Monday, December 22, 2014

August 2013: The laughing horse

 photo 013-IMG_5784_zps3c1a861f.jpg

Now i don't remember why i wandered into the BM, but there you go. I have seen this chap many times, but never up so close.

 photo 014-IMG_5787_zps32d6a131.jpg

The sculpture itself isnt that big or tall. Fairly small, about 5 feet for the horse.

 photo 015-IMG_5789_zps2115339b.jpg

this is from 1st Century AD, representing a roman prince?

  photo 016-IMG_5793_zpsac362de5.jpg

and the horse seems to be laughing at you…

 photo 017-IMG_5796_zps47e05f7c.jpg  photo 019-IMG_5802_zpsbbcd9cc5.jpg

a fairly patrician face, no? the statue was restored in the 16th century by Giacomo della Porta.

 photo 018-IMG_5799_zpsaef21423.jpg

But the horse is very mobile and active in its expressions. Can you imagine what it would say if it had to describe its life over the past 2 millennia?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Aug 2013: Mushrooms and Bikes

So Diya and I went off on a bike ride.

 photo 5-IMG_9414_zps8dad2a8d.jpg 

lovely evening

 photo 4-IMG_9411_zpsd1fba3ca.jpg 

and then we stopped for a nice selfie :)

 photo 3-IMG_9409_zps0903bc24.jpg


and then stopped for a drinks break


 photo 2-IMG_9407_zps3d151bdc.jpg  photo 1-IMG_9405_zpsfea014f6.jpg

and we saw these giant mushrooms…

Friday, December 12, 2014

July 2013: Diya’s little ballet performance

 photo 002-IMG_1065_zps42df25d0.jpg  photo 004-IMG_1071_zpsb3b45e6e.jpg photo 005-IMG_1074_zps2c30017b.jpg

so we went to see Diya’s ballet performance on a glorious summer day

  photo 007-IMG_1077_zps705fbab6.jpg  photo 009-IMG_1083_zps9084e631.jpg

And the lights went on….

First off the block was this flapper dance

 photo 017-IMG_1123_zps300e6e1b.jpg photo 019-IMG_1135_zps98797291.jpg photo 020-IMG_1141_zps03141c4f.jpg photo 018-IMG_1126_zps63923909.jpg  photo 024-IMG_1171_zps608a9eaa.jpg photo 025-IMG_1174_zpsb1797a08.jpg

she looked so adorable :)

 photo 038-IMG_1234_zpsb8c4e2f2.jpg

And then these cloud of butterflies came out

 photo 039-IMG_1246_zpscc21d36a.jpg  photo 043-IMG_1296_zpsb8c4e2f2.jpg

two senior girls…

 photo 047-IMG_1324_zpsa071940f.jpg photo 048-IMG_1330_zpsaede173c.jpg photo 049-IMG_1339_zpsb4b994c5.jpg photo 051-IMG_1352_zpse4116e4a.jpg photo 050-IMG_1345_zps62156d63.jpg  photo 052-IMG_1357_zps16e561a1.jpg photo 056-IMG_1374_zpsa41dd1f2.jpg photo 054-IMG_1363_zps46ac344d.jpg photo 059-IMG_1387_zps0c1298de.jpg

 photo 060-IMG_1390_zps822e0df2.jpg


totally graceful…i wanted to squish her…

 photo 063-IMG_1419_zpsf69c9a96.jpg

unlike somebody who was so not interested

 photo 066-IMG_1432_zps7d524ad0.jpg photo 072-IMG_1453_zps5c325e34.jpg photo 074-IMG_1465_zps3d522f06.jpg photo 070-IMG_1446_zpsc18ca52b.jpg  photo 076-IMG_1470_zpse20c751c.jpg photo 077-IMG_1474_zps238eef38.jpg photo 080-IMG_1483_zps7d119010.jpg photo 086-IMG_1504_zps0d34cb76.jpg photo 088-IMG_1521_zpsc64f151c.jpg

very energetic

 photo 101-IMG_1579_zpsa4bee82e.jpg

and the final bow…lovely

 photo 104-IMG_1590_zps8136edf0.jpg

and we came out to see the sun was still shining on us. was feeling proud enough to burst and she got squished in front of everybody :)