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June 2013: into the guts of the Tower of London

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so I was invited to some sort of a corporate shindig in the Tower of London         

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and here’s my darling HMS Belfast, isn't she so pretty? what a lovely old girl.

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there’s the tower bridge in the hazy sunshine 

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the Mayor’s office and the Shard in the background.

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looking up at the bridge, see those two walkways? I will be up there soon.

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there’s the tower of London

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and somebody is actually rowing in this river!        

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I'm now in the room where the event is taking place.

then they took us out.

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a little slide show…about how it was constructed and a bit of history

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and then we go up to the two walkways. On the sides, you can see small plaques talking about the history of the bridge and the city.

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peering eastwards…can you see my office there on the left in the back?

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looking down west

 photo 28-IMG_5868_zpsef70441c.jpg  photo 29-IMG_5869_zpsd66432c1.jpg photo 30-IMG_5870_zps9e48b864.jpg

a model of how the bridge was build it put together.

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London’s bridges

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Looking across to the other walkway



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a helpful little graphic showing the views…to the west

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some interesting factoids…

we finish the briefing and were offered to pop down to see the engine room.

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follow the paw prints… photo 55-IMG_5895_zps33794bcd.jpg

we move to the south tower

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where these two giant plaques are affixed to the wall.

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and then we meet up with the guide. Pink??? really?

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these were the boilers…coal fired..which powered the pumps and machines. 

 photo 66-IMG_5906_zps64a899fe.jpg photo 67-IMG_5907_zps3951b3a7.jpg 

coal was brought through these hoppers into the bunker on these rails. 

 photo 70-IMG_5910_zps2972e94f.jpg  photo 74-IMG_5914_zpsef68f9bb.jpg photo 77-IMG_5917_zps927ea123.jpg photo 80-IMG_5920_zps84b879f0.jpg photo 84-IMG_5925_zpse6488c62.jpg photo 86-IMG_5927_zps71ca28ba.jpg photo 81-IMG_5921_zpsca034f94.jpg

and here’s the engine. The engine itself wouldn't raise the bridge, its too massive for that, but it will work the pneumatic hydraulic plumbing which did make it work. 

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and here’s the accumulator tower, this weight going up and down will actually move the bridge. A YouTube video is shown below

here is a great documentary on the tower bridge which goes into more detail.


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waving goodbye to the bridge…amazing stuff

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