Tuesday, October 21, 2014

June 2013: Birds and Bees and flowers and plants

 photo 01-IMG_8448_zpsa277651e.jpg 

here are the photographs of last summer’s flowers

 photo 02-IMG_8449_zps044ca0b9.jpg 

a true cascade of pansies

 photo 03-IMG_8824_zpsb60b3de3.jpg 

beautiful weather

 photo 05-IMG_8831_zps312d2933.jpg  photo 04-IMG_8827_zps0dacc550.jpg

and a flower bursting out

 photo 06-IMG_0005_zpse52090dd.jpg


 photo 07-IMG_0007_zps84f6114a.jpg


 photo 08-IMG_0010_zps9491817a.jpg


 photo 09-IMG_0013_zps1f4648a2.jpg


 photo 10-IMG_0018_zpsc364d5ab.jpg 

laughing happy people

 photo 11-IMG_0030_zps4a99d492.jpg


 photo 12-IMG_0034_zps11acc1ae.jpg


 photo 13-IMG_0036_zps88b03dda.jpg


 photo 14-IMG_0039_zpsa2745d80.jpg 


 photo 15-IMG_0042_zps8d5007ff.jpg 


 photo 16-IMG_0045_zpsa011b56e.jpg

i can see faces, no?

 photo 17-IMG_0048_zpscf6b2572.jpg


 photo 18-IMG_0051_zps8c81217c.jpg

strawberries are ready to rock

 photo 19-IMG_0054_zpsf6a0a908.jpg  photo 20-IMG_0057_zpsc896ca43.jpg

ripe and ripening..

 photo 21-IMG_0060_zps9045851e.jpg

the colours that Mother Nature comes up with are amazing

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