Thursday, December 11, 2014

July 2013: Meeting the Chocolate Goddess

So I popped into this Chocolate workshop and museum to try out a great afternoon’s joyful exposure to the art of the chocolatier.

 photo 01-IMG_2383_zpsbebba005.jpg

the walls were covered with some wonderful prints

 photo 03-IMG_2385_zpsca70257d.jpg

just look at the colour

 photo 04-IMG_2387_zps383075af.jpg

and of this..

 photo 05-IMG_2391_zps3dc7a446.jpg

both go into each other

 photo 07-IMG_2397_zpsa312f96b.jpg


 photo 09-IMG_2403_zpsd5559146.jpg

measuring the temperature

 photo 13-IMG_2415_zps91a0313f.jpg

the moulds are ready

 photo 14-IMG_2418_zps6fc886d6.jpg

pouring into the moulds

 photo 17-IMG_2427_zpsf244041b.jpg

dripping off the excess

 photo 20-IMG_2438_zpsc1a2b32c.jpg 

using these implements

 photo 22-IMG_2444_zps3a6220d6.jpg

upside down

 photo 23-IMG_2451_zps35aec33d.jpg

icing bag is being filled

 photo 24-IMG_2453_zps9135831a.jpg 

now the shells are cool

 photo 29-IMG_2471_zps005bab2c.jpg

filling the shells

 photo 32-IMG_2488_zps06c69e76.jpg 

and me taking a shot at it

 photo 36-IMG_2502_zps50098013.jpg

adding texture to it

 photo 38-IMG_2509_zps477de753.jpg

and magic…viola

 photo 39-IMG_2514_zps649de96b.jpg  photo 40-IMG_2517_zpsa731a734.jpg photo 41-IMG_2520_zps4e27cae0.jpg photo 42-IMG_2523_zpsa88e3296.jpg

 photo 43-IMG_2526_zps8655ded0.jpg  photo 44-IMG_2527_zps6830290e.jpg photo 46-IMG_2533_zps78a8f1d5.jpg photo 47-IMG_2537_zpsfdf3de9c.jpg photo 48-IMG_2539_zps747e3ef3.jpg photo 49-IMG_2542_zpse6116e96.jpg photo 50-IMG_2546_zpsddb11876.jpg

amazing displays on the ground floor and then we head downstairs to the basement where more displays are laid out.

 photo 51-IMG_2549_zpsf9624742.jpg  photo 52-IMG_2551_zps55451aae.jpg photo 53-IMG_2555_zps5a4ef160.jpg

 photo 55-IMG_2561_zps7e1d3417.jpg photo 56-IMG_2563_zpse3209cb7.jpg photo 57-IMG_2567_zps23e44aaa.jpg photo 58-IMG_2570_zpsc7f93f9b.jpg photo 59-IMG_2573_zps5783ceba.jpg photo 60-IMG_2576_zps140b39fc.jpg photo 61-IMG_2579_zpscbe2853e.jpg photo 62-IMG_2581_zps10666c25.jpg photo 63-IMG_2584_zps61f05077.jpg photo 64-IMG_2588_zpseece6769.jpg

fascinating artefacts, photographs and signs about chocolate…

 photo 65-IMG_2591_zps96cd8a6d.jpg

and here are the lovely seeds of heaven

 photo 68-IMG_2599_zpsac4434cc.jpg

I know the feeling

 photo 69-IMG_2603_zps4c2a3f75.jpg

touhh decision eh?

 photo 70-IMG_2606_zps3648d7e7.jpg

and now the lady brings the chocolates downstairs as they have now set

 photo 72-IMG_2612_zpseff17c79.jpg photo 73-IMG_2615_zpscd7a487c.jpg

i pick up one and that’s how they look, amazing.

 photo 74-IMG_2618_zpsb6bc9b4a.jpg 

hello :)

 photo 75-IMG_2623_zps1c127539.jpg

being given the last bit of instruction about what chocolate and flavours can do…

 photo 76-IMG_2626_zps887ac98d.jpg  photo 77-IMG_2629_zps2ccc4419.jpg photo 78-IMG_2632_zpsd8145a68.jpg

reaching out….



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