsban9r2pf.jpg


 photo 206-IMG_5074_zpstpttwvoj.jpg


 photo 207-IMG_5077_zpsozu8lstp.jpg

Gold!!!!!! mmmmm

 photo 208-IMG_5080_zpsvy40vo2c.jpg

but we were running out of time and had to leave to go back to London after leaving Kannu at the college. Sighs..I miss that little boy of mine.

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