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June 2013: where angels tenderly care for their charges

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while biking in the north western side of London, i frequently passed this Carpenden Park Cemetery and always thought of popping in to see it

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the bylaws are quite interesting, these are the laws which govern your post death life if that makes sense. Its a fairly large plot and you can see how they are divided. New cemetery, opened in the last few decades…


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just after parking, you can see the tiny plots for children. These are really tearing and moving..you can see how the parents have lavished attention on their loved ones, teddy bears, toys, flowers, colours….

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it was a bright day, and the flowers were growing rigorously

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two tiny figures nestling under a little shrub.

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a most extraordinary ivy covered shed…beautiful.

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Ducks and flowers and grassy banks.

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where people are buried, you see seeds of future life.

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just so beautiful and peaceful.

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walking the woods.

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i loved these two graves, truly moving.

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a lovely little sculpture.

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the cross has dropped off the grave but the sentiments do matter.

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the time lord visited…

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heart felt emotions

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like the departed…flowers which have now gone dry

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a brave dog watching over his master’s grave

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i liked this, a grave of flowers.

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resting for ever in the sunshine

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scarecrow? why?

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I sat here for some time, just letting the peace wash over me…no voices in the wind…

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a footy fan?

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there is a Muslim graveyard as well, but unlike the Christian side, the graves aren't decorated. Very simple.

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a place to sit and reflect…

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a bench with some memories

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flowering plants..

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crows taking off

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the direction to Qibla..

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I come to the end of my little visit. Its so peaceful, that's what you want, no? to spend your eternity in peace and quiet?



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