Wednesday, October 08, 2014

May 2013: St. Margaret Church Uxbridge

SO I had to go to Uxbridge for a charity meeting and was a bit early, so walked around.

 photo 1-IMG_8776_zpsb91205b4.jpg

 photo 2-IMG_8777_zps4c13432f.jpg

it was raining as I set off.

 photo 3-IMG_8778_zps41f9f878.jpg

the top plaque was put in there to celebrate the coronation of Edward VII in 1802. while the bottom plaque says that this is the oldest building in Uxbridge, with a history dating back to the 12th century.

 photo 4-IMG_8780_zpseb98d9e9.jpg

lovely place

 photo 5-IMG_8783_zps8beed356.jpg

and a town pump!

 photo 6-IMG_8784_zps65db1cee.jpg  photo 7-IMG_8787_zps00fb421f.jpg

it is very old, you can see by the stones

 photo 9-IMG_8790_zps2948daf6.jpg  photo 8-IMG_8789_zps534fe240.jpg

but the best part is the town pump, its just so cute :)

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