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July 2013: Slumming it in Brixton

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so decided to go visit a chocolate museum :)

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waiting for the train and seeing a bench with fading paint.

 photo 04-IMG_2079_zps1b8ff488.jpg photo 05-IMG_2082_zpsff2d6cdd.jpg photo 06-IMG_2085_zpsea2b6cd0.jpg photo 07-IMG_2088_zpsd953f510.jpg photo 09-IMG_2097_zps5ec3a50f.jpg photo 10-IMG_2100_zpsb5f01b58.jpg

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views of flowers from the station platform.

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reach Brixton..

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a coffee shop

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The Ritzy

 photo 21-IMG_2132_zps2a3aa447.jpg photo 85-IMG_2327_zpsaf0dfa01.jpg  photo 23-IMG_2138_zps6b40cf37.jpg  photo 38-IMG_2184_zps384f8acb.jpg photo 37-IMG_2180_zps105c1c5e.jpg photo 77-IMG_2304_zpsde86d4e8.jpg photo 75-IMG_2298_zpsee704dd0.jpg

 photo 82-IMG_2319_zps0903cdbc.jpg  photo 86-IMG_2332_zpsbc5c5932.jpg  photo 83-IMG_2321_zps1d1bcb8d.jpg


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the old Victorian town hall…the clock tower is pretty neat, I searched online and understood that this was made in 1905. So more than a century old now. And there are 4 allegorical figures on top. Thanks for that info. Finally found a site which described it. “The Clock tower provides a splendid landmark. 40 metres high it includes an illuminated clock, which strikes the hours and chimes the quarters. Each of the four dials measures nearly 2m in diameter and the hour bell weighs two tons. The four sculptures at the corners of the tower represent Art, Literature, Science and Justice.”

You cant see it and i didnt manage to capture a good photo here, but I quote, “Among the many commemoration stain glass windows and plaques is a memorial is dedicated to Violette Szabo, Lambeth heroine of the French Resistance. Szabo was working behind the perfume counter of Le Bon Mache, a department store in Brixton at the start of the Second World War. She went on to become a renowned French-British secret agent.”

 photo 25-IMG_2144_zpsd7864cb3.jpg  photo 26-IMG_2147_zpsc5c5b808.jpg photo 28-IMG_2153_zps5207f8f1.jpg photo 27-IMG_2151_zps9dd7f3ab.jpg photo 29-IMG_2157_zps9d5273a8.jpg photo 30-IMG_2159_zps9de07316.jpg photo 31-IMG_2163_zps7fb90e84.jpg photo 46-IMG_2210_zps42a15660.jpg  photo 88-IMG_2343_zpscefb689a.jpg

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And then the local town library…imposing building.

 photo 33-IMG_2168_zps470cadb5.jpg  photo 34-IMG_2171_zps446cf011.jpg photo 35-IMG_2174_zpsb2ccb61a.jpg photo 36-IMG_2177_zps2942ead7.jpg

And here’s the great man, Sir Henry Tate, who was the amazing philanthropist who built this library. What a man.

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and then somebody washes their bike in a public fountain :)

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And rides around in front of this whatever it is.

 photo 41-IMG_2196_zps6548d528.jpg 

An old sign…amazing history. I love these old signs. there’s one above Finchley Road station…And every time I pass it, I peek at it..

 photo 42-IMG_2198_zpsbdba7cfe.jpg  photo 47-IMG_2213_zps9eb0ae92.jpg photo 43-IMG_2201_zpse0054c03.jpg photo 44-IMG_2204_zps86bc513e.jpg photo 48-IMG_2216_zpse2de1440.jpg photo 52-IMG_2228_zpsefe66c3d.jpg 

 photo 49-IMG_2219_zps3611996b.jpg

And then this rather imposing gravestone / memorial. With some brilliant architectural detailing…

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I enter into the St. Matthew’s Church Gardens…

  photo 55-IMG_2237_zpseafc8538.jpg

Classic Wren church, dotted all around London

 photo 56-IMG_2241_zps3858faae.jpg photo 57-IMG_2244_zps251b77aa.jpg photo 58-IMG_2247_zpsd1781dc4.jpg photo 59-IMG_2249_zps42affdfc.jpg

the courtyard is in a disgusting unkempt state…the fountain is a rusted old mess surrounded by water which doesnt seem to have been cleaned for months…

 photo 62-IMG_2258_zpseae9a0b6.jpg  photo 63-IMG_2261_zps0dde6969.jpg photo 64-IMG_2265_zps11eada59.jpg

walking around…

 photo 65-IMG_2268_zpsc4ce0fb6.jpg 

A lovely tree in the church yard…

 photo 66-IMG_2271_zps13c35e98.jpg  photo 67-IMG_2274_zpsbfdfdbbe.jpg

these sunken doors are lovely…although were smelling up to high heaven of pee.

 photo 68-IMG_2277_zps707ee2e5.jpg  photo 69-IMG_2279_zps1374b611.jpg

a view of the steeple


 photo 70-IMG_2283_zps62782eca.jpg

and a rather interesting old bike…

 photo 71-IMG_2286_zps4ae5302e.jpg photo 72-IMG_2289_zps5439620e.jpg

 photo 73-IMG_2292_zpsbab7af76.jpg

Very imposing facade, though…but what’s with the red doors???

 photo 78-IMG_2307_zpsd201ea65.jpg 

rows of houses…

 photo 80-IMG_2313_zps77564e20.jpg

a bird and bird…

 photo 81-IMG_2315_zps70ca30bd.jpg

I see faces…don't you?

 photo 87-IMG_2337_zps5e4de4f7.jpg 

what an extraordinary sight, lovely lovely.

 photo 90-IMG_2351_zpsbd6e48fe.jpg 


 photo 91-IMG_2355_zps6d85425b.jpg

Smurf Movie is just out…

 photo 92-IMG_2357_zps645f1712.jpg  photo 93-IMG_2361_zps738f1d09.jpg photo 94-IMG_2364_zpsae544de5.jpg

the area around the station is heaving…very bright and cheerful, i loved the area, it has a huge buzz around it :)

 photo 95-IMG_2366_zps44cb104f.jpg

lovely murals on the bridge

 photo 96-IMG_2370_zps947fb735.jpg

and graffiti

 photo 97-IMG_2376_zpsee6edc70.jpg

yes, you dont want to see builder’s bum, lol

 photo 98-IMG_2378_zps196129fe.jpg

i like that bike…

i turn to go to the chocolate exhibition :)

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